Twitter Watches The Finals

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals is finally here and with one win, the San Antonio Spurs can win their fifth NBA Championship in the past 14 seasons. To help you follow the action, this page will update with Tweets from players, coaches, analysts, and reporters watching what should be an incredible game.


  1. Officiating makes me sick says:

    The late whistle blocking foul they called on Duncan for James in the 2nd should cost a man his job.

  2. Cruz says:

    Can some one explain, why Erick spoultra did not call for time out, when he was 10-0????

  3. Super Duncan says:

    Duncan is playing out of his mind tonight! Like he is 20 again! Go Duncan! Duncan’s best ever half of Finals basketball he has played in his storied career! It’s time for Tim to get his dues. Tonight seems like the right way to seal the deal on his legacy and get another ring. It just feels right. Go Spurs! Take it in 6!

  4. PaulGeorge2014 says:

    “Timmy came to play”

    — David Robinson (@DavidtheAdmiral) June 19, 2013)

    No The Admiral, Timmy came to win

  5. serge says:

    i think lebron plays better without his headband!

  6. danger says:

    pretty sure spurs just got robbed

  7. 7 says:

    pretty sure pop just made the stupidest sub in all time. diaw for tim duncan in the 4th when they needed a rebound. why are you gonna play manu when he has more t/o then the whole team combine. wouldve won if hadnt take tim out. just saying.

  8. Enthralled1 says:

    jeff van gundy , literly bowing down to spurs how everything should be a foul to him.garbage announcer that is favoriting a side. and coach cheating the game by 5.2sec 4th calling to review the 3 point shot for him to call out a play. they should really change that rule

  9. RAPSFAN22 says:

    You are correct @danger, the Spurs absolutely just got robbed, Manu was mauled on that drive to the basket, instead of having the possibility of going up by 1 on freethrows, theres a no call and they end up down by 3. PATHETIC, after all that amazing play the refs botch it in the final minute. No props, no respect for that win because it was handed to them. Yet another black mark next to another heat win.

    • Jori Reijula says:

      @RAPSFAN22: The referees actually gave the Spurs a million dollar chance to win this one with all the bad calls made in game 6. However, Miami prevailed, being simply the superior team. So hats off to the Heat for the win — by the end of Thursday we’ll be celebrating Miami Heat for 2013 NBA championship!

  10. todd beckwith says:

    Tonight is why I don’t follow pro basketball. Anyone who does not think the game is rigged they are for one of the teams. When Miami was up by 10 James was getting killed in the lane keeping the game close. The last two plays for the Spurs REALLY. One guy slapping Manu Ray Allen holding his arms almost conceding the foul and two refs standing right there. It’s easy to block a shot if you have no fear of body contact, really it’s a foul during the season was the comment. If that’s not enough what about the ref standing looking right at James push the ball out of bounds and without replay Miami’s ball. Don’t care who wins but give me college any day!!

  11. frankie says:

    the refs got it completely wrong on the last play from manu, he clearly traveled

  12. Bee says:

    To come up and deliver at the crucial time. This is what make a legend!
    People will remember Ray Allen many years down the road for his great plays.

  13. crizerd says:

    that’s the reason why the celts hate ray allen now,becoz they dont have anymore heroics 3s from ray ray,you save the day men.gogogo heattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  14. ladyshakalaka says:

    Wow! Never underestimate the heart of a Champion! ( coach Timjanovich) Go Miami Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. the black mamba says:

    was a hell of a game