Lakers Begin Recruiting Dwight Howard With Billboards

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I spent the early part of this week in Los Angeles, where the city was currently in the grips of Puig fever. If only I’d stuck around another day or so, I could have seen the Lakers start their very public recruiting of Dwight Howard.

On July 1, Dwight becomes a free agent, and he has several options available, from staying in LA to signing in Houston or Atlanta, among other options. The Lakers went through a lot to get Howard a year ago, and are now making it perfectly clear that they want him back. How clear? They went and put up billboards around Los Angeles. One or two billboards? No, according to, they’re putting up “six or seven” billboards in “various key locations.” They’ve even got a hashtag and everything!

The Lakers also are frank in admitting that they know some fans won’t like seeing this kind of public recruiting of a free agent. As spokesman John Black told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, “Our opinion, which we’ve made clear, is that our top priority is signing Dwight. We want to let him know how important he is to us out in the public. We’re comfortable letting the public know how we feel.”


  1. kanuk says:

    what a waste of time and resources. howard is a second rate player now and is simply surviving off of the drama … fits LA like a glove i suppose …

  2. Mike Texidor says:

    This is a very good action for LAL to take but it all comes down to one thing. Are they willing to let go of Mike D’Antoni in order to re sign Dwight? He is “unlikely” to resign with them because he does not like their style of play, Its obvious!

  3. kmalcon says:

    He’s gonna bolt. Probably to the Rockets. Or maybe even the T-Wolves if they make a viable pitch.

  4. Nat Tia says:

    I think laker will be better without him period!!!he can’t even make some real easy nice shot wild opened!!! Keep it real lakers fan!! Do we need him ?

  5. Ricky says:

    I think he should leave. The lakers are far from winning again. He don’t want to go from orlando to LA. And still not win. For that he should of stayed in orlando. Move on howard move on.

  6. mogsrocks says:

    Howard needs to stay in l.A. its the only plca he will have a team built around him, Houston is doing that to harden and clipper with chris. L.A. will give him the most money and future chances to win “multiple” championships.

  7. Alex Serrano says:

    The new boss and the gm are worthless they will bring this organization to the floor, buss think he’s God and doesn’t accept is mistakes and kuptchack is a bozzo. D’antoni isnt the coach for this team . thats why they deserve howard to go somewhere else.

    • LAKERNATION!!! says:

      Kupcheck is a bozo? Are you high? The man got Pau Gasol in 2008 for basically nothing, structured the roster to make a run of 3 straight finals appearances, with 2 championships, managed to get D12 to LA in the first place, but yeah he’s a bozo. Idiot!

  8. Anthony says:

    They should spend some of that advertising money on a new coach.

  9. hugh garris Jr says:

    If Superman # 2 wnt 2 increase his Legancy thn he needs 2 bring the Larry O ‘ Brian Trophy bck 2 L.A..

  10. Fanatic says:

    Howard , to miami. Michael jordan can play whit the heat 15 minutes by Game.

    • Darrell says: cant afford to keep d players they have..they cant even offer him a fifth of the money hes going to get..if he leaves hes going to Houston

  11. SoulChorea says:

    This is disgusting.

  12. David says:

    Dwight is better than Jordan and Lebron put together of course he needs to stay.

    • Javier Rubio says:

      Whoever said Dwight is better than lebron and MJ needs to just stop talking for the rest of there lives

      • John says:

        Dwight might be better than Lebron for sure but cant be better than MJ. MJ and Kobe are the best player to ever play this game. Stop putting the name of Lebron James beside Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant names.. It’s humilating them !

  13. los says:

    rockets or hawks, chances are leaning more to rockets but i would not be surprised if cavs and wizards give a try at gaining him

  14. Leander Marsh says:

    Why pay a max contract to some who in the last 5 mins of a game when its crunch time can’t give you no production on the offensive side of the ball…

  15. jordan says:

    You guys are all idiots.. the Portland Trail Blazers need Dwight the most and have the pieces in place too become a lagit franchise again with Aldridge Batum and Lillard surrounding him

  16. dave says:

    This is so nasty.

  17. not a kobe fan says:

    Lakers be real with him and roster you have plus Kobe you at best 4th team in the west, behind cilps,grizzlies, thunder based on the idea the spurs drop off once Tim retires if not then your the fifth. You need to let him and the coach go and start fresh if you got true fans they will stand by you during those trast years.Because with him you won’t win a ring but win enough games not to get a lottery pick to get that next Kobe or lebron. Think about it everyone has their rebuilding process and its time for yours. Best example look at the best teams now compared to a few years ago thunder clips grizzlies Pacers heat they all paid their dues and had to rebuild. The rockets and warriors will be next on that list trust me. If anyone is going to say the spurs and lakers have been great for years so you don’t need garbage years well anwser is mike is no Phil Jackson or Gregg no one is.

  18. Amber&Scott says:

    Look, D12 is good and all but we can’t make him stay. If he wants to leave let him go. I don’t understand, LA is so perfect. Kobe has 2-3 years left. If he was smart he would stay then this will be his team. So what everyone knows this is Kobe team and until he retires that’s just what it is. But we would love him to stay Lord knows Lakers need a center not to mention the bench stepping up. D12 we with you no matter what. Your a beast.

  19. Gil says:

    Are you kidding? The whole problem starts upstairs with Buzz jr. He doesn’t have a clue how to build a team – yes I said a team! They definitely need to start rebuilding with players who want to give their all to win – not just the money1
    The coach is not the one for them!

  20. Thunderhead says:

    Wherever he goes, it’s not gonna get him far unless he stays with the Lakers or goes to the Rockets. He probably will stay with the lakers.

  21. bryan says:

    Lakers needs to change the coach the coach thats fits his system to the Players

    • Lonnie says:

      Why is D’antoni still coach in the league ? He is not a coach he has just had players that were great and played to win. He has not proven to a coach by not sustaining a winning formula like all good coaches have and he can’t motivate players.

  22. Samuel Zamora says:

    As a really huge Laker fan. I always said that no matter what player leaves the team, I’m still always gonna be a Laker fan. If Dwight Howard would be good in the team but if he wants to leave, he should… We don’t need the Orlando Magic drama happening all over again in L.A.

  23. Books is says:

    Howard should go to miami one year get a ring and bounce his hash tag is after the ring after all and he ain’t gonna get it in Atlanta or Houston and he isn’t getting any younger

  24. cotton says:

    hope he leaves the lakers need to be in the dark side the next 10 years and just lose. nba basketball was boring with them always in there but best when lost.

  25. caloyski says:

    Howard is a misfit in LA’s SYSTEM; as long as he remains a poor free throw shooter with a bad attitude, he will never be considered as one of the Elite Centers. His Body is no longer that strong– He can easily be defended coz he has no perimeter shooting. You can have him LA and the other contenders would love you invest HUGE amount of Money on Him– depriving you of Better and High-caliber Players. POOR LA– think before you LEAP

  26. phil me says:

    what is Mike D’Antoni still doing in LA all the winers got let go I agree with DH do not sign if Mike D’Antoni is still there

  27. Kane says:

    I want to see some #leaveD’Antoni billboards… then we will get both and everyone’s happy.

  28. Mike says:

    Dwight is smart Kobe is making 30 mill this year they have no money to add talent Kobe will not get 6 rings due to his contract

  29. JAMES YAP says:

    howard will go to dallas..

  30. Daniel says:

    The Lakers should trade Mike D’antoni to the D-League

  31. Nekys says:


    This is totally pathetic…Lakers what are you thinking???

  32. Daniel says:

    He is like a unicorn. You don’t realize how magical he is until he teleports.

  33. FrankL2010 says:

    Here we are again, the D12 drama. Lakers will always be Lakers even without this guy. BTW, change the coach also, please.

  34. carmelo anthony says:

    yeah ! leave LA and go to knicks…

  35. Brandon says:

    If he leaves LA, he will almost certainly be the most hated athlete in all of sports.

  36. Brandon says:

    D12 is the Lakers future, not other rambled BS about Kyrie or Lebron or CP3…
    D12 needs to stay and win if hes to get rid of all the drama and criticism and hate much like Lebron has done (albeit with a Star-Studded Roster)

  37. John Kajwang says:

    Let’s get Bynum back to L.A.; we were better off with Bynum. Yes, Bynum was injured but so is/was Dwight. I liked Bynum in the Center better than Dwight!!!!

  38. Rayzz says:

    If Howard stays, he will not be happy under D’Antoni’s system. His numbers will continue to go down and his legacy will definitely be tarnished…and the chances of the Lakers going to the Finals next year is highly unlikely unless they bring in a top point guard who can play DEFENSE against the smaller quicker guards in the league. The lakers are also missing another small forward who can score consistently and give them a weapon off the bench. In summary, they don’t have enough pieces there right now for him to stay…I got him bolting to a team where he’s more the focus on offense and he can get the touches he wants.

  39. Lonnie says:

    Dwight would like to be on a contender but he has proven to be a cancer. He ruined the Magic and went to the Lakers and they fell apart also. So why would the Lakers want him back in the clubhouse ?

  40. im a fan of DH, and i think the best for him is to go Houston if he doesn’t want to stay in LA, and for LA, the best for them is sign al jefferson if DH didn’t stay and trade some of their players to a good/young players then if they still have cap space sign one of this players, jr.smith or oj.mayo or nick young

    • Eric Clemons says:

      Very tired of all the drama again.For nba players to have the power to have coaches fired disturbs me.I know D12 is a great player ,But to do this again wow.Lakers are a great organization at some point you may have to let him go.