Lionel Hollins Forgets Jerryd Bayless’ Name

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I will never forget it: Pep rally, senior year, and our basketball coach is introducing the newly minted members of the hoops team to the assembled student body, who were cheering loudly from the stands in our high school gym. Coach worked his way down the list alphabetically, and I stood at the end of the row of players, waiting to run across the floor — the only person with a last name starting with a “W” — knowing I would be the last name called.

Or so I thought, because Coach called the name before mine, and then he momentarily forgot about me, and asked the crowd to give a big hand to the team. Meanwhile, I stood alone, momentarily forgotten yet never more visible than at that moment. My teammates, to their credit, pointed me out to our Coach, and he double-checked his list and hastily blurted out my name. No harm, no foul, although the memory has obviously stuck with me for a while.

So I, for one, can understand if Memphis guard Jerryd Bayless feels a little under-appreciated after yesterday’s postgame news conference, when Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins banked on Bayless’ name. Just like my high school coach, Hollins consulted the paper in front of him and made a pretty quick recovery, and I’m sure he meant no harm from it.

Still, this happened …

(via B/R)


  1. LMAO headband guy…jerryd doesnt wear headbands before lol

  2. whatever says:

    whatever man happens all the time no need for a whole article about this..

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Really? this is what these writers write about these days? Sheesh…

      With everyone under the microscope like this i’m supposed this doesn’t happen more.

      “OOO…He blanked on a name for a few seconds during the press conference! Lets make a big deal about it!”

  3. Laufler says:

    My mom forgets my name sometimes too. doesnt mean she doesnt care about me.

    Dont blow something up if it cant be blown up. Stupid looks like a gossipgirl paper.

  4. oh mon dieu says:

    wow great article, might as well keep it in the safe

  5. REAL COMMENT says:

    they should be making articles about the bad calls from the referees

  6. Tyga says:

    LMAOO !!!! OK , Whatever this is still funny as hell. ‘Headband Guy’ like really? LOL

  7. Raptors Fan says:

    now you clowns are gona lose.. trade him back to Toronto please

  8. Amro says:

    Funny incident indeed. But Bayless needs to step up in game 2. He’s my favorite Grizzly. This guy is so skilled and can be explosive sometimes.

    • John says:

      Your favorite Grizz player? Bayless… REALLY, lol. U must not be a Grizz fan.Bayless is fun to watch at times, but has def made many bonehead plays for sure!

  9. Drew says:

    You can tell he tried super hard to remember his name! Clutch hollins……

  10. gerald29 says:

    just a simple mistake,,trying to make it big ….who cares man,,nothing to write about????common???

  11. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    Maybe he hated his defense