Quincy Pondexter Loses Series, Scores Date With Miss Tennessee

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Grizzlies swingman Quincy Pondexter patiently worked his way into his role with the Memphis Grizzlies, becoming a true outside threat and establishing himself during this postseason as a guy who could stretch the floor for the Grizz, giving Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol space to bang inside. As Pondexter became better known on the court, he started showing pieces of his off-court personality as well, most notably bringing his dog, Buckets, to the gym while he got some shots up.

The Grizzlies surprised a lot of experts by advancing to the Western Conference finals, and though their run ended with a 4-0 sweep at the hands of the Spurs, it didn’t completely dampen the Grizz’s spirits.

Today, for instance, Pondexter began by wondering aloud on Twitter if anyone knew who had won Miss Tennessee. Chandler Lawson, who it turns out is the reigning Miss Tennessee, soon tweeted back…

Pondexter then did his due diligence, got a positive response, and then he went from there…



Congrats, Quincy. And we’ll give the final word to Grizzlies VP of Basketball Operations, John Hollinger

(via Grizzly Bear Blues)


  1. nba says:


  2. LOLOLOL says:


  3. CHA says:

    well, That escalated quickly!

  4. Shahmeer says:

    LOL!! QUINCY!!

  5. If i was him and a lose equals a date with her…. I woulda “accidentally” scored in my own basket against san antonio…… a few times……. each quarter 😉

  6. asdfasf says:

    chandler lawson, with that name she should cheer for the nuggets.

  7. Disaster187 says:

    This is another reason why I wish to play in NBA

  8. Haaloo says:

    She wants the Q

  9. Mossman says:

    Twitter – helping celebrities hit on each other since 2006! Ha ha

  10. groggy says:

    nobody wondered she is 2012. Q get the real deal!

  11. mr north memphis says:

    Get your mack on then Quincy

  12. g0dlyk says:

    lol. ms tennessee plans to land on an athlete for some “benjamins” 😀

  13. pipe says:

    Much more effective than J R Smith’s approach of saying “You trying to get the pipe?”