Shane Battier Gets His Flopera

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There has been a lot of chatter this postseason about flopping. Hey, look: Flop all you want, but you might get caught, and if you get caught, there will probably be a fine attached.

As a deterrent, however, the fines don’t seem to have made much of a difference. Especially when we still see things like the vaunted double-flop from guys like LeBron James and David West

Speaking to the media Thursday, Heat forward Shane Battier told that the best way to stop flopping is for the NBA to make sure the fines are lucrative: “If they want to put an opera of all my charges on there or flops or whatever, go for it. You take $10 from me, and I’m upset.”

Taking Battier’s suggestion at his word, The Basketball Jones’ great Trey Kerby put some of Battier’s flops on an opera. Really:

(But what if you get free beer, Shane?)

(gif via Deadspin)
(video via TBJ)


  1. Mleh says:

    Battier has its own school

  2. Emkey says:

    Shane battier has been part of 3 major winning streaks in basketball history. He knows how to play the game, his flops aren’t obvious, they are smart and well timed.

    But he is also a great great defensive player, no one can deny that. One of the greats from Duke.

  3. Ro says:

    How stupid. They’re not even flops! He’s right, you’re taught in college to take the contact and fall flat on your butt, so you dont fall on wrists/hands and get injured. What a waste of time that was

    • Game Time says:

      It really was. I didn’t see one actual flop. He lost balance on a few plays and of course in slow motion anything looks like a flop.

    • Boca_Fan says:

      Exactly, 2 + minutes we’ll never get back, but hey Heat are still the EASTERN CHAMPIONS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elijah Strange says:

    This is hilarious

  5. Jack Bobo says:

    … Isn’t a flop when no contact is instigated and someone falls over. When contact is made but a player exaggerates said contact, it isn’t a flop. Maybe I’m wrong?

    • dd def says:

      yeah you are. a flop is falling over or flailing around when someone gets close so it looks like they just beat hell out of you when in fact they hadn’t. I mean if nate robinson puts a hand on LeBron james and james goes sliding across the court, yeah there was contact, but it wasn’t enough to send a tank flying. see what I mean?

  6. oh mon dieu says:

    One of the best at selling it for rings, he will be next to bruce bowen very soon.

  7. Alex says:

    Sahne’s notorious and obvious flops have won the Heat many close games this season – that’s why their streak is crap and they are NOT true champions like the Spurs! they earn wins the hard and honest way!

  8. isaac2 says:

    may i ask, where’s tony allen’s flopera?

  9. juan ghetto cruz says:

    corny… ginobili is better than that in his early career.. so heat haters.. shut up!

  10. googergieger says:

    “Flop all you want, but you might get caught, and if you get caught, there will probably be a fine attached.”

    And how many times has Battier been fined? How many time have Miami players been fined? The fine is a joke. The officiating is a joke. Which goes hand in hand with the sports journalists that “report” on the “sports”.

  11. kike says:

    You know? perhaps “una furtiva lagrima” or “ridi pagliaccio” would have been more appropriate opera.

  12. bball says:

    These are so obvious that i laugh at the referees, not the flop itself

  13. DJ3 says:

    Now put music to Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin pulling off the DUMBEST and MOST OBVIOUS flop in NBA HISTORY that was called as a foul.

  14. Bruno says:

    Bahahahaha this is brilliant. 😀

  15. afterkwiss says:

    Half of those weren’t even flops, the rest are flops but repeated so, in all and over Battier’s career, it’s peanuts compared to an average NBA player.

  16. J Hart says:

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. If you guys think Battier is the biggest flopper in the NBA, you have not been following the NBA for a very long time. Heck I mean there are guys like Derek Fisher, the entire Utah Jazz team a few years ago, Manu, even Chris Paul and many more. It’s not like Battier overly exaggerates contact like Stephenson did with Ray Allen’s phantom elbow. I mean half of you guys hate Battier just because he’s on the Heat. You obviously didn’t follow the NBA back when he was playing for H-town.

  17. imeda says:

    You are just a f**** heat hater Land, just admit it

  18. zz says:

    yeah what a waste of time.. the writers here in the gets dumber and dumber each day, this writer’s name should be lang heathater.

  19. 3r4Y says:

    I think they should revised this anti-flop rule for the playoff. Upgraded to ‘ If a player is caught flopping and causes an impact to the game they should get punish by sitting them out a whole quarter for the first flop, two quarters for the second flop etc….

  20. Nekbeth says:

    Biggest flopper of all time in the biggest flopping team of all time.

    (Fisher is second, Wade third, Lebron 4th and mario chambers 5th).

    • John Heb says:


    • silly says:

      with your comments, it’s obvious that you are just a heat haters…

    • J-Up says:

      I guess you have not heard about players like Divac, Reggie Miller (An amazing player and true killer but he flopped a lot) etc. So get fixed and take BronBron and Chalmers away from your list mate. Or go play with them and defend them without flopping. There’s fair tas for you. I smell one word – H.A.T.E.R.

    • mike blibby says:

      Mario chambers lol.. who the hell is mario chambers. it’s like tryin to sound smart Ina conversation and then saying “Libary” instead of library.. just someone who wants to talk for the sake of talking even though he has no idea what’s going on. read an article, take a few key words and names and bam, now you’re in the conversation? you band wagoners have started to bandwagon on discussions too? that’s just sad

  21. notaheatfan says:

    ***i believe floppers should get tech’d up at the very least. simply because its poor sportsmanship and can cause injury to not only themselves but to an opposing player. needless to say, flopping is garbage. ***

    • Monk says:

      I’m with you on the techs… Add it to their playoff (or register season if that’s when it happens) technical foul list… How many T’s before that 1 game suspension? Players aren’t responding to the pennies of 5k, so you have to up the ante

  22. Thalygart says:

    Flop is a flop. It’s good that the league is giving them fines….but to really discourage it, they should have higher fines, c’mon it’s just small fries for them…and at some point or the other most players do flop. Some are just reaction to possible contact (and too late to regain balance) most are for Oscars, others are delayed reaction to a rough play (they get tired of it so they act hopefully refs can see it now hhaha). Why fight then who is the biggest flopper. As for officiating, it’s easy to criticize when were not the one who is looking at fast paced game and not giving too many calls. Do they need to review then every foul just because tech is already available? Should there be a therapy for flopping for those addicted to it heheheh

  23. Flops are silly. And it is all in the arm movement if we notice. When you fall naturally, instinctively you will throw your arms down do catch yourself (which is more proof evolution is did not happen because it makes more sense to twist and take the hit on your side i.e. shoulders, hips, and bottom) BUT when said floppers fall there arms are doing really strange things and then they catch themselves perfectly. Some of the better floppers minimize this trait of flailing arm but ALL nba players exaggerate contact and even worse complain when they get called for a foul which usually was called correctly. That astonished and bewildered wide eyed look on a players face as if he could actually foul someone during the course of a “contact” sport is up there with the flopping in my eyes but it does not affect the game like flopping. Is flopping okay? No. At its worst, it is lying. And at its best, it is wimpish. Do I hate people that flop? No. I forgive them and enjoy the game anyway.

  24. 2All-Ya'll says:

    What a joke. All you guys can defend this flopping BS cause its the man who plays for your’e team or little town but it has ruined the NBA. Thank God they started to fine these idiots. Increase fines, keep this crap out of the game.

    • Game Time says:

      I swear people are such morons. The NBA comes out with a flopping rule and all these noob basketball fans think they are experts. Guys have been falling to the ground for a long time. That’s not flopping. When you exaggerated or fake the contact that is flopping. Go back to being a nerd because you aren’t a basketball fan.

  25. matthewgarcia says:

    manu is better!!! funny how they bring this up!! beside players that are still flopping with fines coming out!! manu isnt dumb

  26. LBJ says:


  27. Grizz teddy Bear says:

    Tony Allen won oscar on his acting… specially on the one that gave Manu flagrant foul on WCF.

    Allen knows best…

  28. HeatBandwagon2013 says:

    Funny how a smalll gust of wind can make a Heat player to ballerina mices

  29. Michael says:

    This is how I think flops should be handled:
    There should be a video referee at each game. Questionable fouls may be reviewed by the video ref, but the game is NOT interrupted; play continues. Reviews normally take about two minutes, so in the last two minutes of the game or in overtime, the game DOES stop. If the video ref determines a player has flopped, the player is charged with a technical foul, and at the next stop in the game, the other team shoots the technical free-throw. Two technical fouls results in an ejection as usual. The original foul call by the on-court referees still stands, but at least with a technical foul there are real repercussions for flopping during the game. Two flops and you’re out. Flopping would all but disappear. And we wouldn’t see 180 lbs DJ Augustin knocking 250 lbs LeBron James off his feet anymore.

    Tony Allen’s $5,000 flop was money well spent as it sent the game into overtime. Tony made $3.3 million this year, so that represents 0.15% of his annual salary. He played 94 games including the playoffs, which is $35,106 per game.

  30. Peter says:

    Number 3 is not a flop. You can see Young push his body right in to him and push out with his arms. Just because Shane doesn’t want to walk backwards with it, doesn’t make it a flop.

    Half are, half aren’t.

    BTW, Heat fan.

  31. Bill says:

    Now that was Funny.

  32. jamarxyz says:

    cant even watch a whole game anymore….defense is not allowed,too much acting and crying….it seams like they’re following the formula for wrestling.

  33. al says:

    What you non-basketball players dont understand is that usually if you dont fall over you dont get the charge call even if someone barges into you. Its the rules and the difficulty of making a charging call that causes flopping to exist.

  34. AAA says:

    I’m convinced Battier went on a study trip to Spain, Barcelona to be exact.

  35. flop king says:

    Give him an Oscar award!!! What a good actor! NBA should starting either giving technicals to players or suspending players for getting caught for flopping. It really disrupts the game and can completely change the end results. I would say a flop can end up with a bad call that can change the momentum or even the result of the game. Regardless if you are a Heat fan or Pacers fan, no one wants to see their team lose because of a couple of bad calls from the refs due to players flopping.

  36. buk says:

    I hate those who flops in a game. That’s a lie to everyone.

  37. nyk says:

    NBA, please do more about these flops, we want to see some true and honest game. Thank you!

  38. vincent says:

    eh, i still consider more of a good defender than a flopper

  39. Game Time says:

    This would have been funny IF YOU ACTUALLY HAD FLOPS IN IT! A player taking contact is not a flop. Just because he goes to the ground is not a flop. For all these fans that complain the game is being ruined by flopping, it’s not. You are ruining it for yourselves by not knowing what a flop is. Battier has been taking charges for YEARS and it’s only now that he’s labeled as a notorious flopper? Why was there only one play of him in Memphis and one on the Rockets when he’s only played with Miami two years? Because he doesn’t flop. That’s why. People just have to come of with a excuse to hate Miami or any of their players since they won the ring last year. Get ready for more excuse Haters cause the repeat is coming.

  40. Louie says:

    It is a shame that the NBA has played into this for the past several years. I would imagine they would have cleaned this up long ago but it has only become part of the game and because it has not got cleaned up it has now filtered down to the high school and even middle school level. I went to my sons middle school games this season and couldnt help but notice the young ones trying to flop… Hopefully with David out next year this finally gets addressed. It cheapens the game of basketball.

  41. Art says:

    Heat fans are right. There are floppers in other teams too.
    I see only three differences:
    Heat fans are right. There are floppers in other teams too.
    I see only three differences:
    1) Heat players are not only flopping, they usually on the same time foul opponent.
    2) They almost always are reworded by the officials.
    3) Ever never there were so many floppers on one team:
    #1 LeBron
    #2 Wade
    #3 Battier
    #4 Chalmers
    I wouldn’t argue if you place Wade as #1.
    Shouldn’t they change the team name to FLOrida FLOppers?

    It could be easier to introduce the team:
    And now FLO-FLO coming to the floor.

    • Boca_Fan says:

      @ Art, repeating yourself just like the video did with Shane. What is reworded???? Is that what you did at the start of your rant. Dislike the Heat much, Indy fan?? Sorry buddy, Heat won, deal with it!!!!

  42. canadiantrip says:

    These are not flops at all. There’s a valid contact. He’s even fighting off the picks.

  43. Flopperoo says:

    Forget the fines. The referees should simply call fouls on the flopper. If a defender clearly flops, call a blocking foul. If an offensive player flops as if they’ve been fouled, call a charge. That will put a stop to the flopping sooner than these silly $5,000 slaps on the wrist.

  44. Shawn says:

    Okay Manu ones are kind of flops but kind of not.. A lot of the ones he does are just shooting and he is shooting in an awkward angle but some are actually flops, everyone knows how to flop man, it is the game.

  45. Flopper says:

    the all time NBA Flopper
    1. Shane Battier
    2. Andre kerelenko
    3. Manu ginobili
    4. Raja Bell
    5. Lebron james

  46. dan no says:

    The refs know he’s a flopper. The NBA is becoming pro wrestling. The heat get to play by a different set of rules. They can put an asterisk next to any championship they win. First the shortened lock out season, now Flopomania 2013.

  47. dan no says:

    Floppomania 2013!!! Staring the Miami Heat, and the refs that love them. With a special appearance by “The Other Team”. You know, the ones that get clobbered and kicked in the privates by Wade and co. but can’t get a call to save their lives, while picking up mystery tech fouls, fouls for getting out of the way of Miami players on their way to the hoop, and a curious amount of “off the ball” fouls if they start getting too much of a lead on Miami. And here I was just wanting to watch basketball.

  48. Mario says:

    These videos are crap 🙂
    They keep showing 2-3 scenes over and over again.. 🙂

    • Game Time says:

      And the crazy part is these idiots thing they are different occurrences. Just goes to show you how stupid the average person is that hates Miami.

  49. dyog says:

    Shane should write a book about winning rings and art of flopping.. this would sell better than the latest Phil Jacksons book.

  50. mamulundoy says:

    still nobody gives credit to dennis rodman for the most flops in a game..

  51. ElGreco says:

    Flopping is bad for the game in so many ways, players foul out, can’t play defense or offence properly , too many bad calls that ultimately hurt the game. No fan enjoys players clowning like this instead of playing good defense or offense. It jut sucks.
    Battier is not the only flopper, by any means, , but the dude is a disgrace for the league.Look at his total conduct every game – cheap shots, holding players non-stop, flops, even trying to injure players when he has the chance. Too much tolerance for it. He’s doesn’t play by the rules, he breaks the rules and gets away with it. Completely different story. Unacceptable.

  52. Toyo says:

    Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili need a duo Flopera….

  53. Antonio says:

    Divac rules

  54. Tristan says:

    people for crying out loud… all you do is complain!!! but where are you in this world??? still living a mediocre life??? they are professionals they are paid to do their stuff… but none of you get any penny… duh!!!

  55. IC says:

    I’ve played Basketball for a long time. And Where I’m from, he ain’t flopping.

  56. Mike says:

    It is pretty sad when LeBron James and Dwayne Wade endorse flopping like they did the other day. Everyone wants to claim that LeBron is the best player. Talent wise at this stage, maybe. But he is not the MVP of the league, nor is he a “complete” player in my opinion. When he says “anything you can do to get an advantage over an opponent” is necessary to win, that shows me an area lower than when he left Cleveland. Dwayne Wade I couldn’t care less about because with all of the injuries he continues to pile up, he may as well flop like a fish all game long.

    I just don’t see how people call these players great for endorsing flopping. It is horrible for the game. I couldn’t even watch game 5 the other day because it was that bad or when their was actually a foul to be called there was no call at all.

  57. Del says:

    Nothing better to talk about. Freakin stupid!!!!!!!

  58. dgayleiann says:

    If you are a good basketball player you should know how to flop because basketball is a sport of thinkers. If you don’t know how to flop you’re JUST an OBSERVER of basketball. “The jobs of HATERs are to HATE”

  59. bballfan says:

    Flop King – Hall of Famer Reggie Miller

  60. Wurms says:

    NBA needs to get rid of fines and start suspending games. $5,000 for the risk of getting a star player in foul trouble in the Eastern Confernce Finals? No problem. But if they suspend a player 1 game after two or three flop violations, that will hurt THE TEAM and then flopping might actually stop. If you make $10,000,000 and get fined $5,000, that is the same percentage of someone making $40K/yr getting fined $20. I would flop in a YMCA league for $20 fines IF I GET CAUGHT.

    Its a disgrace to the game and should be met with harsh penalties.

  61. JOSH says:


  62. bonflop says:

    Another flop from LeBron should forfeit his MVP.

  63. ian says:

    I don’t know you guys, but for me IT’S VERY EASY FOR PLAYERS TO NOT FLOP. I MEAN VERY VERY EASY!





  64. ian says:




  65. Alin says:

    Some people are right, here : flopping isn’t a new thing. But, I remember watching NBA games a few years ago and saying that most of the offensive fouls were whistled as defensive fouls by the referees. I am a referee myself in my country, and I must say that the NBA referees are doing a great job of making the overall best decisions during the games while having no “replay” or “slow motion” option in their heads, expect for the last two minutes.

    To me, the last years have seen the offensive fouls getting whistled more often and it is not because game changed, it is because, maybe, people saw that when they are not whistled, the game becomes just unfair for the defense. This probably caused more flopping from the players knowing they could take charges by that mean. But flopping isn’t just falling to the ground. The ones who just fall to the ground lose their balance or get tripped or bumped into but not in an illegal way. It does’nt mean there is an foul there, offensive or defensive, and I sometimes do not whistle there because it was some legal contact. This is part of basketball.

    Flopping is not. To me, flopping is holding your face when an elbow miss you by a half inch. It is holding a player and make it look like they push or hit you. It is just some acting that has nothing to do with the game, in my opinion, it is more of an attack to the game. People caught flopping in the game should automatically get a technical as they would by committing an act that does not belong in the game like insulting or taunting another player.

    There are the ones who say Miami is a flopping team. Even if it is true, it is not the only one. But stop calling the people saying Miami is flopping “haters”. They are juste frustrated by the way Miami is forgiven every fault they are doing because they are the “best” team. They play some good defense, have a strong offense and dominate most of their opponents althleticism wise. People don’t understand why Miami is flopping because we saw they don’t need this to win.

    Maybe getting a technical would help getting rid of flopping, but I think the players should think about it too. Because I can’t understand how they can be proud of a flop or willing to do it, as competitors among the best physical athletes in the world. The one willing to flop can always go playing soccer (Spanish, Italian, French soccer). The flopping is a pride there.

  66. Jose says:

    They should rename the heat the Miami fish because they flop so much