Ball Don’t Lie?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It all started, and of course it did, with Rasheed Wallace. In the second quarter of Game Two of the Heat’s series against Indiana, Pacers F Sam Young was T’d up after getting tangled with LeBron James following a play. It was the kind of play where throughout the postseason we’ve seen a double technical called, just to settle everyone down. But in this case, Young was singled out, and Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw got pretty upset about it. So upset that he, too, was called for a technical foul.

And when Ray Allen missed the technical free throw, Brian Shaw said the only thing he could say:


Ball Don’t Lie isn’t just the name of a terrific basketball blog, it’s a phrase introduced to the hoops lexicon by the imitable Rasheed Wallace. Sheed’s been saying it at least since 2006, and probably well before that. It’s a clever way of saying, “I told you so,” after a missed shot. Of course, it usually comes after a foul or technical foul call, which is why Rasheed was the perfect person to popularize the phrase.

For what it’s worth, Shaw’s usage didn’t go forgotten: His family couldn’t have been more proud…

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