JaVale McGee Gives Homeless Person $100

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — How do we know this happened? JaVale used Vine and Twitter to film and post the exchange.

(via Deadspin)


  1. Anujan says:

    Good Job Mcgee! Kind Heart!

    • Andy says:

      Hey thats just 100 bucks. Other guys give thousands to charities and their are rarely mentioned.
      (Although I have nothing against McGee)

  2. omyyyyg74 says:

    100$ when you are millionaire is like 50 cents (maybe less) for you man. i’m not impressed by this super king move
    tell the homeless that you make millions every year, at leat 5 zeros per month, and tell him now i give you 100$.
    tss rich guys. when it’s sincere you dont tell it on twitter or to anybody.

  3. bodjee says:

    There’s insult to injury, this is insult to poverty.

  4. chuvaka says:

    Its nice and all to give to ppl in need. But you don’t have to photograph or video tape such act to feel special to society