The Huge Spurs Pizza

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The other day we explored the world of custom Spurs haircuts. And now a new Spurs-related trend is sweeping the globe: A huge Spurs pizza.

This pizza comes from Big Lou’s Pizza in San Antonio, and it features a modified “SPURS” logo, complete with a spur, constructed from what appears to be pepperoni. There is also a “#1” as well as a Larry O’Brien trophy, made from what might be a different cheese (or maybe pineapple?) than the rest of the pie.

Yet the piece de resistance is the image of The Coyote, the Spurs mascot, made mostly from meats — pepperoni, ham — with some olives and peppers for accents.

Check the images below. And someone save me a slice…





(images via Big Lou’s Pizza)
(link via Jimmy Traina)


  1. latigo rapper says:

    WOW! Wish someone could make something like that here in the Philippines for us die hard Spurs fans here! GO SPURS GO!!! 🙂

  2. Anujan says:

    I Wish Toronto could make the Playoffs, so we could have one of those fantastic looking pies here in Toronto.

  3. dew says:

    Big Lou’s is the best pizza in SA as well. Have had the pleasure of eating their pizza a number of times when I used to work near them. Amazing stuff!!! Go Spurs Go!!!

  4. HeatOn says:

    “…Too Bad for this SPURS fans…they cooked the biggest Pizza tonight and I hope they can find it tasty…there are lots of people in San Antonio so enjoy…Please cook another one like this but bigger for Thursday and don’t forget to change the decoration MIAMI SWEET HEAT #1” would you?? please??? lmao