The Roy Hibbert Challenge

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Indiana Pacers may have lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, but Roy Hibbert has stayed winning. Even as the Pacers go fishing, Hibbert is staying busy via social media, because the Roy Hibbert Challenge is now, apparently, a thing, with its own hashtag and everything.

This all started during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, when Hibbert went to the bench in the third quarter. Tired and out of breath, Hibbert plopped down on the bench, was handed a 20 oz. bottle of Gatorade, and, as the broadcast went to commercial, Hibbert proceeded to drain that bottle. Like, fast. A couple of bloggers picked up on this, captured it via Vine and animated GIF, and we all moved on.


One day later, Hibbert tweeted at several people who had tweeted about his conspicuous consumption, and it was on.

The folks at USA Today gave it a shot, as did the bros at SB Nation, and the entire crew at Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

Hibbert challenged some of his celebrity friends to give the #RoyHibbertChallenge a shot, and comedian Chelsea Peretti responded, sort of…

And on and on it goes. One thing’s for sure: All that Gatorade hasn’t seemed to harm Hibbert’s appetite…

(GIF via SBNation)


  1. dru t says:



    GO PACERS!!!!!!!

  2. Tragic Bronson says:

    Hibbert was like…..
    We gonna win game 7!! #RoyHibbertChallenge

  3. Kijempe Jr. says:

    go pacers ? lol

  4. blackmamba_38 says:

    hahhahha poor hibbert… don’t worry next year you’re still not gonna win hehehhe buy and drink as many gatorade as you can to compensate your lost hehheeh

  5. Heat says:

    Go pacers haha if lebron stops PG from scoring they won’t win.