Spurs Fans Get Spurs Players Shaved Into Their Hair

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER –There may be no greater way to show your devotion to your team than by having some sort of body art created of that team. And in San Antonio, where the Spurs rule everything around them, fans unsurprisingly embrace this fully.

As we saw last night, via Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal, there was a Spurs fan at Game 3 with an image of Spurs swingman Manu Ginobili shaved into his head …


And as ESPN’s Darren Rovell also tweeted last night, there was another fan there with an image of Tim Duncan shaved into his dome …


All of this, of course, must play against the context of the kid we heard about last year, who got into trouble after showing up at middle school with the visage of Spurs forward and sandwich expert Matt Bonner (or maybe Vincent Van Gogh) shaved into his hair…


AND THEN! While I was Google-ing around this morning trying to find that image of the Bonner haircut, I stumbled across a series of images of a Tony Parker haircut.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.47.19 AM

So I got on the phone (Reporting 101!) and placed a call to Rob The Original’s barber shop in San Antonio, one of the places in San Antonio where a Spurs fan can, should they so wish, get a custom Spurs haircut. I got Rob Ferrel, the owner of the shop and the man pictured above, on the phone to talk about the art of Spurs cuts.

According to Rob, these haircuts are basically just a reflection of the passion people in San Antonio have for their squad: “People here are crazy about the Spurs, man,” Ferrel said.

Ferrel grew up as an artist, and when he started cutting hair about eight years back, people began requesting designs. This grew into drawings, and eventually into these detailed images you see now.

Ferrel says to deliver one of these cuts, he will use an image that he’ll bring up on a phone or iPad, and then have the client hold the picture which he can refer to over their shoulder as he cuts it into their hair. Occasionally he adds a bit of color “to bring out the image.” One of these cuts costs about $100 and takes about 90 minutes and, at times, up to two hours at the most.

Here’s a video of the process…

His most frequent request is Tony Parker, but he’s done all sorts of Spurs, including Danny Green…

His most unusual request?

LeBron James. And that came from a San Antonian. It’s pretty unusual to get that request from someone living in San Antonio.”


  1. matthewgarcia says:


  2. Bo says:

    Wow, nice talent, bro!

  3. Tommy Dao says:

    Best ideas! Love the work. Wonder how much it cost to get it done like this..

  4. Edwin says:

    so nice, hope we also have it here in our country.

  5. Salomon Bockenheimer says:

    When I was a kid my mom’s never let me to do anything like this with my hair, so I had to be just like everyone else in our strict Jewish community. But now I am my own grown man and I have to admit that Salomon liked what he saw here! I wonder how much would it cost me to do a haircut like that?

  6. dave says:

    at least its not permanent

  7. OKC says:

    Ha I hope is helps his business. I’m sure it will though, in fact I’m going to start planning my preplayoffs trip next year down from OKC to get Durant on the back of my head lol.

  8. Tim says:

    Nice skillz, but I would never do that to my hair.

  9. Junior says:

    This is amazing

  10. brain says:

    I have a Ginobili, unfortunately it’s a bald spot