An Interactive Guide To NBA Tattoos


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I do not have any tattoos. Years ago, this may have put me in a societal majority, but these days I’m not so sure. Today tattoos are common, and particularly in professional sports. In the NBA, where guys run around with most of their bodies exposed, the art is particularly visible.

And in some cases, even when it isn’t visible, guys are still inked out. If you’re interested, Slate put together a pretty amazing interactive compendium of NBA tattoo art that you can get lost in.

Worth noting: After free agency, there’s going to be a lot of re-formulating to be done.


  1. Pacers, 2014 Champs says:

    Very interesting how with all these players we have a very low percentage of arrests compared to NFL players.

  2. Henrik Jensen says:

    Gilbert Arenas??

  3. marcus says:

    Lang, you are great to not have tatoos. IMO, they are beyond gross. I don’t understand this movement where people are totally desecrating their bodies with that nastiness. While I admire the ‘Birdman’s basketball abilities, I must admit when I first saw him with those tats (when he played for Denver), I literally vomited, it was so disgusting.

  4. Ernesto says:

    Tatoo not a problem, who do not judge whether or not we should be respectful to all

  5. LemW says:

    NBA player tattoos are so common today that Tim Duncan and Paul Pierce look unusual because they have ‘Twilight Zone’ look for having none.

  6. LOL at marcus says:

    Wow marcus..lighten up. if you actually vomit at the look of tats theres more wrong with you than you think are wrong with the people who have the tats

    • hmm says:

      duncan has tattoos on the back. birdman, yes lol the guy who vomited you are mean but i admit his neck is disgusting
      and idk if it’s art, people have right to VOMIT if they don’t like it. if you show your body like an art piece, be ready to listen critics and opinions. nothing wrond if he vomits, he didnt tell birdman is a bad guy, same thing with you liking it. it’s equal.
      it’s more wrong with you, thinking that a person who doesnt have your opinion is less valuable than u.

  7. Javier says:

    can wait to see how the tattoos look like when they get old, you are not young forever!!!

    • Patrick says:

      Do you honestly think people with that many tattoos care about how they will look when they get old?

  8. Vomit fetish says:

    Marcus, thanks for the great night.

  9. Colby says:

    All my funny post aimed at Marcus got denied. Too bad. He is a sad individual

  10. Anderson sucks says:

    Omg you suck Anderson the tats are crap

  11. Israel says:

    LemW sorry to say but Tim Duncan does have a tattoe. its either a jester or a psychotic clown on his back.

  12. Kaiser says:

    @LemW – actually Timmy D does have a tattoo, its on his back…its probably great but boring like Duncan himself…every time I see Timmy D I think to myself, “this guys one of the greatest” then I fall asleep from boredom

  13. René says:

    Tim Duncan has a tattoo by the way… …and Paul Pierce as well….

  14. Lol at LOL at marcus says:

    LOL at marcus – society is more wrong today than yesterday. I too chocked the first time I saw the birdman.

  15. Thomas says:

    Wrong, Tim and Paul have tattoos but hidden behind the jerseys. Duncan have one on the back, the same for Pierce

  16. Albert says:

    you guys are funny

  17. MJFOREVER says:

    MJ is the best example. no tats at all.. correct me if im wrong. 🙂

  18. Rob says:

    Chris Paul,Tayshaun prince,Dwayne WAde,