The Doctor Will Still See You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While I was in Miami for Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals, on Friday night I joined a large group of assembled media who braved epic flooding outside to check out a screening of NBA TV’s latest documentary, “The Doctor,” about the life and career of Julius “Dr. J” Erving. I expected it to be good, but I had no idea that it would be great, which it was. So much so that last night, when it debuted on NBA TV, I sat at home and watched it a second time. If you missed the premiere of “The Doctor,” don’t worry, you can catch it again on NBA TV at these dates and times:
Wednesday — 6/12/2013 — 9:00 PM EST
Friday — 6/14/2013 — 9:00 PM EST
Saturday — 6/15/2013  — 5:30 PM EST
Saturday — 6/15/2013 — 11:00 PM EST
Sunday — 6/16/2013 — 2:00 AM EST
Sunday — 6/23/2013 — 10:00 PM EST

As for how last night’s broadcast was received? “The Doctor” became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Here’s what a bunch of current and former players had to say about it…


  1. julio linares says:

    Great player, great person, great human being … Dr. J, simply, THE BEST!!!!

  2. joel says:

    I think DR. J is one of the greatest nba player. I think he save the nba. magic n larry just took it to a new level

  3. Can remember watching the news here in central florida in 2000 when his son died. Amazing how well he takes adversity and moves forward. We can all learn from the doctor. Still dunking in his 60’s, wow I just hope I can breathe and walk in my 60’s. Legendary.

  4. Barton says:

    much more than just a one on one player or dunker and still is underrated in my opinion

  5. Shawn says:

    I have always know how great Dr. J was as a basketball player, growing up my father hipped me up on him. He is truly one of the BEST of ALL TIME!!! always imitated but never duplicated. #oneofakind

  6. Rashun says:

    Dr. J was mesmerizing! A great player! A great show!