Cavs Fan Makes Video, Wins Trip To NBA Draft Lottery

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We already know Cavs owner Dan Gilbert can get as passionate as any fan, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when he announced via Twitter a contest to bring a lucky Cavs fan along with him to New York City for tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery.

I’m not sure how many submissions Gilbert received, but it’s hard to argue with the winning video he selected, which was submitted by Cavaliers fan Roy Tate Moore…

Funny stuff. And via his Twitter feed from this morning, sounds like Roy’s already doing his part…

(via TBJ)


  1. R2BrEeZy says:

    Ayyy…..2 Funny, bread falls down, … already buttered

  2. Rod Miller says:

    Now Tate has to deliver on his #1 pick promise. Hey, even a turtle gets nowhere until he sticks his neck out.

    Good luck, Cavs.

  3. NBA FAN says:

    This is a great video the only thing that makes me laugh is that he’s wearing a Lebroon jersey lol, good stuff though.

  4. sarah33443 says:

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