Phil Jackson Helps The Lakers Recruit Dwight Howard Via Twitter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERPhil Jackson may not be on the Lakers payroll any longer, but he’s still doin’ work for the purple and gold. Even if it is via social media. Deciphering Jackson’s quotes can be like trying to crack the Da Vinci Code, but this tweet aimed at free agent C Dwight Howard seems rather straightforward.

As NBC Sports pointed out, the first part of the tweet is a line from a Taj Mahal song, and probably a reference to Jackson being at his Montana home. The second part of the tweet is more obvious: Phil expects to see Dwight “get on board” with what the Lakers are trying to do. Namely, re-signing Dwight Howard.

Now let’s see if Phil has the power to sway minds via the internet.


  1. driton says:

    if Phil and Kobe cant sway Howard to come back then i don’t know what can

  2. Roy says:

    Howard is a bust….all of this drama for a player that is not what he used to be…he needs to grow up mentally. When he does finally grow up his body won’t be there to support him. All teams should move on…..

  3. RockHard says:

    don’t know how i feel about d12 coming to Houston just yet. it’s cool to have an eleite player added to my team but not so cool when it’s no longer “my” team. I just wanna do my thing on the court. hope he doesnt bring the drama with him and get out of my way…haha