Spurs Through The Years

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There has been a GIF floating around the internet the last few days that pretty much explains everything you need to know about the San Antonio Spurs. The image, which according to the San Antonio Express-News was converted to a GIF from ABC’s Finals broadcast opening animation, shows the Spurs’ big four (Parker, Duncan, Ginobili and Popovich) in their first seasons and then again today.

Other than some missing hair and some added scars and wrinkles, there’s not a whole lot that is different. More than anything, it speaks to what we already know about the Spurs: Consistency is what they do. And they do it better than anyone.


(via r/NBA)


  1. Omar says:

    Beautiful and poetic!

  2. mike says:

    They have been doubted by many for the past 3 to 4 years and look at them now, IN THE FINALS! Enough said!

  3. Ren says:

    This actually means something if they can together bring in another championship. I believe they can, just need to make it happen.

  4. SkoobaSteve says:

    the spurs have undoubtedly been the best franchise in the last 15years. they have either came in first or second in the last five years in their division. So it looks to me like the spurs don’t lose when its all or nothing.. who cares when they get beat in the play offs.. that just meant (no ring) this year. but when they do go to the NBA FINALS, Its All or NOTHING.. BIG TIME!!!! One more thing, MIA is not the abbreviation for the Miami Heat. its an abbreviation for them Missing In Action.. Thank You

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  5. Mambo says:

    I think the Spurs will win it. However, professional basketball is about to change forever@ http://basketball-united.com

  6. Requiem says:

    Best. GIF. Ever.

  7. Craig says:

    I dont care if the Spurs win or lose, they are the best team in the NBA in the last 15 years.
    But go Heat.

  8. TheDonVito says:

    You know, I don’t believe this is a true NBA Finals caliber club. All roads in the West go through OKC now and they were not healthy. So two teams got off lucky! Probably should have been San Anton and OKC in the CF’s then I would concede if they beat a healthy OKC. But come on, Memphis overachieved and has no elite or semi/elite scorer to carry their offense which is why the Spurs beat them, but OKC would have force Timmy to retire after this season the way they would have beat them this year. I respect all they have accomplished this season and in the past but, the Heat are going to celebrate in San Antonio, TX this year. I say that because I don’t believe Manu has any left in the tank. Manu is the deciding factor in this series. If he shows up then San Antonio will beat the Heat, but I don’t think he has anything left. He hasn’t shown it all season. Next season he should re-sign for minimum and let them sign for Monta, Tyreke, and Howard this summer. That squad would win it all. IJS

  9. Michael says:

    It will stay the same. Just plus 2013 at the championship section!!

  10. GSG! says:

    Respect That! Miami Dont had that Big Three They just bought it not built it!

  11. Sonya says:

    The 3 big in Miami Heat are really annoying, in the Spurs Popovich is the same. Both teams are really good, but I think Spurs will win. I don’t care.

  12. philm says:

    Does anyone have a link to the video that this GIF was pulled from? I can’t seem to find it.