DeAndre Jordan Tries Lacrosse

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I have often wondered if perhaps my sporting destiny still awaits me. For instance, I’ve played basketball my entire life, and I now know for certain that I have at some point maximized my potential. I will never be Michael Jordan. But what if there is some sport that I have never played, at which I just might be not only a natural, but the greatest to have ever played? What if I tried hockey and it turned out I was an incredible goalie? What if I went out and gave curling a shot, only to find that I was the greatest to have ever curled? I am in no way suggesting these sports are easy, rather that maybe there is a secret talent inside of me just waiting to be unlocked.

My theory loses some steam when you see Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan give lacrosse a shot. Even while being tutored by lacrosse dude Brendan Mundorf, it is apparent that Jordan, a highly skilled and trained athlete, can not just easily take to lacrosse. His 17 mph shot might work as a nice change-up though.


  1. mitch says:

    WOW? wow how could you try lacrosse when you are one of the best centers in the league just WOW

  2. wowoks says:

    ok man, i understand why you don’t have any offensive skills and why you my grandmother is better than you at FT %.
    go train your FT and your moves (the dunks don’t need practice any more), my god this is crazy. the guy says he kinda “maximised his potential”. lol. man you maximised your salary, and the hype, and lob (regulat season team) city, and nothing else. my god chris paul, you want a title ?? get out of here

  3. Nathan says:

    Hilarious. Things like this make me an even bigger fan of DeAndre!

  4. John Taylor says:

    Wow. I play lacrosse, so this is kinda cool, but hilarious at the same time

  5. ko8e says:

    hm… no free throws in lacrosse? Sounds like dj could shine.