Now, Over To Your Meteorologist, Metta World Peace

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It may be surprising to hear this, but this weekend wasn’t the first time Metta World Peace has presented local news. Last year, for instance, World Peace showed up in Vancouver to deliver their weather. This year he stayed closer to home, appearing recently on Fox 11 in Los Angeles to bring the latest news of sunshine and warm breezes in Lakerland.

Along the way, Metta delivers some sensible advice to Lakers forward Earl Clark, throws in some yoga poses, adds a fake fart, and encourages a moment of meditation with his viewers.

Metta may have brought us the news before, but coming from him it never gets old.

Over to you, Metta…

(h/t Deadspin)


  1. love says:

    metta world peace lol

  2. DWADE 3 says:

    Wasting his time when he should be training
    or trying to get a ring

    • Rob says:

      He’s got a ring already! Even if he didn’t, how much time did he “waste?” 81 seconds? You didn’t do the weather on TV, how many rings do you have to show for it? Guy can have fun, can have his own priorities, and can have more NBA championship rings than you, just sayin’….

  3. Max W. says:

    “It’s um.., 72 degrees on the Saturday, 77 degrees Sunday, 80 on Monday, and y’all know the rest, just READ, and if you can’t read, go to school!”

    “I’ma talk to Obama see if he can *pause* put TWO Ts on there”

    Metta too funny.

    • DJ3 says:

      Funny part is it said 72 degrees on saturday. Metta, you can’t read! Go to school!

      • Joel says:

        Metta can read , box , kick , fist , slap etc. i hate ur name man. U dont deserve it , bad boy !!!

  4. lskersfan4ever says:


  5. @TheRealJIP says:

    Metta World Peace should go to school, he said it was 72′ on saturday but it was 73′

  6. aweroh says:

    He said 73 degrees.
    It’s just his accent.

  7. Bryan Ellis says:

    He’s too funny