Tony Parker’s Rookie Diary

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Someone over at Reddit went into the internet’s way-back machine and unearthed this footage of Tony Parker, from back when he was a rookie in San Antonio. It’s fun to watch because we know Parker now as one of the NBA’s elite point guards. But back then he was just another rookie, the final pick of the first round, hoping to make his mark in the NBA. Also, he was evidently a kid who loved wearing oversized t-shirts.

(Sidebar: The NBA’s “Inside Stuff” TV show, which I’m pretty sure is where this video came from, used to be great. I still miss it. Just saying.)

(via r/NBA)


  1. Paulo says:

    Man, everyone was wearing oversized t-shirts back then.

  2. jtb says:

    Well they got the 28th pick this season aswell…

  3. Kate Upton says:

    I love him… He’s a great “ball-handler”. 😉

  4. Kate Upton says:

    I wonder if he’s dating anyone.. 🙂

  5. Yeah_baby says:

    “… a naive rookie ones…” I think this video predicts that decade later he is going for his 4th ring…

  6. Kate Upton says:

    I’d love to wear his oversized shirts (nothing else on!)….

  7. Americans says:

    One of the greatest point guards????? BEST ONE. Period.

  8. Jerome says:

    He’s a microcosm of the organization he plays for. Hope he wins his 4th ring … just as good as Chris Paul … maybe even better.

    • eddie says:

      he already has won his 4th ring back in 07 you dungbell if he wins anoter itll be his fifth

      • Noob says:

        Lol, you are the one who is dumb. Duncan is the only one with 4 rings parker and ginobili joined only after 1999 which was their first championship year.

  9. rukidnsports says:

    I remember a rookie year interview when he said my job’s easy. All I have to do is get the ball in to Timmy.

  10. cp10 says:

    Cheerleader got run over!! (1:27)

  11. Stefan says:

    After all tnis time, he still looks the same.

  12. Tom says:

    tony parker is not the best pg of all time, however yes, one of the best ones definetly

  13. P.O.V. says:

    MVP, the best player of the best team..ok Lebron was this one at the end, but TP deserved it for the major part of this season until he got injured !
    And looking at the playoffs…he confirms what i think, he’s working like an MVP and not a like flopper. (yep i mentionned LBJ ahah)

  14. Jacques Chirac says:

    France is in da house!

  15. Chris Cortez says: spurs theme song drive for five if that mariachi one got air time this surely deserves some air time