NBA Style: Wooden Bow Ties

NBA Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A couple of weeks ago while watching Inside the NBA, I sat up straight when I heard something about Mike Conley wearing a wooden bow tie…

The reason this segment riveted me was because a few weeks earlier, I’d been in Oklahoma City and met a guy named Tim Paslay, who co-owns a company called Two Guys Bow Ties. He and his partner have been hand-making wooden bow ties since the fall, and Tim showed me a sample of their product. I told him at the time that it seemed natural they should get a few ties to Ernie Johnson, who wears a bow tie on TV every night. So when Ernie mentioned hoping they would get in touch, I connected Tim and Ernie.

A few nights later, well, you can watch what happened…

I emailed Tim over the weekend and asked where he got the inspiration for the custom ties for the Inside guys.

“As soon as I heard Chuck say it looked like a dog bone I knew I had to incorporate Mango and Yoohoo into his ties,” Tim said. “It took some time, but I was able to track down a clip where they showed their faces and capture those to adorn the tie. The funny thing about Shaq‘s tie is that I wanted it to be hilariously over sized so I made it is AT LEAST twice the size of our normal ties. I was shocked that when he held it up in front of his neck tie that it looked just about right for him. His hand dwarfed it when he grabbed it from Ernie. I know he is big, but that blew me away.”


  1. Sam Shah says:

    @Dwayne Wades Capri pants,

    Only Dwayne Wade can accidently grab pants from his wife’s closet and still manage to pull it off 😉

  2. Love the wooden bowties!

  3. FashionLover says:

    I’m also loving the wooden bow tie…Mike Conley wore it very well!