Draft Diaries: Brandon Paul

By Brandon Paul, for NBA.com

What up guys? Last time I wrote, I talked a lot about the NBA Combine experience as well as my training down in Florida. Now things are crazy workout-wise and I’ve been flying from NBA city to NBA city the past few weeks.

Working out for the hometown Bulls (Courtesy Brandon Paul)

Working out for the hometown Bulls
(Courtesy Brandon Paul)

Since Chicago, I’ve been from New Jersey to New York & San Antonio to Minnesota. From Minnesota to Detroit then back home to Chicago.  After the Bulls workout, I went to New York & OKC.  I blinked & then I was in Memphis,  Houston, Portland, Phoenix, and now in Minneapolis! All of this in 3 weeks! A lot of guys don’t really like traveling all over the place but I don’t mind it at all. I’ve always loved traveling and being able to see different places. I love the different hotels, and I have seen some really cool ones. If you follow me on twitter (@BP3), Instagram (bpaul) or vine account (Brandon Paul), you might have been able to see a few of the places I’ve been. If not, then go check them out right now! It’s okay I’ll wait …

Back yet? Well like I said, I’ve always loved staying in different hotels, and I even worked at one right before I graduated! I didn’t have any more classes my last semester at U of I, so I was fortunate enough to get a job at the iHotel in Champaign, Ill., where I went to school. It was really fun working there and learning about the hospitality industry and business in general. I had a great staff to work with and I made some new friends along the way. So when I’m at these hotels I sort of know how things work behind the scenes and if something doesn’t exactly go as planned I definitely have more patience than others might.

OK, back to the workouts. I think I have been performing great thus far. The training I’ve done my whole life, as well as more recently down in Florida at IMG Academy, has really prepared me for what I’ve been up against. I’m truly appreciative for all the teams that have had me in their workouts as well as the teams that are to come. I especially loved the Bulls trip (since I live about 25 minutes away from where the Berto Center is) and growing up a Bulls fan my whole life. Not only that but having Dickey Simpkins (3-Time NBA Champion with the Bulls) as a mentor & a very close friend since I first stepped foot into high school … but I’ll get more into that with my next blog. I hope other teams don’t hold that against me. Ha! But just being back home was nice, even though it was only for a day.  I am truly enjoying this process but I know once it winds down, there will a sense of relief.  Until next time!


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