Battier Celebrates In Style … At Denny’s

By Jeff Case

Heading into Game 7 of The Finals, most of us expected LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to do the heavy lifting in the scoring column and they both came through, finishing with 37 and 23 points, respectively, as Miami’s top two scorers. The Heat’s third-leading scorer in Game 7? None other Shane Battier, who finished with 18 points thanks to a 6-of-8 shooting night from 3-point range.

Battier’s big night helped Miami to a 95-88 victory that wrapped up the Heat’s second straight NBA crown. After the game, Battier found himself on the postgame dais, where he was as forthcoming and interesting as you’d expect. Playing off a comment Battier made during the East finals, he was asked what was the first thing he’d eat after the victory. His response was he was looking forward to his wife, Heidi Ufer,  “cooking him a nice ribeye.”

We have no idea what Battier ate after the game or where he went, but by the end of his evening, he found himself dining at a place a lot of folks do after a busy night of partying: Denny’s.


  1. Kris Wayne says:

    Congratulations to the Heat! One year of hard work and dedication paid off, especially for Battier! One of the best basketball people, (some are just players but some are people also). Anyway congrats to the heat! Go for three peat!

  2. Margaret Parker says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on becoming the NBA Champions for 2013. I am a Texan, but was pulling for the Heat all the way. I am so very proud of you for the much needed contribution that you made towarding making this win possible. For years I have admired you for the way in which you conduct yourself both on and off the court. As a 68 year old retired elementary principal, I am always concerned how people in the spotlight conduct themselves, particularly in the eyes of young people. You are obviously a very intelligent young man who has been blessed by God with basketball skills that provide you with unlimited ipportunities to make a difference in the lives of many young males. Thank you for all that you do. May God always shower you with His favor so that you will continue to “do the right thing” for His glory and for the benefit of so many young people whose lives you touch. I am already looking forward to a 3 peat in 2014! God bless you and your lovely wife, Heidi. Hope you enjoy that ribeye steak.

  3. Melody says:

    Congratulations to the Heat. I’ve been a fan of yours and I admire especially LeBron, Wade , Chalmers , Battier ,Ray ,Mike and Norris.Your untiring efforts have been compensated. May God, the Almighty, bless you all and your loved ones. Get ready for the 3rd one.

    • mazzi says:

      i am sorry to say but chris bosh’s defense against TIMMY one of the BEST PF to play has to get alot of credit. banging with him for seven games not an easy task . Melody HOW do u forget HIM……..

  4. ThugMighty says:

    Love you Shane son!
    Couldn’t have happened to a nice boi!
    Love from your brothers in Lagos Nigeria

  5. Ian says:

    Shane Battier is a flopper and exactly what is wrong with the game of basketball today.

    • blackmamba_38 says:

      com’on loser Just move on and accept the fact that miami is the best team. Congratulations to all the heat players , you deserve it… yahoooo

  6. Sebastian Cario says:

    Congratulations Shane!
    I’ve always been a big Heat fan for as long as I could remember. I just love to see this team do so good!

  7. CG says:

    Good stuff Shane wish you could’ve brought a ring back to Houston

  8. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:


  9. MY name says it all.Well good job Shane Battier 18 points all 3’s

  10. William says:

    Is that Manu to Shane’s right?

  11. jsodu001 says:

    Congrats to Miami Heat for winning their 3rd NBA championship and LeBron’s second straight. I followed the Heat since the 2006 championship. Back then, I never imagine having LeBron or Bosh, or even Allen come to the Heat. What a series. Ray Allen saved our season with his big three in game 6 as one of the greatest shots in NBA finals history. I’m the true Heat fan, followed them every year since the 2006 title run. The truth growth I’ve seen the team is incredible. I can’t go to the Parade because of work, but FIU will be watching the parade during our barbeque party. Let’s Go Heat. Where the Haters at? What more do you want?

  12. Michael Peloton says:

    Shane is a winner.

  13. Ola says:

    Thank you Shane for coming big in game 7; despite your struggle during the series, I still believe in you. Congrats!!!

  14. Betuel says:

    God bless you Battier! it was an incredible performance.

  15. IDOL says:

    Hosuton misses you shane

  16. Derrick Mark says:

    Big Game Shane… So happy for the Heat

  17. djaydz says:

    Was routing for the Spurs all the way..
    Both teams played good ball..the better performing team won.
    Not saying that Spurs was not a title team its mistakes that Heat took to account and capitalized BIG on!

    #dontparty to hard LBJ and the crew.. next year is coming 3 peat?

  18. Tom says:

    The team who took pay cuts to ring chase won, lebron’ still not on a max contract. Ray Allen on a ridiculously small contract for his caliber.

  19. Brian says:

    Who’s your Daddy, Battier!?

  20. davis says:


  21. Ken says:

    Make no mistakes. Without Chris Bosh two big plays and Ray Allen 3-pt.. Spurs would have been clearly the champion. People seems to overlook Chris Bosh effort always.. I feel it for this guy, he had some bad games but he tried to play defense. He had some crucial deflection from Manu, a big rebound and a big block on green last second 3-pts. shot end of buzzer… But again, I try to understand why was Manu and Spurs trying to make a play in the that last 21 sec turnover.. hold the ball and let Miami foul or keep Parker on the floor… part of the mistake was coaching.

    • MBrisker says:

      Congrats goes out to the Heat!!! And to Shane…from one Detroiter to another….you make us all proud!!!!!!!!