David Stern Loves Your Hate

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I wrote a post last night from the Draft about NBA Commissioner David Stern‘s final Draft, and how he seemed to really embrace the hate from the Brooklyn fans. Sitting there in the building, it was pretty hilarious to see him troll the crowd along throughout the evening. And now someone has put together a supercut of Stern drinking in the hate.

Stop! Stop! Don’t you see? IT ONLY MAKES HIM STRONGER.

(via The Big Lead)


  1. t says:

    why were they booing him anyway?

    • Three says:

      I see you’re new to the NBA…

      • Teej says:

        Honestly, I don’t get it either. I’ve been watching since the late 80’s and have seen a commissioner who has taken a game that was an afterthought to the other professional leagues and turned it into a global phenomenon. There are millions upon millions of children across the world who play this game due to the smart marketing and executive decisions Stern has made. Do I agree with all of his decisions? Absolutely not, however with every single one of them you could see an intelligent man who truly cares about the game of basketball making the decisions he truly felt were the correct ones. Without Stern growing the game globally we never would have had the chance to see those international stars such as Nowitzki, Bogut and Rubio. The stage that Kobe & LBJ star upon would be much, much smaller. When he took over, the league was starting to circle the drain. It was heammoraging money and drugs were running rampant through locker rooms. He cleaned up the cocaine problem and made the NBA profitable.

        If you want to hate upon this man that’s fine, but know that without him, there is a very large chance you would not be watching basketball at all.

  2. MIA CHAMPS says:

    this is hilarious

  3. Benjamin says:

    I always liked Mr. Stern, he acted like a gentleman here and we are not exposed to the information that he is so we shouldn’t judge. I am sure he had to do a few things that may be unethical but they were necessary for the greater good of the league and to ensure that the NBA stayed a viable business venture.

  4. Dddd says:

    Why boo this guy? All he did was work for the NBA for 30 years. How many people out there can say I’ve worked that long at one spot…

  5. Jimmy Buckets says:


  6. . says:

    Stern ought to be proud of himself now…. 30 years and instead of applause he’s getting boos. Well, if there’s one thing for sure, those boos were well earned.

  7. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:

    I dont get why they booed him..

  8. D-Fence says:

    Dear Nba.., what have you done… if you would let heat win last two series in 3 weeks (meaning max 10-11 games) like they should of, nobody would have booed Stern and nobody would think that you are rigged…

  9. Herr says:

    How unprofessional of David Stern to acknowledge the booing. Many young men are sitting there accomplishing their dreams and he’s sitting there provoking the crowd. Glad it’s his last year. Dude’s been ruining the NBA for years.

  10. W says:

    To put it short, he’s a power hungry racist.


  11. BasilBob says:

    Gonna miss him…

  12. a says:

    Stern was a great commissioner in the end. A lot of things happened under him, but look at how much the nba expanded under his watch, and now a lot of people like watching nba basketball, which could have very much not happened had he not been a commissioner. If you guys are referring to the lock out, that was not his fault, and we should not blame one person for this, but we should see that it was a mistake by the entire league. Yes, maybe he could have done better to reduce the lockout, but so could have the rest of the owners and the players. Many of you say that you hate him, but don’t say anything about why you hate him. It is hard to be the leader of a large organization, and I guarantee that none of us could have done nearly as well as he did.

  13. basketballfan says:

    maybe the boos came from the upset fans who thought noel was 1st pick. the boos are just plain disrespectful. stern worked hard for 30 years. what have they done in their life? Anyways, u gotta love sterns humor and calmness though.

  14. hello says:


  15. NBA Draft says:

    I think it is a very sad day for the sport. Not because Stern is retiring, but because this day was not or shouldn’t have been about him. It was about the new bunch of guys who were entering an exciting time in their lives.
    Q: What do you remember about your draft night.
    A: Boooooooooooo.
    I know the boos are not aimed at the players, but was it really necessary. I for one was cheering as this is the last time Mr Stern will be in charge of the NBA.

    Good on you Brooklyn for ruining Draft Night for these new players.

  16. levelinstallation says:

    if you want to understand how stern became notoriously disliked do the research. he took over a sport that was organically growing and put his greedy hands on it. i say power to the people and make money but not at the detriment of a sport. if you watch basketball in its heyday, when men played because they loved it, you will see the difference. stern wills his needs across the league as he feels. he never played the game competitively. traveling and flops and over payed players are his legacy. anyone from the front office will tell you of his vindictive power hungry rule. if you want to rule by an iron fist don’t act like a angel. granted if you do something for 30 years it says a lot but for the ages basketball has been ruined. when you allow players to act like GM’s and over rule trades that starts to tear at the fabric of the sport.
    btw, anyone have any info on the connection between gator aid and the celtics???

    good riddance,


  17. yoloolol says:

    If they didnt like david stern, shouldnt they be cheering his retirement, instead of booing it?

  18. Longleg says:

    It’s the most simple reason why they were booing mr stern…. Because he is from New York!!