Draft Diaries: Brandon Paul

Brandon Paul

Brandon Paul

By Brandon Paul, for NBA.com

NBA Combine: Back Home

Well, sort of. I’m from Gurnee, Ill, a suburb of Chicago which is about an hour away (depending on traffic) from downtown. It was truly a blessing to be able to participate in the NBA Draft combine a couple weeks ago, as I have watched it the last few years as a college student-athlete.

Brandon Paul shoots

Brandon Paul shoots at the NBA Draft combine.

Getting there, I saw a lot of familiar faces, guys I played against in college as well as seen on TV. I also got a chance to see some guys that I played with/against at prestigious HS camps such as the NBPA Top 100 camp (in which my team won the championship) as well as the LeBron James Skills Academy (in which my team also won the championship). Throughout all the interviews and workouts and meeting new people, I had a great time. I felt like I played really well and did a good job showcasing my talents. I only had a couple interviews, but they went well.

Training @ IMG Academy aka X-Mansion- Xavier School for Higher Learning

For several weeks I was fortunate enough to get a chance to train with some of the best (players & staff) and I definitely think I have improved a ton since I got down there. I call it the X-Mansion because it is a huge campus and has tons of tons of different things there, and it truly is for the gifted. Doing workouts about four times daily takes a toll on your body, but with all the trainers on staff, different equipment to help you recover and the great food that’s served, you learn to love it! Everyday when I’m down there I look forward to the workouts because I know it’s a chance to get better & work towards my goal!

What’s next?

My agent Jim Tanner & his team have been working non-stop on my behalf and I feel like choosing him was one of the best decisions of my life. They recently finished my schedule that shows my upcoming workouts with different teams as well as teams that could be added. So far I have done five workouts (a combination of group and individual) and have at least nine individual workouts remaining. I know these workouts are giving me a chance for me to continue on this journey to the NBA.

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