Grant Hill Was Quite Good As A Piston


By Jeff Case

It was only a week or so ago that Grant Hill announced to the Inside The NBA crew that he was hanging up the Filas (of sorts) and calling it a career after 19 seasons in the NBA. In case you missed it, the fine folks in our video department did a great retrospective on Mr. Hill’s career (which you can see below). The video puts a respectful bow on the career of Hill, who was the No. 3 pick of the 1994 Draft and rose to NBA stardom almost overnight.

But what some of you younger readers (or even the older ones) might have missed is just how nasty of a dunker and overall player Hill was during the peak of his athletic powers with the Detroit Pistons. Luckily, the fine folks over at have compiled the 10 best plays from Hill’s days in the Motor City and it is an absolute must-watch.

I think Alonzo Mourning is still hurting from that posterizer and Gheorge Muresan is still wondering what he ever did to deserve so much punishment …


  1. Quite good? he finished 3rd in MVP voting behind MJ and Malone on his 3rd or 4th year in the league! hes not quite good…he was supposed to be very good!! even better than LeBron

  2. Guatemalan Coffee! says:

    Grant Hill was a monster player until he decided to sign with the Orlando Magic; many times players left their already established public image and status just for money. There are things that money cannot buy; one of them is greatness and the legacy you’ll leave to others. Maybe leaving a legacy is more important than an image and of course money, but you can understand the financial pressure that some families may have, and that’s alright; actually good must bless the players who sacrifice their preparation for helping their families. But the fact is that if a player is leaving college, or the current greatness they have for money, there exists the risk of a failure. A perfect example of greatness, legacy and a balanced financial situation is Tim Duncan, who spent his four years in college, went to the NBA well prepared, and even was able to sacrifice a little of his money to keep on contending for another NBA championship; look at him now in the NBA finals for the fifth time in his career. Ethics must be taught to athletes, because in these days you don’t know who is going to play just for the money, glamour and status; and that’s selfish!

    • Queirós says:

      What a dumb comment: Grant Hill’s undoing was his ankle injury, which could have happened anywhere!

    • TIMBERRRRwolves says:

      What a generic comment that has NOTHING to do with Grant Hill’s true character.

    • VOR says:

      You clearly don’t know much about how the business of the NBA works. so let give you a quick abridged version/

      1. All NBA has a right to be free agents but not all players go into the open market. Exercising the right to be a FA has been done by every single player and does not make them selfish. It makes them businessman because pro sports is a business first. The fact is any FA can sign for more money if they stay with the team when their contract expires, those are called “Bird Rights” named after Larry Bird who did it first. Duncan exercised his Bird Rights by staying with the Spurs for more money while Hill took less money to sign with Orlando. Look it up.

      2. Injuries can happen any time and to attribute Hill’s demise to anything other than messing up his ankle is absurd. After his first surgery he was never the same again. Just like Penny Hardaway and countless players before him who’s careers were derailed due to injuries. Again look it up.

  3. Guatemalan Coffee! says:

    Another important and funny thing is that the Detroit Pistons became NBA champions without G. Hill, and he retired without a championship ring!

    • TIMBERRRRwolves says:

      Do you even know anything about Grant Hill; how is that “funny?” It is tragic that a player of his potential (3rd in MVP voting just couple years into the league) and caliber could have an injury end all that. If you look at his work for the NBA and humanities, as well as the contributions he’s given to teams even in his late 30s, you;ll see there’s really no one more deserving of that ring.

      Actually read up and learn before you post here, youngblood.

  4. Poria says:

    I saw a lot of Grant Hill during his Phoenix days and always thought about his athletic abilities despite being way over 30 when joining them. Now I understand how he could be that athletic in his thirties and that was because he was crazy athletic in his twenties!

  5. D14U says:

    He could have been in the greatest of all time conversation

  6. patrick stewart says:

    I remembered those days when Grant Hill was one of the most significant player in the league;
    He got fame by being one of the few having a shoe deal ; the grant hill 2 (navy\white) was dope!
    Plus he had a commercial deal with sprite… That were the good old days.
    Nowadays the youngest ones couldn’t measure the impact GH had on the game..
    i think this is the price to pay when you don’t get nba championship titles…
    Other players share the same case: Penny hardaway, Tim Hardaway, Charles Barkley, Pat ewing, Jerry stackhouse, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Shawn Kemp etc.
    Fortunately such players as Alonzo mourning, gary payton and jason kidd could save their legacy by winning one title at the end of their career. At last but not least!

  7. MJ is the best says:

    Let’s not forget that Hill had screws put into his ankle and after that was never the same.

    Also, he played in an era where there wasn’t an arc under the basket…. if he did his numbers would have been even more impessiove (granted they are great numbers anyways)

    To make a comeback the way he did with the Suns speaks to how good he was and still is.

  8. JWILL says:

    GUATEMALAN COFFEE-You have no basketball IQ whatsoever. Grant Hill competed while he was hurt in his last days with the Pistons and up until that point was the one of the most gifted, youngest and greatest players in the league at the time as far as stats and sportsmanship. The supporting cast he had in Detroit at that time was subpar and him leaving the Pistons to go to Orlando had nothing to do with money. Orlando was a great place to be, Shaq had started his career there as many other greats and they were in a place where they were going to contend and would do anything to get the supporting cast Grant needed. His INJURIES were the downfall of his career NOT the Orlando Magic but at the end of the day MANY a great player left the league and NEVER got a ring.

  9. Amro says:

    GH33 is my all-time favorite. I was hoping to see him for one more season. Have a productive and joyful off-court time, Grant!

  10. Grizz Fan says:

    Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway…..two would have been HOFs that both suffered career-altering injury problems.

    Such a shame, so much talent!!!

  11. dru T says:

    Grant Hill was an amazing basketball player. Him and Kidd are out of this world (co rookies of the year) as they are both playing at the age of 73.

    Most kids do not understand that this guy was one of the BEST to play the game. Injuries, like t-mac and others, have hurt his career.

    It was awesome watching you play Mr. Hill. Thanks. (pacers are looking for a back-up SF, around 8-12 mins a game)

  12. Mr. Pink says:

    Like all the others said Grant Hill was a rising star in the making when drafted. Then unfortunately injuries got the best of him like many others before. Not saying he wasn’t good but what could have been. After the ankle he lost his explosion at least it didn’t end his career but he was never the same after.

  13. Motogp says:

    I bought fila from GH1 to GH4.

  14. Quinn says:

    Grant Hill, was a walking triple double… after Pippen and before LBJ there was Grant Hill… 6’7 with all the skills, but injuries got the best of him.. can only imagine what kind of numbers he would of had if he stayed healthy… was never a Duke fan or a Piston fan, but i can appreciate a good player.. a great one if injury didnt get him.. stay blessed GH#33

  15. Javier says:

    Before Lebron, the only real chance to average a triple double in a season and repeat the feat of the “Big O”, was given to Hill.

  16. NBAfan says:

    Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill….they were next in line to rule the NBA…oh what could have been.

  17. Toni says:

    Grant Hill, may have given you triple double – here and now – but they were quiet ones – and come on – he has never been a franchise player – you have never seen a nba game – where he was this big dominant force – you all are making him out to be – he should have retired a long time ago – but all I can say – is – he had a good contract – because we all know – that he spent most of all of his nba career – injured……… lets not – compare him to nba largest franchise player – right now – Lebron…….. he was a good college player but a his legacy – stopped there………

  18. Drago says:

    Quite good is lame try the best player since Jordan to play the game,If not for those injuries we would be talking about him being the best all time.With him in the East Detroit would have been in the NBA finals every year.

  19. B Radd says:

    1996 East All-Star vs 2012 East All-Stars

    Derrick Rose Penny Hardaway
    Dwayne Wade Michael Jordan
    LeBron James vs Grant Hill
    Carmelo Anthony Scottie Pippen
    Dwight Howard Shaquille O’neil

    At their Best and Injury Free…Go!

  20. Joseph03 says:

    Yeah, Although was more of a Shaq fan, I remember buying a lot of sprite just to have that door size Grant Hill poster. The injuries that he suffered were just very unfortunate.

  21. Jimi says:

    Great player, but man…SO. MUCH. TRAVELLING.

  22. not quite good says:

    Grant Hill wasn’t just quite good.. he was once referred to as the “next one” after Jordan.
    Maybe this editor is too young or doesn’t remember the 90’s properly..
    if it wasn’t for the injuries Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway would have been one of the top players ever to play
    in the NBA.. get the facts right before writing something about someone…

  23. Smithey says:

    @ Toni, You have obviously never seen Grant Hill play before injuries, He came as a 3rd pick in 94 and started dominating from the first whistle, not only was he a franchise player but had the potential to be one of the GREATEST players to ever play this game, it was a huge loss to the world of basketball when he went down, it’s a shame people who have never seen him play downplay his talent like that…

  24. VOR says:

    It’s really interesting how things turned out. McGrady and Duncan are teammates in the NBA Finals while Hill announces his retirement. 13 years ago they were almost all playing together in Orlando but Duncan chose to sign a new contract with San Antonio despite being wooed heavily by then Magic GM John Gabriel. McGrady and Hill went to Orlando. Hill and McGrady never really got a solid chance to play together due to injuries, Hill becomes a highly sought after veteran journeyman, McGrady ends up in Houston and years later he finally ends up on the same team as Duncan while Hill calls it a career. Tim Duncan-Grant Hill-Tracy McGrady, the Big Three that never was.