The Birdman Knows NBA Style

NBA Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On days during the NBA Finals when there are no games being played, the NBA organizes what is called Media Availability. Basically, each team takes a turn facing the assembled media, answering a similar gauntlet of questions about the game that just happened or the game that is about to occur.

One day last weekend in Miami, I decided to ask Chris Andersen, the Birdman, about his take on NBA style. We’ve seen how he’s evolved, but we haven’t really heard him speak on it. So I sidled up to him during media availability, asked him a few questions, had a laugh, and moved on. It was a short exchange, basically a minute long, so I wasn’t really sure what to do with the video. Post it? Or just forget about it?

I ended up forgetting about it until this morning, when I was perusing Getty and came across this photo of the Birdman’s arrival to Game 5…

2013 NBA Finals - Game Five

I guess this conforms to the NBA Dress Code? Actually, it reminds me of my favorite reality star on TV, Uncle Si from “Duck Dynasty.” (Hey!)

Either way, I guess we call the look “cool…cool.”


  1. Battle says:

    Like that fit bird man

  2. Battle says:

    Let’s go heat let’s play ball Tuesday y’all can do it put your mind to it love u guys

  3. Miami Heat, I get ya’ll. You guys made sure that you brought the finals back home to Miami. Good job, this is exactly where you guys are supposed to win at home. I just know ya’ll are gonna kill it. Looking forward to celebrating on Thursday!

  4. Mike says:

    Please blow them out on Tuesday…..and make sure birdman play also.

  5. Ball not style says:

    I am NOT a Heat fan, but it is good to see someone just being themselves rather than try to make a statement. Truly, after game three did the Heat fans care what kind of shoes DWade was wearing or how loud LeBron’s sweater was or wasn’t?

  6. Santosh says:

    heat will lose, they are not even close to what spurs can do by sharing the ball. Sorry heat fans!! Its time for you all to give up.

  7. Shortystumpleson says:

    One word to sum up Birdman’s style? POSER!! Look, for some reason, I like Birdman, despite hating the Heat, but he looks ridiculous. He may look like he’s “being himself” within the NBA, but he just looks like a damn poser “off court”. Birdman! Birdman! Damn, can you imagine having “Free Bird” tattooed on your neck for the rest of your life? Ridiculous. Birdman! Birdman!

  8. John says:

    I’d like to see an article on why he didn’t play a minute in game 5. I’m pretty sure that that’s important news that people would be interested in, and I haven’t heard anything about why.

    • DeeJay says:

      @John….. You asked the relevant question. The heat seem extremely effective with this guy in the lineup. Are they so desperate to answer the Spurs rather than make the Spurs answer to them. In my opinion the Birdman should be on the floor putting Duncan in foul trouble and igniting the crowd with his bird flight run after he scores.

    • jograd says:

      position mismatch..timmy is eating him up all day..

      • justorion says:

        Heat won game 4 without him getting a second of play time. They also got blown out in game 3 with Anderson playing 10 mins with no rebounds and 2 points…not very effective.

  9. Ken says:

    Anti-style, anti-society, anti-sports, anti-basketball.clown.

  10. Willie J. Goggins says:

    The outfit suits this man very well. It is not a dapper style of outfit, per say, but it fits his montro and /or persona. Do you Birdman.

  11. IAmMe says:

    shut up ya’ll haters, the heat are gonna do it and its gonna be a blow out. we gonna grill dem spurs….

  12. Ruben says:

    I totally agree with John.
    Why didn’t Birdman play in Game 5? Csn anybody explain that?

  13. A.J. says:

    what is he a hunter?