Paul George Knows How To Stop Flopping

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If it wasn’t already, flopping became a meme during this postseason — fans in Indiana even heckled LeBron James with flopping-related chants throughout Game 6. And though the NBA has singled players out and instituted fines, it hasn’t really seemed to curb the players’ enthusiasm for flopping. After all, if the refs are going to call it, maybe it’s worth a flop here or there?

Well, in the second quarter last night, Paul George brought the ball up against Heat guard Mario Chalmers. When George turned his back on Chalmers to protect his dribble, Chalmers went sprawling backward. No call was made, and instead of complaining, George turned and drained the wide-open 3-pointer.

And on his way back down the court, he delivered a message for Chalmers that might have even more efficacy than a fine because of the end result of the exchange: three points for Indiana.


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  1. shannon moore says:

    all i can say is wow!!!!

  2. alekesam says:

    If the NBA really wants to stop/curb flopping, they have to start really enforcing it and not give preferential treatment. They also have to start fining the players more than pocket change. $5,000? That’s like 5 bucks to the average joe. Reggie said it at the beginning of the season. If it means a W, a player will gladly eat such small fines. But if it was, say, $100,000 and increasing from there, I guarantee people would stop doing it.

    • TJ says:

      Perhaps instead of a flat fine like $5K or $100K they should institute a percentage fine of the player’s salary instead? You could even grow it for repeat offenders, 1% the first time, 2% the next and continuing upwards from there. Also the NBA needs to completely eliminate superstar treatment by the refs and the front office. LBJ & Manu are known for being some of the worst floppers in the game, but barely ever get called in comparison to lesser names.

      • Mike says:

        LBJ? Really?? did you just start watching NBA during the MIA-IND series? Manu has that reputation but not LBJ.. now if it was Battier then yeah he also has that reputation but LBJ.. come on

      • Jarrod says:

        Lets see, Lebron taking a legal screen from behind by Tyson Chandler and falling to the ground holding his neck like he took a roundhouse from Chuck Norris to earn a flagrant call. Or maybe the one where D-Rose took a swipe for the ball and got all air but Lebron whipped his head back and fell to the ground and gave a wink afterwards. Or maybe the 15 foot slide after a shove from Muhammed. Not known for flopping? Please…

      • boots says:

        LBJ flops dude. Heck most of the top 10 players in the NBA flops. The only one I can think of off the top of my head who I’ve never seen flop is Kobe. Kobe just flat out dodges out of the way because he doesn’t like taking charges. And also Tim Duncan, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him flop. I mean I like Rondo, but he flops a lot, same with CP3 and LBJ and Manu

    • Boca_Fan says:

      What I find funny, in one of the games flopping fines were…..

      Pacers 2

      Heat 1

      So stop claiming Heat flop, enough with the Heat Haters…… Heat Won, get over it!!!!

    • Elvis says:

      I like the 5k better and I think the league likes it better too because it means almost nothing to the players, which means that they continue flopping and that would mean more money for the league….I don’t think it would be a good deal for the league with they stoped the flopping….it ould be good for thhe competition but not when it comes to business

  3. Rama says:

    It has to be a foul or even better a technical. Flop = unsportsmanlike. T his a** up and see if he does it again

  4. holyspectator says:

    lol @ paul george at what he said after he said “stop flopping” LOL…but ya flopping aint going away, unless your raise up the fines as the above post mentioned

  5. Aldrin says:

    Flop should be reviewed right away and should be decided right away. The fine can be removed as long as it will be treated same as a technical foul. A free throw and ball possession for the other team.

    • Isaac says:

      What this guy said.

      • celtic533 says:

        Smart. Or let them keep playing, and while 2 officials keep reffing the game, one ref can go replay potential flops on the computer and at the end of the quarter award the teams free throws for the number of flops.

  6. Daniel K says:

    How about no call, just let them play. I bet they’ll stop flopping. It’s like playing at the backyard without a referee, what will you be falling down for? Limit the calls to fouls and not some wihistle blowing based on bogus rules just to have rules in the game. Eject the player and/or fine them for execessive contact.

    Study cases where flopping is frequent like a charge, throwing arms in the air when stripped, etc. and limit those calls.
    Blaming a player for not standing on his feet is not right, let him get up. Don’t use the whistle to change direction of the game.
    It’s not that hard if people like me have sugessions.

    • shadowspinner says:

      If they want to stop flopping while still having charges called in the game then it has to be something reviewed after the game. However, since they don’t care about the fine as long as it helps them win, let’s make it so that flopping hurts your teams chances of winning.

      Two ways I can think to do that off the top of my head:

      1) For each flop called from the previous game, the player who flopped gets suspended without pay for one game. This hurts the big names more than the little guys, but what it really does is hurt the team. Your guy flops, you end up with a screwed rotation and short bench the next game. You flop in the playoffs you might cost your team the series.

      2) Flops become carryover fouls in your next game. So if you flop, then at the start of the next game the other team shoots free throws and you start with personal fouls against you before the game even starts making fouling out easier. This means that you’re more likely to lose the next game and opens up the potential to start another team in the bonus at the start of the game.

      Flopping is a huge problem in the NBA, but so is the prima donna persona of the players. If there’s even a ghost of contact they whine to the refs for fouls. Maybe they should man up a little and act like a professional athlete instead of a two year old. The way players look at the refs asking for a foul whenever they miss a shot is hurting the game because it sets an example that young players look to. When the cream of the crop are soft crybabies it sets a terrible example for the players just learning the game now. The league already calls the game softer than they used to in an attempt to protect their stars and facilitate scoring. What would today’s players do if hand checks and the physical play of the 80s and early 90s were allowed now?

  7. Mer_Phil says:

    Do you really play basketball? It’s not really flopping. as you can see Chalmers planted his two feet. George violated his vertical territory by planting his butts to his chest. So, it;s normal for him to fall off-balanced. Chalmers is no Michael Jackson like the way Mike did in the MTV for Smooth Criminal. George is only exagz because they thought they can beat the Heat. Simple as that! You want to stop flooping? Create a new RULE, Technical foul for every flop plus 2 free throws, that will cost a more valuable game than fining.

    • cool k says:

      Chalmers had his feet planted because he wanted to flop, George barely made any contact. He didn’t try to drive through him, nor did he displace him from his territory. If that wasn’t a flop, how would you ever back anyone down in the post? You wouldn’t be able to, everyone would just plant their feet and fall over.

  8. Boca_Fan says:

    Ok lets look at this week’s flopping fines…..

    Pacer’s = 2
    Heat = 1

    So maybe he was talking to his team-mates when he said stop flopping!!!!!

    Stop hating

    • cool k says:

      Those fines were sent out to make a small point, but there should have been more from game 5 and 6, do you think we’re gonna see them? No. If Miami gets even more flopping fines and goes on to win the title, it would make the nba look silly. I doubt we will see anymore fines, no matter how egregious the flop.

    • Neither Fan says:

      I don’t care who flops, heat, pacers, thunder, celtics, lakers, they ALL flop. Every team flops. They flop because it works. They flop because it can turn a game to their advantage. They are simply taking what the system gives them and using it to their advantage. I disagree with flopping, just like I disagree with an offensive player “creating contact” which to me is an offensive foul. Just like I disagree with KD’s “rip move” and I’m a Thunder fan. You want to stop the flopping? Start suspending repeat offenders. Three flops, you’re out of a playoff game and for every two flops after that, you’re out of another playoff game. Knowing that the heat could potentially be without James or the thunder without Westbrooke, or the Spurs without Genobli or Parker, I think this idea would put a stop to it once and for all. Have people reviewing questionable calls submitted by the replay officials and if judged to be a flop, game suspension. Extreme, yes. Impossible, 99.9% yes. Would it work? I think so, but we’ll never find out.

      Another idea could be to add players to a list of known floppers and if they continuously flop anyway, start making them wear identifiers on their jersies. Then the refs can pick them out of a crowd and no longer give them the benefit of the doubt, plus all of the public ridicule they might undergo for being on the list… Both my ideas are too extreme. I know this. It’s getting less and less enjoyable to watch NBA games with all the flopping going around. Heat fans, I don’t care if the heat beat the pacers or not. both of those teams were flopping like fish out of water all series long.

      I got what I wanted. The heat had to go 7 and the spurs got to rest. Go Spurs!

    • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

      Get off Baby Bron Bron’s jock. This article was not entirely about the Heat. You Heat “fans” make everything about you. Chalmers flopped end of story. I’m not a fan of either team so I have no reason to pick a side. Flopping has ruined the NBA. Flopping to the NBA is in a sense is like steroids to MLB.

    • NY KNICK says:

      hey Boca… this is the reason for the discussion. LeFlop never gets called for them. i’m a Knick fan.. so i hate both the pacers and the heat but realistically lebron flops more than any other player in the league. the only player to flop more than him was vlade divac. so you pointing out how many fines were given out further justifies the conversation,

    • Just the truth says:

      you realize if they actually fined wade and battier for all their flops it wouldnt even be close right

  9. Geroge says:

    Quickest way to curb it would be once it is reviewed and they determine that the player did “Flop”. Then that would trigger a one game suspension. Lets see how long Miami ownership likes having their best players sitting out games for flopping/cheating.

  10. sbuno says:

    Hey Paul Your a great player STOP pushing people in the back when there under the basket!!!! thats a foul homie!

  11. Sonofabishop says:

    That was pathetic. Chalmers should be fined $75,000 for that bullship. Anyone who supports flopping deserves a backhand slap to the face…hello Reggie Miller, LeDouchebag, and the king of flopping crybaby Wade.You can Bosh to that list and Chalmers, screw it the whole Miami cHeat

  12. kenny says:

    I totally agree but they need suppended the game after that and kicked out of that game but they need to make for shure it is a flop but if they did that thin they can almost completely stop flopping thin most likely the heat won’t win because they flop all the time

  13. Craig says:

    Flopping is disgusting.
    But if an elbow flies past your head and misses, you will pull your head back. It can look like a flop, we need to be careful. But bigger aren’t the answer, these people have huge bank accounts.
    Durant just donated $1000000 that’s a life time of flops.

  14. Flipper says:

    To stop flopping. Throw in warnings and eventually technical fouls. Game deciding penalties are more appropriate than fines which would have no effect on the actual game.

  15. Im a ref says:

    I am an experienced ref (at the high school level). If I were getting paid the big bucks in the NBA, I would take flopping as a sign of disrespect to my ability to officiate. A flop is used to fool the ref into calling a foul that did not actually take place, which of course, is an incorrect call! The NBA should be fining (or docking) the ref, not the player. As a result, the ref will make the correct non-call. As a 2nd result, a flopping player will remain lying on the floor while the other team has a 5-4 advantage. End result, players stop flopping.

  16. Miso says:

    I agree with Mer_Phil. Didn’t think it was a flop. Feet planted, got contact from George. No call was probably the correct call, but I personally did not see it as a flop.

  17. joe says:

    It’s hard not to flop, because it protects against fouls that don’t get called. Thats why they flop in soccer, it’s too hard for the refs to see every foul in soccer. Therefore flopping cuts out the unnecessary fouls that go undetected. In the NBA I imagine once you get hacked or hit below the belt or anytihng else where a ref might miss it, flopping will be used to curb those plays. I see no end to this, because if you incrementally raise fines for flopping it would be unfair to do so for fouls and flagrant fouls etc. Maybe NBA will just turn into soccer where the more severe flops/fouls will be called. Sometimes the luck of the draw will draw a refs attention and sometimes it wont.

  18. alexangus says:

    It is clear to me that Chalmers genuinely lost his feet and anyone reviewing that clip with any understanding would agree. George planted his shoe between and behind the legs of Chalmer’s and followed up by rotating in such a manner that:
    1) George’s butt pushed Chalmer’s body backward off his left leg
    2) George’s right leg, inserted between Chalmers’ 2 legs and braced the latter’s right leg, prevented it from stepping back to restore balance.

  19. TravStrib says:

    what about a tech foul for flopping? $5000 is chump change but take a leaf out of soccer’s book where a player caught diving receives a yellow card. plus if they flop enough and they’ll end up suspended. tech foul is the way to go. or no call. toughen up.

  20. philko49 says:

    Listen up you clowns,money isn’t the answer.Players flop in order to get an advantage during the game.Take away that advantage by calling a technical foul for flopping.Two and you’re gone.If the league is serious about ending it,fine the referees for not calling it.Problem solved.Is this too difficult to understand?Apparently the league would like to look like it’s doing something without actually doing it. This is called lip service.Why everyone doesn’t see this mystifies me.

  21. Go back to Slam says:


    Come on man you are better than this. Gone are the days of the links. Please go back to writing stirring pieces with more wit and charm. I miss great writing… sigh

  22. DB says:

    Everyone should give props to the Pacers for taking it 7 games. It ridiculous that the heat have a 2nd string that is better than half the nba teams. I hate stacked teams its total bs. And btw Lebron falls down anytime anyone barley touches him. And FYI Damn right I’m a Miami Heat hater!

  23. Ben says:

    fines is not really necessary..instead hire or train the REFs better…it doesnt matter if a player flops as long as the refs makes the right call…i think its Sterns fault for turning NBA soft…I miss da old days…

  24. Michael says:

    I agree, a technical foul is the answer.

    There should be a video referee at each game. Questionable fouls may be reviewed by the video ref, but the game is NOT interrupted; play continues. Reviews normally take about two minutes, so in the last two minutes of the game or in overtime, the game DOES stop. If the video ref determines a player has flopped, the player is charged with a technical foul, and at the next stop in the game, the other team shoots the technical free-throw. Two technical fouls results in an ejection as usual. The original foul call by the on-court referees still stands, but at least with a technical foul there are real repercussions for flopping during the game. Two flops and you’re out. Flopping would all but disappear. And we wouldn’t see 180 lbs DJ Augustin knocking 250 lbs LeBron James off his feet anymore.

    Tony Allen’s $5,000 flop was money well spent as it sent the game into overtime. Tony made $3.3 million this year, so that represents 0.15% of his annual salary. He played 94 games including the playoffs, which is $35,106 per game. For someone like LeBron James, $5,000 is chump change.

  25. Emmanuel says:

    It’s all part of the game kid, if you dont like it then quit.

  26. Jimmy Buckets says:

    flopping happend A LOT but never gets fined

  27. del says:

    Lang you have nothing better to write about other then flopping. ITS FREAKING STUPID!!! Flopping not only benefits the defense but also the offense. Like when George hit the 3 or when West dunked after Bosh went to the ground. So maybe instead of the Heat winning by 23 it might have been 30 plus. Flopping has been around as far as I can remember and now it became a big deal because there are so many Heat haters. Give me a break with this crap the Utah jazz back in the day with Malone and Co were the biggest floppers of all time.

  28. famohsen says:

    if the league wants to stop flopping they should inforce a rule when someone flops then the other team should have one free throw and keep possesion + fine

  29. Pflem says:

    Yo just shut up already. Obviously u didn’t watch the game because there were a hell of a lot more flops than 1. Just because the nba doesn’t fine it doesn’t mean it’s not a flop.

  30. John says:

    In order to stop flopping, NBA should increase the fine. 5K is nothing compared to 16M a year in salary.

    NBA should to the following:
    – Increase fine to 6 digits like 100,000 per flop and this is incremental for every flop.
    – Allow referees to call a flop which would give the opposing team the ball possession + 2 free throws
    – The flop that referees would call is considered as TECHNICAL FOUL which when added with another technical foul immediately throws a player out of the game.

    The Indiana VS Miami series had A LOT of flops that were not even called.

  31. Jack says:

    The sad thing about this is that a few times LBJ went up for shots and was fouled but because he over-reacted by flailing his arms I believe he did not get the call even though replay showed a clear foul. Play the game don’t try to act/flop for an advantage and they’ll get the calls.

  32. Murphulon says:

    If they want to stop flopping, the refs need to grow some stones and call these players out on the floor, during games, instead of waiting for the league to swoop in and dole out financial penalties after the fact. If players understand that they might still get calls in their favor, a little fine isn’t going to stop them when flopping could contribute to post-season victories.

  33. Sam says:

    “Thats a flop”

  34. Edumacator says:

    What? You want the NBA to enforce its rules? Equitably? After 20 years of copying professional wrestling? Like that’s going to happen…When fans can admit that the pro game has degraded for two decades and taken the college game with it, maybe then they’ll stay away long enough to force some change. I won’t hold my breath. Think I’ll take in some 80s games on YouTube.

  35. John says:

    How about doubling the ref count and mandating the refs to challenge another ref’s calls as necessary?
    Double the ref’s perspectives and the ability to correct incorrect calls.
    Just a thought.

  36. Alan says:

    This will never happen. But I think they need to suspend player every time they flop that the only way I think it will stop. They my win the game but they will miss the next game..

  37. BangMaster says:

    Well Gorge should know. he is the FlopKing 🙂

  38. M1ke says:

    I do not think that there is a solution for flopping.
    Flopping is a problem based on sports that are officiated. NBA players as other players from other sports, for example, football (soccer), flop and they do it because they might get an advantage. Instituting fines or penalties won’t solve the problem. A good flop will just look like an offensive foul, period.
    A place where you do not see flopping? For example, pick up basketball. What is the differing characteristic to pro basketball? The existence of referees.

  39. ct says:

    Chalmers flopped cuz he cant handle George and wanted the refs to bail him out. Lebron flops because he gets preferential star treatment just like wade and any other superstar on any team. Get flopping out of basketball it takes the integrity out of the game. I want to see two teams playing straight fundamental basketball to the best of their abilities and see who can win he game. I don’t wanna see who can cheat and use shady tactics to get the refs to hand them the game.

  40. bu says:

    Refs picked up most of the flops in the games these days. Notice that the non-calls that got James & others fined during the Pacers Heat Series. Now, it’s up to the refs to “choose” to call them. Last yr there were clear preferential treatment to the Heat in the Celtics & OKC series. This yr seems to be more straight up, though, they only need to give 2 fouls to a key player to get him sit in 1st & 2nd Q, then a 3rd to sit out the rest of 1st half then left him play the rest of 2nd half. But too late as the team fell behind.