Draft Diaries: Brandon Paul

By Brandon Paul, for NBA.com

portland offense

Getting in some work just before Draft night. (Courtesy Brandon Paul)

Wow, this experience has been unbelievable! Thought I was done and then I got calls from the Bulls for a second workout, that was great! Always grown up a Bulls fan, and my mentor, Dickey Simpkins, won 3 NBA Championships with them. I met him my freshman year of high school and that’s when the very first Team NLP (AAU Program) was created. Those were some of the funniest times when I was younger. Playing for the Bulls would be a dream come true, but wherever I end up, I would be completely grateful.

Such a humbling experience. I’m not sure where I will end up, but I am excited about all of the opportunities that were presented to me since this whole thing started, and the ones ahead. I’ve been to Chicago for the NBA Combine, and then both group workouts at Brooklyn & Minnesota. I’ve also worked out for the Spurs, Pistons, Bulls (twice), Thunder, Knicks, Trailblazers, Suns, Rockets, Clippers, Jazz, Timberwolves & now the 76ers! This is, wow! Truly blessed for these opportunities.

The draft is right around the corner, I’m not sure what’s going to be going through my head. I’m going to have a couple friends over to watch the draft with me along with my family. Or maybe I’ll freak out and make everybody watch it somewhere else while I watch it alone…I don’t even know! This is pretty nerve racking, but whatever happens, it’s in Gods hands. He has put me in a position to be successful and I have Faith that I’ll end up in the right spot! Until then…



  1. jessie says:

    I’m hoping for the bulls Brandon, Loved watching you and Richardson that last several years ILL-INI!!!

  2. Jason says:

    U of I is going to miss you BP3. Good luck in your NBA career, we’ll all be following. You’ll do great! Make us proud.

  3. BB says:

    Best of luck BP3! One of my all-time favorite Illini!!

  4. Pennie says:

    Yes Brandon, Hoping you join the Bulls!

  5. J Chris Jackson says:

    Huge fan and believer in BP3. Good luck tonight!

  6. slimdaillkid says:

    Hope you get drafted tonight man. Been a fan since the Blue Devil Days. #BP3