NBA Style: Finals Fashion

NBA Style

by The Style Crew

We’ve spent the postseason examining NBA Style, from Nash to Melo, from Chicago to Oklahoma City. Now we’re down to the final two: Miami and San Antonio. And while there are only two teams left, there are dozens of players who’ve shown up for each of the five games (so far) showing off different styles. Check out some of the looks we’ve seen in the photo gallery below, and then cast your vote down at the bottom. Which team has shown the best style during the NBA Finals?


  1. Bob says:

    well all the pics were of the heat and there was barely any spurs, soooo….

  2. Since when is style looking like an child playign dress up? says:

    If you’re going to try and market style, it should at least look like a grown adult. Ray, Danny Green, Parker, Ginobili know how to do real style. Wade, Bosh, LeBron learn how to use a mirror

  3. Jack says:

    From a neutral fan (not from SA or MIA – don’t care who wins the finals) – Two reasons I am no longer a die hard NBA fan –

    ONE – end of the game no calls – such as the no call on the missed 3 pointer to end game 6 of the finals tonight. It should have been a called foul with the body. There was no obstruction to the view of the foul relative to the sideline ref.

    TWO – NBA players get 2.5-3 steps instead of the 1.5 steps allowed in the rules, although that was not much of a big deal in tonight’s game

  4. paul says:

    refs want spur to win i guess. they try but fail. let see the next game