NBA Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As anyone who has used Twitter can attest, the somewhat anonymous nature the service can provide seems to embolden a specific group of people to say things they would probably never say to your face. Then again, considering the tenor of some of the invective that gets launched, perhaps these are things that these people would say to your face — or at least to my face.

But would you mouth off to Blake Griffin? Kobe? Metta World Peace? Apparently they are not immune to the savages on Twitter either, as we see in this recent NBA-themed segment of “Mean Tweets” from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”


  1. Paul says:

    Haha DeAndre Jordan was totally awesome!

  2. LOL says:

    The Greg Anthony one is actually pretty observant LOL

  3. Sixsoul says:

    Rondo’s was a good call.

  4. Game on says:

    I saw this last night and almost died laughing. I have also heard “Rondo looks like the little alien from American dad” I didn’t say it but it is pretty hilarious

  5. DeAndre says:

    DeAndre was best hahaha surprised BG and CP didn’t have more fun with it. Also how tame were those tweets? Could’ve put Lebron in there a few times, people really don’t hold back against him.

  6. Moniir Abdi says:

    Shaq knows he too big in that Buick… Kobe I missed them high flying days too. Now when you dunk tho its greatness and oldness, little bit of both

  7. I think I'll tweet cruelly right now... says:

    This was all really encouraging.

  8. Dude says:

    If only they can get lebron and dwyane to do it. Also KG!!!!

  9. Rockets2013 says:

    how bout patrick beverly lol