Pacers Intro Short-Sleeve Jerseys, To Roy Hibbert’s Displeasure

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season the Golden State Warriors went all fashion-forward and rocked jerseys with short sleeves. No, they weren’t Evansville University, but they were an attempt by adidas and the NBA to do something different. Me, I kind of liked the look, because while I can’t wear a tank top jersey out to dinner, a jersey that is essentially a t-shirt is a bit more acceptable.

Now the Indiana Pacers are taking the plunge — at least temporarily. According to Pacers PR man David Benner, the Pacers will wear short-sleeved jerseys in their summer league games.

Soon after Benner posted the jerseys, Pacers C Roy Hibbert let his feelings be known…

(via BDL)


  1. dani says:

    i dont really like that and i think you can wear the pregame clothes to your dinners… anyway until they dont make uniforms like the brasilian girls wear in 2011 is all good

  2. Go sixers says:

    I hate those jerseys! The warriors looked terrible last season wearing what basically was a t shirt. Don’t get rid of proper jerseys please!

  3. Clippsss says:

    If the league decides to switch to those short sleeve jersey then damn. They are ugly as hell. If players want to wear a sleeve they can just wear one under the current jersey…..When I saw Golden State playing in them, they almost looked like soccer players to me haha xD

  4. busa-boss says:

    player should not wore them…coaches,gm and team owner should be the first to wear them for at least one season,,,then the players will follow…good deal IMO

  5. Blind Lemon Pye says:

    T-shirt jerseys are absolutely ridiculous. The Warriors looked like a soccer team out there with those jerseys.

  6. i hate dwight howard says:

    these short sleeved jerseys are the worst things i;ve ever seen