What They’re Saying: LeBron’s Headband

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

By Jonathan Hartzell, for NBA.com

The Miami Heat‘s season looked to be nearly over during the third quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Finals as their offense stagnated, their defense couldn’t stop fouling, and LeBron James was unable to find a rhythm. But then James took his headband off and everything began to work. He remained headband-less for the rest of regulation, overtime, and post game interviews as the Heat rallied back to beat the San Antonio Spurs 100-103.

Besides sparking the Heat’s run, James’ headband-less look also caused quite a stir on Twitter. From athletes, to reporters, to celebrities, LeBron’s bare scalp allowed us to remember everyone’s got jokes.


  1. with or without headband LeBron choked…Ray Allen bailed them out

    • LBJ says:

      dude, lebron can’t always cover the heat, the other 11 men have to play ball too. stop it, he made an incredible 4th quarter and that’s all. GO LEBRON!!! if u want to talk about somebody that choked, that’s DW, nothing, weak defence and horible offence

      • jhgfds says:

        *LeBron *Heat *defense (x2)….. but, i totally agree. Yeah, he played great in the fourth Q and OT, so what he wasn’t the guy who hit the clutch shot. That is the reason Ray was brought in anyway. “choked”! pssssssh! I am shakin’ my damn head at this fool.

      • I know.. I’m just a loser who is always online hating on the heat trying to promote my garbage music.

      • Just another fan says:

        Lol, Have you seen his last plays? turnovers, missed 3 pointers… did you even watch the game? LBJ, lol if the heat lose whom are you gonna add in ur roster? cps? dwight? J-smoove? lol

      • Choke who says:

        Dwade Choke? When? If DWade was a choker this finals spurs could have won this series in 5. Dallas should have swept MIAMI in 2011. Wade nows a choker ur LBJ never won a ring without DWADE, never had 34.7 average in finals. DWADE choke. lol


      • alp says:

        agreed d wade choked, when lebron lost that flair he had in the 4th it was when d wade came into the game and shot those awful misses, honestly i thought it was over at that point, but lebron gave ray allen the oppurtunity to tie the game when he hit the 3 of his own

    • jereome juniour says:

      yeah thats exactly what happened, hate people like this that know nothing about basketball

      • jereome juniour says:

        lebron is king, get with it

      • @just another fan or just another hater lol King James will repeat. BTW did you see him single handedly brought Heat regain control of the game?

      • sally says:

        This is for Basketball comments not promoting your garbage music, do you honestly think anybody cares about what YOU are doing ??? Go to a music site and add your garbage because you sure don’t know what BB is all about. …. Idiot !!

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      @ Don’t ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned

      Your still hating on LeBron and the heat ? You sound pathetic at this point. You’ve been hating on LeBron since the playoffs began. You do realize that no team has EVER won a game 7 on the road in the Finals??!?!? Try again next year buddy, because this year belongs to LeBron !!! The KING will get his 2nd Ring!!! LOOOOOL

      • Ben says:

        The Washington Bullets would like to speak with you.

      • DLinders says:

        Even though you are right about the statistics being in favour of Miami, you are wrong about the ‘no team EVER won a game 7 on the road in the Finals’. It happened three times out of 18 (Boston ’69 @LA, ’74 @Milwaukee & Washington ’78 @Seattle). Still heavily in favour of Miami, but it DID happen

      • Jb23 says:

        Lol actually 3 have

      • Basketball Jones says:

        @DLINDERS @BEN

        What he meant to say was no team has every won a game 7 finals on the road with the 2-3-2 format. Get real, 60’s and 70’s?
        This is different age of basketball, keep up with your knowledge kiddies.

      • Basketball Jones says:


    • DA TRUF says:

      LeBron had 18 in 4th and OT..leonard missed a freethrow that would have made it 2 possession and Duncan didn’t score after the 3rd quarter. what game were you watching?

    • Johnny says:

      So with Miami way down, looking like they will lose there 2nd NBA Finals series in 3 years, LeBron scores a measly 16 points in the 4th to put Miami back into the game, and he’s a choker? HELL NO. People just can’t let go of the Cleveland-Spurs series where he didn’t show. LeBron has grown up, and is as clutch as clutch can get. No more denying it, he is the King of basketball.

    • Albert says:

      ummmm i dont know but i heard something about a tripple double somewhere. i could be wrong tho. what makes a good ball player to you? scoring a 100 like chamberlain? 81 like kobe? in a single quarter maybe? who you think they’re playing against? the cavs? wolves? get over it. the whole lebron jokes got played out by now. im surprised they havent started a rumor about his family.

    • Sala says:

      CHOKED! that’s why he hit the three to get them back in aswell

    • Peter Wells says:

      Yh right he really chocked. Or are you forgetting the 3-pointer he hit to make it a 2 point game before Kawhi went 1 for 2 from the line. Without that clutch 3, Miami would have been out. Ray Allen is the greatest 3 point shooter of all time, course he should be shooting the final 3 point shot

      • Fabrice says:

        Correction steve kerr is greatest 3 point shooter of all time averaged .504 from three point line

    • Xavier says:

      If it wasn’t for Lebron TURNING UP in the fourth quarter,Ray Allen 3 wouldn’t even matter.

    • Josh Cain says:

      LeClutch you mean. Almost outscores all of Spurs in 4th, clutch 3 with 20 secs left. Dont let a turn over or missed 3 turn ya blind lol.
      Moves into 2nd all time in finals trippple doubles. KING JAMES!!!

    • Baller says:

      The headband was holding LeBron back! When his hairline was unleashed no one could stop him!

    • NewYorker says:

      He didn’t choke, but he did make some bad plays down the stretch. Not the same thing. That’s what Ray is there for, it’s a team sport. I’m not a big LBJ fan, but did you consider that at the end of 4th and i OT he was tired from bringing them back from a 12 point hole?
      And you could say the same thing about Parker’s 3 pointer over LBJ, lucky or clutch?

    • NYK says:

      exactly!!!!!!!!!! finally someone got it… 2 turnovers, 3 missed shots in last 60 seconds of Miami big 3 basketball legacy- r u serious??? LeBron is a joke

    • Alex says:

      It happens buddy. Thats why all 15 players practice just in case the star cant get it done. Remember how Kobe got bailed out by Artest in a game 7 or how Johnny Paxson & Stevie Kerr bailed out MJ. It’s basketball it happens.

      GO HEAT

    • MJ says:

      So the fact lebron scored 18 points in the 4th quarter is choking?

    • I love lebron James says:


    • Bradey says:

      What?!?!? Lebron didn’t choke he hit a clutch 3 to make it a 2 point game putting ray Allen in position to cash a Trey ball and tie it up after Leonard missed 1 of 2 free throws

    • Cristian says:

      lebron choked but hit a clutch 3 down the stretch and just scored only 16 points in the 4th…ONLY 16 points…oo yea plus ANOTHER triple double…yea lebron choked lol stupid fool

  2. GEO says:

    mY BEST GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! Go Heat!!! : o )

  3. mamulundoy says:

    yet again no one gives credit to lebron’s defense in the 4th quarter and overtime..

  4. Don't ever talk again !! Please says:

    what a bitter guy hahahaha noob

  5. FeeLaZone says:

    I am a clippers fan, but ryt now, i starting to idolize lebron “without headband”. I would like to wear shoes of miller also..lol..

  6. JR says:

    “Lebron choked” coming from a Laker fan whos team was gagging all year

  7. LBJ carrying the Heat for 49 mins says:

    Lebron James scored 16 points in the 4th quarter and at one point with 3-4 mins left in the 4th he was outscoring the ENTIRE spurs team in the 4th quarter by himself. Not only that, but he also hit a 3-pointer literally 5 secs before Allen made his 3 to force OT. If thats not the definition of clutch I dont know what is.

    • Rick says:

      Lebron’s 16 points in the 4th quarter a 3 pointer with 19 sec (i guess) to go doesn’t make him a clutch player…..it makes him THE CURRENT KING of BK, Also they have to remember he was playing the SA Spurs.

  8. LBJ the king says:

    Anyone who is talking trash about lebron must be nuts. He is the best in the game right now and one of the best in the history. Haters from LA can’t agree to that because they can’t believe that somebody is better than kobe, celtics can’t because of paul prince and the list goes on, well big surprise guys…LEBRON IS THE KING. not kobe, not duncan, face it. Just look at the Cavs, with LBJ they were the best team in east, now they are the last 3 years in a row. That’s all. Don’t give lebron a ring, give him a crown.

    • albert flores says:

      JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH!!!! IS THE KING RIGHT NOW! I know Lebron brought them back but he almost lost this game with some costly turnovers right now everybody would be sayin hes a choker if they had lost. Ray stepped back and nailed that three ball .. I played ball and that is very hard to do with spurs bench all over your back and that space u have to shoot Danny Green needs to learn from the Teacher now!! D. Wade is a great player… I always been a fan but he needs to except the fact that when hes not on give the ball up! Lebron took over when he was on the bench as soon as he came back in he forces like three shots not good at all he is starting to act like Kobe! Ray and Miller would have had more 3s if Wade stop forcing shots!!!
      Heat win game 7!

      • Robert Sacre says:

        Yeah, agreed if anything I would like to see ray allen or mike miller forcing 3’s rather than d-wade forcing them when his jumper is clearly not there. Miami also needs to stop tipping the ball on DEFENSIVE rebounds too!! or at least not so hard just tap it slightly to urself so u can grab it and duncan cant grab it over your head. So many times d-wade or bosh will tip the ball on a defensive rebound and the ball goes straight to a spurs player.

  9. tharok2 says:

    Lebron made some key mistakes down the stretch, sure, I’ll give you that. But he also made key plays that put them in position to win the game. If he doesn’t make that 3 it’s over. He also played incredible defense and got his teammates involved. People love to blame the refs and talk about what James is not doing, but the refs make tough calls for and against both teams throughout a game and it is ultimately up to the players to overcome those challenges. I saw Lebron frustrated at not getting a lot of calls tonight and wasting time complaining to the refs to no avail, so how did he respond, he lost his headband and shed his old self and put on a new man. He looked like a man determined not to let anything in the past influence how he handles what lay before him…and that spirit spread to the rest of the team. Even when the fans had lost hope, I had lost hope, and the home arena were preparing for a championship celebration for the visiting team, Lebron played the game of his life. This is probably the best game I have ever seen in any sport.

  10. it"s weird says:

    many people, or should i say most people thinks LeBron does”t want and aren’t confident in taking buzzer beater. well today I saw a different LeBron. He misses the first 3 and asked for another with the championship on the line(he was open). To the rescue luckily or unluckily is ray allen who got the ball and put it in to force an overtime.

  11. buze says:

    Best game of the year , heat in seven ! for sure !! Lebron ready to claim his second ring .

  12. Saba says:

    I really enjoyed watching the Lebronth Quarter. I mean the first second and third were good, but the Lebronth one had the best entertainment. 🙂

  13. mikelj says:

    lebron needs to go deeper inside, spo must let either wade or lebron to work things alternately

    • ugproduction says:

      Game 6 was on Lebrons back both literally
      And physically and emotionally as well. In my opinion this should go down as the best game ever. The celebration crew was ready to dance yet Lebron said not

  14. Britney SPURS says:

    HEAT me baby one more time!!!

  15. Dont click on my name rubbish says:

    @Don’t ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned.
    I am beginning to loathe this filipino ignorant boy a little. His posts are meaningless from the beginning. Yes he wants the attention to promote his rubbish music. I have clicked on his name once and will never do so again if it meant life and death. Trolling the nba blogs with such intellectual basketball wizardry. Very clever boy.

    Lebron choked? you miss a shot and that’s a choke?
    Have you listened to the music you make? Such beautiful music that we cant even begin to measure. Unless it’s beside to nothing.

    Your music? All of it is a CHOKE JOKE. Filipino noob. and I’m a Filipino too.

  16. Jons says:

    Unreal Ray Allen

  17. Jack says:

    This is ridiculous. Who cares about a headband? The NBA is becoming a circus.

  18. Eric says:

    Joseph Joey Crawford, the best 6th player of the Spurs

    • colleenss says:

      I disagree on referee Joey Crawford helping the Spurs. I groan when I see that he is going to be one of the referees of a Spurs game. He has called more against than he has called in favor of them. He is certainly not my favorite referee for the Spurs.

  19. Stop hating its not funny anymore says:

    As well as the scoring in the fourth quarter, LeBron’s defence on Parker sent the game to OT and played a huge role in OT as well as the rest of the game. LeBron guarded Tony Parker four most of the game. How many points did Parker score? Well below his average thanks to LBJ. Oh, and i forgot to mention a triple double in a must win elimination game. That’s clutch…..

  20. Gangsta Rap says:

    lebron and ray allen clutch plays in the last 20 seconds of the 4th quarter. literally jumped up out of my seat when Ray hit that 3.

  21. Jason3223 says:

    Dwyane Wade and Lebron James could win NBA Finals co-MVP for the first time in NBA history

  22. Martin Gölles says:


  23. afterkwiss says:

    Haters gotta hate, winners gotta win. Let us ignore the trolls.

  24. game 6 of finals...rigged says:

    @JR hmm let me see dwight returns from injury way earlier so he can help the team stay alive, no steve nash for a while, steve blake for a while, no pau for a while, and no kobe right before postseason. to all you heat fans saying lakers choked, i hope you know that the official starting line up that was supposed to be nash,kobe,metta,pau,and dwight. yea let me just say that they only played less than 10 games together. lets not forget that dwight was still injured and “finding the right head coach” was a big problem.

  25. crizerd says:

    that’s the reason why the celts hate ray allen now,becoz they dont have anymore heroics 3s from ray ray,you save the day men.gogogo heattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.lets go to southbeach KG to cheer for ray ray.

  26. Xavier says:

    Lebron NEVER took his headback off!!!! It was all that hacking by the Spurs that knocked it off!

  27. bobby says:

    The only people that hate on LeBron are pathetic Kobe fans who deep down know that no one can match THE KING

  28. aldindelic says:

    What a game. I live in Sweden and I was up all night. The game ended at 6:30 in the morning. Totally worth it!
    Go HEAT! LBJ is the king!

  29. Allen played bad the whole first half but thanks to him the heat still have a shot at the title.
    Lebron played bad the whole first quarter but stepped up amazingly in the last quarter with no headband
    Mike Miller hitting a 3 on 1 shoe
    Chris Bosh with 2 clutch blocks in overtime


  30. Obz says:

    God bless HEAT game 7 period .

  31. sacrebleu says:

    i thought lebron choked with 28 seconds remaining with all those turnovers and blown layups but he turned it around at that last 3 pointer in regulation and his play in overtime. Spurs would have won it if not for their free throw shooting. tony, manu and kwahi missed one free throw in the last minuter of regulation opening the door for miami to escape a nail bitter.

  32. Justmy thoughts says:

    If the heat does win this serise it’s not going to because of Lebron or Dwade. If you ask me it should go to Mike Miller because if it wasnt for his shooting behind the arc the heat would have been done along time ago.

  33. alex says:

    every lebron fan talking about his 3 20sec before the end
    and nobody notice that he was 1-3 in the last 30sek from the 3 point line and 2 of his 3 shots was BIG missed and they win just beacuse pop was gambling with Duncan on the bench in last 30sek and 2 ofensive rebounds after BIG missed by lebron

  34. We missed disciplining you Miami folks. Game 7 is totally gonna be a Spur’s show time…….. Somebody tell the Big-3 to get their school bags on because Miami is soon going to school………..!

    • Robert Sacre says:

      Seems like miami needs to teach spurs discipline with the game 6 win they threw out the window. Parker shootin threes, ginobli missing ft’s…

  35. Heats Supporter says:

    It was a great game last night. People must realize that Lebron does not make up the whole team. Of Course lot expected from Lebron and he delivered it when the team needed the most in the 4 th quarter and OT. At one point he was scoring more than Spurs in the 4th Quarter (13-9). Its a team great team effort and everyone delivered lats night. Ray Allens 3 point to force the overtime, Chris Bosh 2 blocks at the close, Lebron James 4th Quarter efforts. I am a big fan of Dwayne Wade. Somehow disappointed with Dwayne Wade performance yesterday. Hopefully he plays as well as he did in Game 5. I feel adavntage Miami in Game 7. Heats have not won back to back games after the start of Eastern Conference FInals. Hopefully that streak ends in Finals. Good Luck Miami Heats for Game 7.

  36. Heat Fan! says:

    only crazy ppl can still say a man choked after rallying his team back in 4th and overtime. hating is not funny anymore.But notice , your team isn’t in the finals. HAHAHAHAHA LOL choke on that

  37. The Truth says:

    David Stern is at it again. All about the $$$,$$$,$$$ David Stern if nothing else sells great ‘Sports Entertainment.’

  38. CELTICS says:

    it ain’t a choke unless they lose.

  39. Michael Peloton says:

    Headband or no headband. Le bron should approach game 7 as if it is his last game. His game 7 performance will gauge his heart as a competitor. His greatness will be etched in tne anals of basketball glory if he leads the heat to victory.

  40. CH says:

    For those mentioning D. Wade’s play throughout this game and throughout the post season…I agree that Lebron shouldn’t have to carry the team all on his back, and I agree that D.Wade has had many ups and downs…however, recognize the strength and courage of the man because if you put him out, who is better than him at his position? You gotta consider the facts…dude is playing on an injured knee and has been for quite some time now…

    • Heats Supporter says:

      No Complaints on Dwayne Wade’s play. Just want him to perform well for the Heats win in Game 7.

  41. CH says:

    And Kobe haters, yes Lebron James is the best player in the world now…I am a Kobe fan saying that…but Kobe is about to be 35 pretty soon too…

  42. Dirk Fan says:

    Its so funny to read all that stuff that people post and discuss,you can see in the arguments what team they follow,and id like to say as a nowitzki fan that i like lebron too,but the german is my fav player,what i dont do its negate that LEBRON is the best player even when he didnt make a play in the correct moment he carried the team overall to go where they are now,people put toooo much presure on him as he is being called the best and IMO;he is doing very well,kobe was the best once but now he isnt,duran maybe will take the crown of lebron but only time will say,tim and parker well they are playing to win and as the teams are playing,im happy to see this level of basketball,I belive that Lebron should still be able to win this last Game and stats say that we all will have a great game. no hate for LBJ.

  43. The Troof says:

    Too bad Lebron can’t win a ring on his own, he needs his all-star teammates to bail him out. MJ did it with 4 nobodys.

    • Clearing a Misconception says:

      I’m not sure what Troof you are speaking, but MJ had Scottie Pippen (to get him the ball), Horace Grant (to rebound), John Paxon/Steve Kerr/Craig Hodges (to hit a timely 3-pointer). Troof sounds more like Troll in this case.

  44. SL says:

    Heat fans are the worst they always blame something for losing.
    Reality is the clutch player last night was ray allen lebron went 1-3 the last
    minute of the 4th, obviously he is going to make 1-3 he is lebron.

    The real clutch player is ray allen just like he has always beeen.

    I live in miami but lived in san antonio for 10 years so im a spurs fan but
    im not gonna sit here and tell you we lost because “refs cheated” the spurs
    don’t lay on the floor and cry like wade and lebron.

  45. beingblaine says:

    Post-game interview with Lebron’s headband…

    Reporter: You seemed to just quit midway through the fourth quarter. Were you tired?

    Headband: No, I felt great. Lebron just took me out of the game. I don’t get it… I’ve worked my threads off all season.

    Reporter: But it appeared Lebron played better once you were taken off his head and out of the game.

    Headband: Are you serious?? He had two turnovers in the final minute that almost cost us the game! His head wasn’t right at all… why you ask!!?? Because I wasn’t there to hold it together for him!!

    Reporter: You were voted the MVH… the most valuable headband in the league this year. How does it make you feel to be discarded during the most critical moments of the NBA Championship?

    Headband: I felt like crap… just laying there under the bench! But I’m a free agent this off-season. It’s now pretty clear to me. I am going to take my talents to LA. Kobe has been brow-barren for years.

    Reporter: But Kobe’s head is half the size of Lebron’s melon. Do you really think you will be a good fit there?

    Headband: This game is about adjustments. I’m known for my elasticity. That’s why teams are willing to pay me the big contracts. Most professional headbands just don’t hold up under the pressure of a big head.

    Reporter: And Lebron has one of the biggest.

    Headband: Huge. Some nights it just plain hurts to surround that noggin.

    Reporter: Finally, will we see you tomorrow night in game 7? Many un-named sources in the Heat organization are saying you won’t be in the starting line up… that you are losing a thread or two in your game.

    Headband: It’s a game time decision. I’m taking a long soak in the washer on our off day… as well as some good time in the dryer… with 37 extra sheets of Bounce. Trust me… I’ll be ready. I told Spoelstra this morning, “Put me on coach.” BOOM!!

  46. El Tenedor says:

    Ray Allen is the man.

  47. The Truth says:

    MJ did it with 4 nobodies? Really?!?!? Ignorant people are funny.

    BJ Armstrong, Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, Will Purdue, John Paxson, Ron Harper, Robert Parrish, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley, Toni KuKoc

    Yeah bums…

    Leave the comments to the grown folks… MJ is the GOAT but he didn’t win it by himself either…

  48. Dee says:

    1 Ray Allen Three HAS A HIGHER VALUE than all 25 of Danny Greenes….

  49. Thomas The Great says:

    I equate the headband with Lebron’s amusing “King James” title. Perhaps Lebron thought in his gut that this is the beginning of the end of the Heat’s Championship bid. I happen to believe it is too, Lebron.

    Spurs in 7.

  50. NBA Fanz says:

    Whoa, so many hateful comments. Why these people never give credit where credit obviously due? Lebron played an excellent game of his career and learn how to appreciate a guy when he plays well regardless of who he plays for. Great support from Dwade/Bosh and Ray in the end. Mike shooting that trey with one shoe was epic lol.

    @The Truth, you raised a valid point that I’ve been trying to make to these ignorant MJ fans. MJ will be one of my favorite players of all time no doubt but, even I know that MJ had a great supporting cast. Rodman was an elite defender at the time and not to mention that same team went deep into the playoffs without Jordan (when he left the game for baseball). Truth is that, most of these so called MJ fans, probably never watched Jordan playing live.

    I know we all think MJ is this untouchable guy that didn’t make any mistakes. The is fact that he did but how he responded afterwards is what made him great. Lebron still got a long way to go. Then again, Lebrons only 28 and he’s getting better and better every year. With the technology we have nowadays, it’s no telling what Lebron may able to achieve.

    Stop with the hate, pick a team and show some respect for others. Win or lose, Tim Duncan will go down as one of the best PFs the game has ever produced and Lebrons heading in the right direction no doubt.

  51. JeremyFrench says:

    Im from France, and LeBron James is really the best.. He is incredible, he beat the french Diaw, Parker ..
    Futur legend.


    Lebron didnt choke.. before ray allen trey he hit that clutch three to bring it to two then spurs made one from the free throw
    and then ray allen made that amazing clutch three of of lebron miss but lebron didnt choke..so plz watch the game before you talk lebron scored 14 pts in the 4th quarter to put his team back in the game… ignorant fools and


    whithout lebron three at 20 second left in regulation miami would have lost even if allen would have made a three oh and making a three with 20 second left in regulation is clutch……HATERS

  54. Sandy says:

    He’s ugly no matter what he has on his head or wearing! Flopper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh, where’s the ref? Is he looking????? I got fouled. LOL

  55. A.J. says:

    I agree with LBJ.

  56. Ehsan says:

    As a Heat fan, I must admit, they can be VERY FRUSTRATING to watch at times. Think about these few items:

    Spoelstra – Mike Miller is hitting 3’s and pulling down rebounds, plus playing good defense… so what does Spo do?… he pull Miller our and put’s in Wade…. WHY????

    D-Wade – Why is he shooting a fade away jump shot in the closing moments of the game? D-Wade, work on getting your shot back before you decide to jeopardize the title for your team.

    LeBron – Why are you not playing the other 3 quarters like you did the 4th and OT? You obviously have the skills and talent to do it……. so why are you not imposing your presence?

    Bosh – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE STOP TAKING JUMP SHOTS! Drive to the hook for once.

  57. Thomas The Great says:

    Let’s clear one thing up: the headband has nothing to due with respect for LeBron James. I think everyone should respect him as a human being. Likewise, when it comes to the game, every player needs to be treated equally.

    The NBA Referee is specially trained and should also be given respect. The people watching, the owners, the coaches and the players put a great deal of trust into them making the correct calls on the court. Basketball is a fast-paced game. The fact is a lot of the fouls that take place are not easily visible to the people watching the game. The Miami Heat are a physical team, and the refs are calling the fouls. If there’s one thing that DEFINES LeBron James it is probably his physicality. He DEPENDS on it – so much more than any of the other historical players he is usually compared with.

    LeBron had an amazing triple-double in Game 6. But at no point did I feel like he was in command. Ray Allen forced the Game 7, I don’t think there’s really any debate about that.

    Again, the headband coming off to me is LeBron, subconsciously perhaps, recognizing that at his core he is just a player, and this is a defining moment of his career.. if he really wants to be “King James” he has to remain NBA Champion now.

    Good luck to both sides in Game 7.

    • Robert Sacre says:

      Jesus, why is everyone forgetting LeBrons 3 BEFORE RAY ALLEN HIT HIS 3. Even though he missed his first one he drained the second one and thats what counts, had he not hit that 3 miami wouldn’t be playing game 7. obviously same goes for ray allen, and allen deserves tonnes of credit but stop forgetting about lebrons clutch 3 too!

  58. MHeatfan says:

    I’m a heat fan & definitely a LBJ fan. I really gave up in the last few seconds of the game. Shame on me. LBJ offensive play was very sad in 1-3 qts . CB offensive also ugly, Wade also poor, but the team made it. Miami won. Why is important now to blame somebody? Duncan was in the bench ( not Miami’s fault) but now people is saying that that is the reason CB got the 2 rebounds, that Spur loss because the miss this or that free throw. At the end of the day is not that the spur lose, is that Miami won. They play good enough to win. What a game, LBJ triple double, Chalmers 20 , Allen 3pointer, wow. SHAME ON ME

  59. Robert Sacre says:

    Everyone saying ray allen saved the heat, well he did.. But everyone is forgetting LeBrons 3 right before ray allens 3, had he not hit that allen’s 3 would have brought the spurs lead to 3.. Also, even though I hate the way chris bosh plays defense, and the way he is so flat footed all the time on rebounds watching the ball go by instead of running after it. After the fans booed him near the end of the 2nd quarter, CB took his game to another level, he made so many key plays in the 2nd half and OT that he really should be getting ALOT of credit for this miami win. The rebound for allens 3, 2-3 Key blocks down the stretch, diving on loose ball. He really responded to the crowd booing him and glad he did, cause im sure he knows there is a big chance he wont be back next year but he still put it all on the line. I can tell LeBron is kind of sick of CB too, just his body language towards him.. After the game he went straight to d-wade and gave him a big hug even though d-wade did nothing down the stretch to help them win. All CB got was a high five from anderson and rashard lewis came over to give him his credit.
    Poor CB 😦

  60. LAKER FAN! says:

    HEAT WON! choked or not. at the end of the day HEAT beat the old spurs and thats all that matters lol.

  61. Robert Sacre says:

    It’s so nice to read some intellectual comments on here, after game 6 on facebook comments there were 2000 spurs fans commenting saying “NBA RIGGED” “REFS GAVE MIAMI THE WIN” etc. etc.
    Saying ginobli got fouled on that play when he blatantly travelled.

    • LAKER FAN! says:

      i know right. i read these comments and its ridiculous on what they say. Ray Allen is one of the best 3 point shooters in nba history. nobody choked. these players live, breathe and sleep basketball. and sugar ray just hit his sweet spot on the corner 3!

  62. Thomas the Great says:

    Not to discredit the 3-pointer that Lebron James made or his triple-double for that matter, but it was Ray Allen’s CLUTCH 3-pointer that tied the game, prevented/delayed a San Antonio NBA Championship and sent the game into overtime. Having Allen, a veteran and one of the most consistent 3-point shooters in NBA history make that shot was just epic for the Heat. In my opinion, it was THAT momentum that carried the Heat to victory in OT.

    For me, Lebron losing his headband was more memorable than the game he played, even though he had some high stats. lol

    In response to the post by Robert Sacre:
    June 19, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    …why is everyone forgetting LeBrons 3 BEFORE RAY ALLEN HIT HIS 3. Even though he missed his first one he drained the second one and thats what counts, had he not hit that 3 miami wouldn’t be playing game 7. obviously same goes for ray allen, and allen deserves tonnes of credit but stop forgetting about lebrons clutch 3 too!

  63. Old DBZ fan says:

    For some reason it reminded me of the show DBZ, when piccolo took off his head gear and cape and then showed his true potential without any limitations holding him back. I thought that never would happen in real life but I guess I was dead wrong lol. On a different note I hope the spurs beat that evil king piccolo no pun intended lol jk totally meant to do that.

  64. Who here believes that game 6 was a miracle for the heat ?

  65. Boy says:

    Lebron just transform himself into beast mode.take a look with and without the headbond.totally beast..

  66. HEATREPEAT says:


  67. Noby says:

    Can’t believe the Spurs lost, they had it all in their hands… Parkers 3, insane… then at the end couple missed FT’s… and even more insane 3 from Ray, who I liked in Boston, but damn I h8 him in Miami :p It’s as if he joined the Dark Side and you are a fan of Luke Skywalker…

    No call on the foul from Ray on Manu drive (no matter what ppl say, it was a fault from Ray and was not whistled)… And while it was more questionable, the last 3 point attempt from Danny Green “could have” been whistled also.. But as they said, during the 1st 48 minutes, clear foul, last second of the game in OT? No foul…

    Sad that Timmy was taken out, cause that is the one and only reason Bosh could have ever rebounded that ball…

  68. omyyyyg74 says:

    lebron your masters won’t be happy, without headband kids maybe won’t reconize you directly on the court, and we need them to focus on you ! they HAD to see you INSTANTLY, watch your SHOES. we need to sell lebron you don’t help us you are not a good product

  69. Basketball Expert says:

    Nash and Goudelock should be traded for Chalmers,wade, Lebron, Allen, Haslem and BOsh. G-lock is a future MVP caliber player. Evidence: 22 pt vs Spurs. Spurs need to take the ball out of Parkers hands and into Green’s. Green will sink the Heat.

  70. max brooks says:

    im gonna buy all the miami heat headbands now. that way lebron will play 100% all the time.

  71. Zach says:

    Played solid without the headband

  72. Christopher davis says:

    Lebron wanted the lob but nobody noticed him without his headband😂😂😂😂…thats a good one

  73. Jim says:

    OMG…. LBJ is like nobody else, he is just inhuman!