John Wall and Jack Black Star In Teen Wolf Sequel

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For a certain group of people — actually, I believe it’s the people squarely in my age bracket — the movie Teen Wolf holds a special place in our hearts. There have since been sequels and even a recent reboot on MTV, but none of these captured the lo-fi charm and fun of the original Teen Wolf, which, oddly enough, revolved around basketball. People have even spent large amounts of time breaking down the stats from the basketball scenes.

On a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian Jack Black debuted what he called the “sizzle reel” for Adult Wolf, a fake movie that deals with Teen Wolf’s issues as he matures into manhood. And this reboot features Wizards G John Wall doing his best to keep Black and Kyle Gass from winning a two-on-two basketball tournament.


  1. dew says:

    Pretty much a promo for the Tenacious D show. The “preview” is practically a short film basically rather than a preview to anything. Still funny though. The music is worth the watch of the short film.

  2. A.J. says:

    NBA players in movies whats next.