NBA Style: Conan O’Brien Edition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERConan O’Brien has the height to make it in the NBA — he’s 6-4 — but from an early age O’Brien focused on comedy and entertaining, making any sporting dreams irrelevant. This has not stopped him from having dozens of NBA players on his shows through the years, from Charles Barkley to Kobe Bryant to Carmelo Anthony.

(There was also an NBA/Conan appearance that I have been actively trying to find video of now for over a decade. Back when he was a member of the Atlanta Hawks, Dikembe Mutombo visited Conan’s NBC show, sucked helium from a balloon and attempted to speak. It was just as amazing as it sounds. And yet there is no visual record that this happened. I know it happened because I watched it live on TV. I’ve spoken with Hawks staffers who were there at the show with Mutombo. I have made official and unofficial pleas to NBC to find this tape. Yet this video is not on YouTube or Hulu or anything else. Mutombo’s second appearance is online, but not the helium-fueled first visit. So I throw it out there into the public domain occasionally in the hope that someone, somewhere, can dig this video up and make the world a better place by uploading this seminal moment in NBA comedy history.)

Anyway, we’ve talked a lot about NBA Style here on the All-Ball blog, and now Conan O’Brien gives us his own take on press conference style. You can check out a slideshow of ridiculous press conference garb here, or just check the videos below…


  1. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:


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  3. david schultz says:

    i too, am on such a quest to find this video. it was mutombo professing his love for the three stooges and conan asking him if he could to an impersonation of the three stooges voices. deke of course said he couldn’t, and conan was ready to help. he said he would provide the helium for him to make what was likely a dream for dikembe a reality. and it sounded perfect.

    please. someone. anyone out there. recover this gem and upload it. i remember watching this as a youngster and it has stuck with me into the ripe old age of 31.