Twitter Congratulates The Heat

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

No sport has embraced Twitter as much as the NBA in the past few years and last night many NBA players made sure to give their congratulations to repeat champs:


  1. The spurs lost game 6 because they became complacent

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      No they lost because they took out parker and put in ginobli so he could get turnover number 8.

  2. Scott Gould says:

    Loved the journey. It was an exciting year to follow the Heat. For non believers, if you can’t take the heat get out of Miami!

  3. Congrats to Lebron James and the Miami Heat for winning a well deserved 2nd consecutive NBA Championship!! I knew all along that Miami would win it!! Also congratulations to Lebron James on his 2nd in a row NBA Finals MVP!! May God continue to bless Lebron James and the Heat on their dynasty the best is yet to come!!!

  4. mike walls says:

    All the LeBron talk should be positive now!! There’s nothing else he needs to prove!!..

  5. That is true Lebron James is clearly the best basketball player in the world and maybe on his way to being the greatest of all-time!!! Lebron has silenced all of his critics winning his second NBA Finals title!! So all of you Lebron James haters how do you like him now you clowns!!

  6. Spot the doll: Offshoulder bustier dress.