Trend Alert: Bazemoring

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Part of the fun in watching the Golden State Warriors turn up during the postseason was watching their bench, where players like Kent Bazemore showed their team spirit by getting up off the bench and celebrating whenever something good happened. They provided motivation for their teammates and gave fans a focal point, as well.

For instance, below is a Vine I posted from a game during Golden State’s first round upset of the Denver Nuggets. Watch Kent Bazemore and Draymond Green celebrate a make by Steph Curry a dunk by Harrison Barnes.

Well, leave it to the folks at 2K Sports to realize that if they wanted their game, NBA2K14, to be as realistic as possible, they needed to get Bazemore into their high tech studios and get to work doing some motion capturing…of his celebrations.


  1. 1vey2ink says:

    they should also include the Sacre karate dance!! big guy is crazy on the bench lol

  2. ThatGuyMohamed says:


  3. Will says:

    I’m pretty sure their celebration above was after Barnes’ dunk, not a Steph Curry make

    • Dre shaw says:

      no, you can tell that’s not the Barnes dunk. Look up the Barnes dunk on Youtube or and you’ll see how hype he got lol

  4. kande22 says:

    yeah that was from when Barnes reverse dunked on Anthony Randolph

  5. Tobi says:

    Get the Chris Duhon shuffle on there too ha

  6. aussie ando says:

    where’s the patty mills towel waves?! surely they will have to be on it!

  7. Willis45 says:

    Where is Ronny Turiaf he is a total hype man!!!!

  8. ... says:

    patty mills towel wave…

  9. bulbulito says:

    they should include the “chuck” norris cole jump when ray allen hit the three pointer in game 6 of the finals..lolz

  10. Tim Henman says:

    Towel wave

  11. cp3 epic basketball says:

    it will be funny in nba 2k14 if you trade all your players for the people who celebration in one team now look at the bench now Lol

  12. Zac Pearson says:

    also need to add the patty mills towel waves hes got a different towel for about 10 seperate ways of scoring.

  13. Ash says:

    patty mills towel wave gotta be there!
    btw i couldnt watch the video it was black screen but the audio worked?

  14. heatlol says:

    include juwon howard high fives!!

  15. Elesa says:

    I think the Towel wave should be in there. They mention it all the time in 2K13, but I don’t see it.