NBA Style: Dwyane Wade Goes Tango

NBA Style
By the Style Crew

Dwyane Wade has been uneven on the court throughout this postseason, further underscoring his importance to the Miami Heat. But while he’s tried to find his groove on the floor, he’s been close to perfect off the court when it comes to making headlines with his fashion. He drew attention a couple of times against Chicago in the conference semifinals, particularly with that memorable suit-with-short-pants look.

Over the weekend he returned to the forefront of the NBA Style wars by wearing an outfit that was more conventional with its cuts, if not its colors…

Wade wore a cardigan, shirt and slacks, but it was all the more special because it was monochromatic — he even matched his headphones and toiletry bag! And it’s not just any color, but “tango,” a derivative of tangerine.

This might be Wade’s best postseason look yet; it’s definitely his most cohesive. What do you think? Would you choose this look or lose this look? Vote down below, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter using #NBAStyle.


  1. Barry-Ann says:

    When you are called “Flash” nothing is impossible

  2. StyleGuru says:

    He looks absolutely fabulous!
    On another note, I think I will have to give up if I have to digest another story about player fashion. Is this topic really popular enough to have it’s own dedicated spot? I AM the first to comment so…

    But if it is popular enough, isn’t there something we can do to change this disturbing trend? =P

  3. Nobody cares. says:

    Nobody cares about NBA style. Are you guys getting a clue?

    • Nobody says:

      I actually do find these stories entertaining to read. I believe there is nobody forcing you to read them, however.


    Move WADE to the PHOENIX SUNS !! :-))

  5. David Howell says:

    I am more concerned about D Wade’s forearm shot to the head of Lance Stephenson’s head than about what Wade does or doesnot wear. Wade should have been suspended for the rest of this series. Ask yourself if Lance Stephenson had give a shot to the head of Wade would he have been suspended? You know he would have. In the era where we are trying to protect players fromconcussions and other head injuries, that incident didn’t even draw a foul. The NBA no doubt would rather have Lebron and the Heat than the Pacers in the NBA finals and so they look the other way. Too bad the best team don’t always win.

  6. dave says:

    He looks ridiculous.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Love it D-Wade!!! Continue your fashion statement and ignore the haters!!!

  8. Shake says:

    why does he do that to himself? lol You may disagree but i doubt this would be looked at as nice on the other side of the Atlantic… Milan, London, Paris, run! lol the top or the trousers, separately are fine but the uni-color thing makes me think of a cartoon… or a onesie. mix it!

  9. dreadyjun says:

    Plain ugly!

  10. dreadyjun says:

    Yes, wade is one dirty player and he can’t hide behind the outfit he wears.

  11. AlXNDR says:

    Time Money and a sense of style is alright with me Go WAD3

  12. befair says:

    i sooo agree if he would have been on any other team he would have been suspended…so sad the health of nba players play second to getting a high ratings in the finals

  13. boguscalls says:

    Between the invisible fouls, the nocalls, and the forever moving screens, DWade is competing with Craig Sager to out do the original 60’s Joker Cesar Romero. These are just symbolic of the joke that this league has become.

  14. eric says:

    his entire wardrobe is hideous…especially that ridiculous looking capri short pants suit

  15. Arie says:

    I personally do not want to see the Pacers in the Finals, the Heat and the Spurs will be a very fun series to watch, cant wait, Oh and D-Wade looks good an ANYTHING he wears!

  16. Mobb says:

    when you have skills, game , status, money , when you’re living your life like a winner than you can wear whatever you want, damn i would wear tango all year if I were in his position 🙂

  17. Ron says:

    “orange” ya glad I didn’t get suspended? I got away with it because Stern wants us in the finals!!!

  18. Ron says:

    NBA review of Wade elbow–shameful. Here’s the text of their final decision: “After careful review by expert analysts and doctors, it is determined that Lance Stephenson caused no harm to Dwayne Wade’s elbow by inadvertently putting his head in it’s path. The elbow looks just fine, and ready to go for the fina…er…rest of this series.”

  19. hmmm? says:

    when a person is on the decline skillise, one Always remains with the option to get attention by the means of fashion…

  20. Desmodeus says:

    If D-Wade isn’t consistently the worst dressed human being on the planet then I’ve never seen him.

  21. Rick Clarke says:

    Is it me but that doesn’t look like wade in that pic?

  22. terti knight says:

    Who makes the shoes he is wearing they look fantastic. Love the tango

  23. mr north memphis says:

    Dwayne need to stay out of his kid’s closet putting on their cloths lmao!

  24. lutrail says:

    D wade dress with brights colors and a good player !!!!!!