Kobe Bryant Responds to Dwight Howard Leaving L.A.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With Dwight Howard heading to Houston (or so it seems, at least for now), Lakers G Kobe Bryant took to Instagram to make his feelings known.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words? Yeah.

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  1. Eugene says:

    Shots fired! haha
    Just hope the Lakers can pick up a few good players to be contenders again. #LakerGang #LakerNation

    • spunky says:

      Get ready for 5 seasons of terrible Lakers basketball. The Clippers are in the spotlight now.

      • Nick says:

        Terrible Lakers basketball? You’re dreaming. Even with everyone injured and Dwight crying like a baby they made it to the playoffs last year. They will be better off without Dwight. He made a good decision for himself – he couldn’t take the heat, so he got out of the kitchen. All you sheep babbling about D’Antoni because the media are telling you to don’t happen to see that Houston’s offense is “run and gun” as well. The difference? The championship pedigree and all of he pressure that comes along with it will be gone. Dwight will be more comfortable – and THAT’S what his decision was about, period. There is no question that he would have had a better chance at a championship staying in LA as their franchise player.

      • lskersfan4ever says:

        Even if the Clippers have a better Players and have good seasons, they will never still the spotlight from the Lakers and never will win a championship. And we don’t need Howard to win again another championship.

      • Barbara says:

        No matter who the clippers get they will never be in the same category as the lakers.!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mutually says:

        You seem to not appreciate Dwight giving you 17 points, 12 rebounds 2.5 blocks (roughly estimates) coming early from back surgery and playing almost 82 games in the season. Besides, the run and gun in Houston was put in to make use of their youth, athleticism and lack of a post man. The run and gun of the Lakers was used by a roster that was almost all over 30 years old. Kevin Mchale and the Dream will know what to do with Dwight. I am no means a Laker hater nor a Houston Rockets fan. Just a basketball fan seeing things from a nonbiased perspective.

      • RockHard says:

        Dwight, don’t bring any of your BS and drama to Houston. Theres no room for any baby stuff here. I aint no Hollywood. And step aside to let Harden do his thing. Rockes aint going to be your team.

      • hmmm? says:

        The lakers are Butthurt they tought it was in the bags just becuz they’re the Lakers, only get stadiums filled by inviting half of hollywood, the ones who do pay for their overpriced tickets couldn’t care less if the Lakers win or lose, just that winning would be better for the mood of the evening, compared to Houston Dallas or Minnesota for example people who come to games really love basketball in “Heart and kidney” like we say over here, Dwight being a crybaby? how about the lakers being a crybaby? last time i checked Phil Jackson didn’t wanna come back either probably for the some reason, if a young Kobe deals with life like a bitch that has her moments every time it doesn’t go smoothly, and sometimes even when it goes smoothly, how do you think an old declining Kobe is like??? i wouldn’t want to play with that snake if i was a pro, remember Shaq and Kobe? well Shaq will never admit this during this matter because then he has to pick a side while he hates them both

      • I don’t think so…Clippers arent that strong…and the lakers is still THE franchise of LA

      • Harden As Rock says:

        Poor James Harden. He was about to be the face of the franchise for years to come. It’s something when u win a title, but winning a title being the face of the franchise is above and beyond. None of that going to happen when Dwight ink the paper. The Rockets could’ve kept last year roster and sign a few more skillful, yet inexpensive players to get them to the finals. Does Harden really happy having Howard on his team???

      • jabon says:

        Lol wow, Laker fans are in complete denial, even if Dwight had an attitude problem he averaged a double double and you still barely made the playoffs. And even if Kobe comes back as good as he was before his RUPTURED achilles, and that’s a huge if, the only other decent player you have is Pau, and you still have Mike Dantoni coaching. Just get over it, you guys are going to be mediocre to bad for a while.

  2. Coty Davis says:

    As a Laker fan, I Love this picture of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Lakers will be just fine next season!

    • spunky says:

      They’ll suck. Kobe wont be back until after the all-star break. Get your head out of your behind

    • a game fan says:

      Lakers will be just fine next season??? By fine, you mean they will barely make the playoff, Yeah sure they will be just fine next season. And like it or not the Clippers will be the spotlight in LA for next few years. By the way, Kobe is saying goodbye to his dream of getting 6th championship and tying with Jordan by posting this picture.

  3. John says:

    At least pau takes criticism like a man and doesnt bitch about every little

  4. bobcatsaretoonice says:

    if only they didn’t treat pau, who won 2 rings with kobe, like dirt and ringless howard like he’s the best person on the team

  5. hmm says:

    yeah maybe the stupid d’antony and the catastrofic rosters is for something in that. or the media coverage on howard, who is definitly a immature mtv boy. what did you expected seriously

    • Lakers says:

      Mike D doesnt realize that his run and gun style wears down his players so thats why he never able to ake it to the Finals. playoffs are tough, but u wear down your own players giving them no reserve energy. The Lakers doesnt realize that either when they hired Mike D

  6. Vizor says:

    Love you, Kobe.
    You’ll get that 6th ring soon.

    • Joseph Lan says:

      You mean Kobe’s signing with the Thunder next year?

      • Haha says:

        Thunder ain’t winning next year

      • trollthat says:

        You mean Miami of course! Buya!

      • Dustyearth says:

        Think that is what they meant…Kobe leaving the lakers, maybe he will join the heat and take a pay cut like everyone else on the team lol

      • Lakers says:

        kobe rather join thunder than heat..mamba said so. thats how he’ll get his sixth ring. cua thats the only way nba team gets championship nowadays. Players AFRAID to play against each other so they JOIN each other, right Lebron? they said if you cant fight them, join them. Thats not how the NBA used to be. these players get paid much more money today to destroy the game of basketball

    • Clippers Fan says:

      @Lakers C’mon dude, grow up, other people have teamed up to get rings, I mean you’re a Laker fan, ever heard of a Kobe + Shaq duo? It might not have been formed the same way but they were 2 superstars on the same team. Tone done your hating because it is just sad how much you hate on a guy who is putting on a show and allowing all NBA fans to witness greatness.

  7. Al says:

    Aww Poor Kobe is crying? GOOD! lol… Goodluck winning your 6th ring :))… The guy can’t win a ring without a dominant big man

    • hayato says:

      dwight the loser sure didnt help.he was big .only his body.with no heart.

      • hmmm? says:

        no heart just a back surgery you wouldn’t even survive probably (in a manner of speaking)

    • Peggy says:

      Probably coming from a Lebron fan… Who had to switch teams and team up with 2 other top All-star players to get his rings..

      • Timothy Strowbridge says:

        @ peggy so true but this guys doesn’t know squat the Lakers have already proven that they can win without a superstar big man and as for the so called Lebron fans lets get real he had to be teamed with almost ever superstar in the NBA to win those rings atleast Kobe has done it with the same time Mad Respect for the Black Mumba and I no Laker Fan.

      • Magic82 says:

        LOL,the same Kobe Bryant that demanded a trade before they got Gasol,you faker fans are a joke!!!

    • AI?WTF!HAHA says:

      how about lebron? can’t win with a almost all star team. mind please?

    • GEEWEEZEE says:


      • MJtheGOAT says:

        Errr Please please name me two post players that were MORE dominant than Gasol and Bynum in 2009 and 2010! There was only one and he was playing in Orlando at the time!! Sorry But its a fact that Kobe has never one a championship without one of the top 2 centres manning the paint for him FACT.

    • com'onman says:

      that’s the dumbest statement I ever read. nobody can win without a bigman. even the heat needed all of LeBron 270lbs to win. if he was 30 or 40 lbs lighter he wouldn’t be a 2x champ. because he was there big man. even mike needed cartwright, purdue, grant. dennis was the only exception.

    • Mutually says:

      Can you name any team that didn’t have a good big and or post player probably besides the Bulls who had great but not superstar bigs (Kukoc, Rodman, Grant). The Dream with the Rockets, the Twin towers with the Spurs, Shaq and the Lakers, KG and the Celtics, Dirk and the Mavs, Bosh helping the Heat (although he was questionable this year). Anyway you seem to be a hater. I don’t like Kobe but respect is given to those who earn it and I think he earned it.

      • MJtheGOAT says:

        Its not about being DOMINANT its about requiring DOUBLE TEAMS!! NONE and I mean NONE of the post players that were on the late 90’s or early 90’s Bulls teams ever got doubled FACT. The only post player they had that got doubled was MJ. THE GOAT. But what’s most impressive about those teams is that they were IMO the best defensive teams of all time and Never had a Shaq or Bynum to protect the bucket, cartwright and Longley were big for sure but you cannot compare them to shaq and Bynum as intimidators.

      • lol says:

        what about longley with the bulls #aussiepride

      • BroG says:

        Oh Man, I love reading the squabbles, but i’m compelled to post here 🙂
        Kukoc, rodman, grant not superstars ?
        I’m just getting back into the game now, i was in my prime when kukoc,rodman,grant WERE superstars…

    • Lakers says:

      the way the season went last year, theres no guaratee that the Lakers will get better if they forced Dwight to stay. So this is a good ting for the Lakers stupid! This is how Kobe will win his sixth ring. LA will suffer another 5 years with Dwight here

    • David says:

      he won one with just Pau. So that statement is wrong

      • IdontliketheLakersbut says:

        …Kobe won two with Pau. 2009 and 2010. All in all, they became Western Conference champs 3x: 08, 09, and 10.

    • lskersfan4ever says:

      @ Al have you seen Queen James winning in Cleveland with the team that they had.? no that’s why Queen James Join the Miami cHeats to have Wade and Bosh help him to win a Championship, He couldn’t do it Alone how the heck you spect Kobe to do it alone without another Big Man. Think before you talk.

    • Stephen says:

      I guess you didn’t see the 2009 or 2010 seasons.

  8. dun worry Kobe….Gasol will and CAN Carry you back to the finals

  9. Shiven says:

    #Respect is the keyword for that picture Kobe has given so much to the Los Angleses Lakers and even through all the rumours of wanting to be traded Pau Gasol has stayed with LA and played his game no matter how hard it is to play knowing that the team your giving your all for wants to trade you #THANKYOUKOBEANDPAU

  10. Ha lakers are gonna suck says:

    Man you know kobe was pissed. he was being hard on dwight and dwight said im taking my talents to houston to mchale harden and olajuwon. they are gonna love him there. lmfao lakers are screwed

    • hayato says:

      what talent?

      • MJtheGOAT says:

        Thatd be 3 times DPOY and leagues best rebounder while being a consistent 15 to 20 ppg scorer!!! Sorry comments like that are just rediculous

      • Clippers Fan says:

        @hayato Even without being 100% D12 had the highest RPG, that’s sounds pretty talented IMO

  11. Hehehe! says:

    What does that picture mean?

    • MackDaddy says:

      a couple of things.

      a) pau hugging kobe in a sign of team unity…. or comforting him (depending on how you want to read it)

      b) both of them turning away with backs to camera, as in “we dont give a toss about you, we’ll concentrate on us”

      c) no howard? no problem. we still got pau…. which is better than a lot of other teams have down low.

      I still reckon they are screwed, and its time to detonate and rebuild… but least kobe has the hootspa to tell it like it is.

      • ThereYaGo says:

        I applaud you my friend. Unlike other delusional fans of the Lakers, you have a tight grasp of reality. LAL’s next title might not come this era, but on the next incarnation of Kobe.

    • Kobe Bryant says:

      Walking out and defeated in the first round of playoff. More precisely, bye bye to my dream of getting 6th championship.

  12. Thats okay .. Dwight is Dwight ! COWARD! Move forward and pick good pieces of PLAYERS.. MITCH is MITCH when we decide every GM’s CRY!

  13. kobe5x says:

    champs those two

  14. cpthinde says:

    I think the Lakers are better off w/o Dwight anyway…..I’m not a Laker fan (Knicks fan) but having a starting 5 of: Nash, Kobe, Metta, Hill, & Pau is still a playoff team and if they gel the right way, possibly a Conference Finals team.

    • tsurod says:

      How are they better without Howard? They are old and have a coach that as a Knick fan you should already know is terrible. Simply put the Lakers picked a coach over a player and the player said dueces. I do not blame Dwight. Feel bad for Kobe but the Laker front office screw this up bad. Would have been better off signing and trading him at least they could have got something back.

    • Tom says:

      are you high? That starting 5 is headed straight for a high lottery pick and their bench is even worse. Not to mention Nash is ancient, Kobe is badly injured, Metta’s crazy, Hill’s raw, Pau is scared of the ball and they have the worst coach in the league.

      • Orrak says:

        I think Lakers will be ok. When LBJ leaved cavaliers, no one expected cavaliers to bounce that fast. This year they will be a playoff team and next season maybe contenders. It will take about 3 seasons for Lakers to recover and they will be on top again.
        In NBA if you do have money it is really easy to turn thing around(look Heat) and Lakers have money.
        For Kobe, I think he´s time is over anyway. He will still compete, but will have to do a lot more pump fakes. Even now Kobe will be one of the best Laker of all time if not the best. Anyway it is a business, I am very sure if there was a way to secure a title by trading Kobe Lakers would to this, and in that sence why hate on Dwight. It was a business decision. I am a Utah Jazz fan and the best thing to do at this point I think is to Lakers is to be really bad this season, as next draft is really promising. Reamember what happened when they drafted Magic.

  15. habaconia says:

    I smell a Christmas game…

  16. Gary says:

    LA need to do what Boston did, wholesale! Kobe’s 34 and Nash is 40, that’s the reason Dwight left, Andrew Bynum is now available.

    • Shawn K says:

      Andrew Bynum is available, ntil he goes bowling again. He’s just too much of a risk with his injuries.

  17. alex monarrez says:

    kobe with fine,I think is way over rated player,hes a good player at best, but it wasnt a fit, move on its better for both teams.greg oden baby break out time for him!!!

  18. Philippines says:

    We don’t need Howard….

    Laker Nation 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. all3n iv3rson says:

    hahaha kobe hurry up and retire

  20. Jumppong says:

    yeah. Gasol is extremely loyal to the lakers. but he is the one who is always involve in trading. much better have Gasol rather than Dwight

    • Toocrunk says:

      The need to trade Gasol away and get Josh Smith. Gasol knees are just not the same. I love the Lakers, but the need some younger players to get up and down the court. Kobe can still run, but Gasol can’t. When they face teams like OKC their age really show.

  21. Sid says:


  22. justin says:


  23. Jimmy Buckets says:

    LOL kobe still is trying to use twitter to feel relevant. Can not wait for his final season

  24. 0917vince says:

    Mamba, we will be waiting! Can’t wait for the MJ type revenge ala BJ Armstrong style!

  25. Ash says:

    aw :3

  26. Michael Peloton says:

    Kobe is a true winner and competitor. Howard doesnt feel very comfortable playing alongside kobe since the kbmaster demands perfection from Howard. Howard has to find his own niche by playing his best basketball with the Rockets. The dwightmare is again finally over. Howard should prove himself in the court that he is the most dominating big man in the league. At this point on, talk is cheap, Howard should just let his game speak to prove himself.

  27. J says:

    dwight is a douche

  28. Epik Sauce says:

    What about Nash..

  29. Chris Ross says:

    This Dwightmare saga still hasn’t ended I don’t think. It’s not going to be all sunshines and rainbows with the Rockets as he thought it would be with the Lakers. These things don’t magically work out. Nevertheless, this is the right decision for him from a bball stand point and it will be interesting to watch this team grow with Dwight Howard along for the ride.


  30. New Guy says:

    They don’t need him, I’m not a laker fan but I do have major respect for this team. I know they will be fine and find other guys to make the team better.

    • trollthat says:

      they should’ve try harder to get Paul Millsap. He would’ve given them young legs and great talent. Now he is gone…

      • Clippers Fan says:

        Not quite sure but I think Millsap agreed to a deal with another team before the Friday that D12 announced the team he was choosing, so the Lakers couldn’t be rumored to be involved in getting Millsap while trying to convince D12 to stay with the Lakers.

  31. guillermo says:

    Its a bit sad because you know that theoretically Howard could have made a big impact.

    Truth is he didn’t… I’m actually kind of glad he left, i think its best for Lakers at the end.

    Howard will never be a top player, I doubt he can even make hall of fame.

    • octopus3 says:

      Don’t be ridiculous, 3 time DPoY, multiple block and rebound titles, multi-time all star, the DpoYs alone make him a lock, quite honestly. I don’t like him either, hell he didn’t exactly do much (if anything) for my team, but the guy can play basketball extremely well, and is still a top 5 big man in the game right now

    • vinomamba says:

      howard belongs to hall of shame

    • Keko123 says:

      Howard will never be a top player?!? are you kidding me? Most dominant big man over the last 7-8 seasons, but yeah you’re right, he is a joke…. All you Lakers fans get over it…start the rebuild

  32. user says:

    Howard wants to be team star. that’s way he decided to go houston

  33. Aquila says:

    I Highly doubt the rockets will win a title with Dwight Howard ultimately that’s what matters judging from what happened last season Dwight was all fun.. He doesn’t have the clutch genes in him that can help take a team to a championship level… He’s all hype and the media helps increase that hype…. rather have a big man that plays the game with moves around the paint just like the old days…. none of these athletic dunkers who get way more recognition than they deserve

  34. I Love Basketball says:

    I’m not a Laker fan but after I heard the news that D.Howard is leaving the L.A. Lakers and to join the Houston Rockets, I kinda feel so sorry for them. Hope that the L.A Lakers can now move on and try to chase a player like J.Smith. What can J.Smith provide for the Lakers? Well, I’m 100% sure that he can play defense very well. He can play the 3rd/ 4th position very well. Even though J.Smith is not a good jump shooter, at least the Lakers can find someone who can replace D.Howard in defending the rim.


    Starting line up:

    PG S.Nash
    SG K.Bryant
    SF M.World Peace
    PF J.Smith
    C. P.Gasol

    Back up:
    PG S.Blake/ A.Brooks (SAFA)
    SG J.Meeks
    SF Andrei Kirilenko (SAFA)
    PF C.Landry/ J.Hickson (SAFA)
    C J.Hill

    *SAFA – Sign as free agent

    • DRUMMERCASH says:

      …I truly like this set up. I would still find a way 2 get Odom & Bynum.

    • youssefziady says:

      Are you dreaming? Ain’t nobody got cap for that.

      • DRUMMERCASH says:

        cap 4 what? Bynum & L.O. can sign 4 mid-level exceptions. Btw, if there is a sign & trade, LA can trade D12 to the Rockets 4 Asik & get Josh Smith 4 Asik’s salary, plus draft picks.

      • trollthat says:

        Bynum sucks… and Oden is Bynum 2.0. They should have pushed to sign Smith and Millsap. That would’ve cost them the same as getting Howard. Now they have sign with different teams and the Lakers are left with nothing. What Howard did to Orlando and to LA now is worst, far worst than what LeBron did to the Cavs, and Howard has done it twice. Screw up their chances to get better. Is like he is thinking: “There is no way I will stay here, but let me make them believe they have a chance, and keep them from getting any real talent on the market until is to late”. What a douche!

  35. tapk says:

    Why do everybody say Howard is the bad one here?

    The lakers traded for him , when he said he wanted to go to another team (nets) , so the only fault here is the Lakers!
    Also the coach they picked (mike d) was a terrible choice to lure a guy that is a center and wants to play half-court offense , cause he plays 8 seconds offense , thats not even basketball.

    Best of luck to D12 , now just sign josh smith and we have a HEAT vs Rockets final next year. Im sure rockets will win something in the next 2 years if nobody gets a serious injury.

  36. ed22 says:

    go with bynum again…

  37. HBBOARDER says:

    Pau & Kobe have two rings and that was when Bynum missed half of both of those championships and was a non factor in the finals. Two big men era is over. Just need a young PG and some outside shooting. Oh yeah and let’s let Jeannie run the team and get rid of the POS Jim Buss……Him and his ego are a Cancer to the legacy of his father.

  38. neo200217 says:

    This is a bit of disappointing turn of event as a Lakers fan… But could be good on the other end since Howard does not really making a big impact on the team… Well, for me I hope they would land Stephen Curry and Roy Hibbert to Lakers… This could be a great combination with the other veterans for another championship run… Good luck Lakers…..

  39. alex monarrez says:

    i meant kobe will be fine,i think howard is over rated player,he is a good player at best,howard and the lakers just didnt click,It was better for both partys to part different ways.

  40. alex monarrez says:

    greg oden to the lakers agree anyone?

    • DRUMMERCASH says:

      …No Greg Oden. He has not played a full season since college. How about Bynum & Odom/Asik.

  41. Johnny says:

    All the sudden everyone in the Lakers organization, is in love with Pau Gasol. I think it is unfair for a guy who has showed loyalty and has stuck with the team after all the negative rumors he had to face during the last two seasons. Pau will have his last opportunity to probe to himself and everyone who doubted of him, that he can still be a key player to the Lakers Organization.
    And if Kobe want’s to win another ring, he needs to let go of his ego and be a real team player,
    LA needs to work collaboratively in all levels of the organization to achieve the goal of winning another championship they need to prevent at all cause any conflicts and distractions between team members. It is going to be difficult but not impossible.

  42. Lee says:

    Is funny how the Lakers fans take shots at Howard and blame him for leaving, #1 Coach D’ntoni is not the coach to take the Lakers to a championship just look what he did for the Suns and Knicks…he did nothing for them. A coach that only thinks about his offense instead of defense and doesn’t know how to develop big men if he did Amare Stoudamire would be a much better player. He doesn’t even know how to use Gasol and Gasol and has a low post game..#2 Kobe, there is a reason why Shaq got traded out of LA, because doesn’t like playing inside out he likes it outside in and he has said it. If it was Jackson coaching Howard, he would have stayed knowing Phil would know how to use him effectively.

  43. Tyrone says:

    They need Josh Smith and a bench upgrade. They’ll be a dangerous team if they can get those two things – but probably not a championship contender.

  44. Coward says:

    Man, I’m glad it’s over. let that coward walk. Now call Houston up and see if they can help us get the money back.

  45. daryle says:

    Howard is not worth it he is nothing but a Diva he isn’t that good and he was saying just last off season things will be different in LA now he left there because he didn’t get his way all the time he is just big baby with out very good offense great defender but that only gets you so far he can not lead a team by himself he needs a leader on the court to make him look good. LA is better off

  46. I knew signing dwight for 1 year was a terrible choice and if dwight did not sign with la last year lakers wouldve been top seed because of all the free throws he missed

  47. yessss i love you kobe

  48. nelly says:

    SHAQ is the real superman….not dwight coward

  49. Barneys says:

    I`m happy that Drama Queen left LA. We will be fine if Jim Buss steps down.

  50. Naren says:

    Howard should have finished what he started.this is absolutely ridiculous.he can’t just keep changing teams ever year.he ain’t a team player self centered idiot

  51. tigi says:

    Dwight never had the heart to be a Laker. Could not make a free throw to save his life, slippery hands, cant hold on to the ball.. Let him be gone from our minds.

  52. lolnba says:

    kobe+pau=chams kobe has played through hard stuff like lamar odom leaving injurys and now dwight howard he”s tuff lakes nation

  53. CE says:

    Laker nation.. Don’t get mad because DH12 found a better home than the lakers.. Bottom line lakers are going down hill as long as kobe is still there… he’s a ball hog and he’s old and dosn’t deserve to play anymore..

    • DRUMMERCASH says:

      u were probably cheering “KOBE, KOBE, KOBE” when were winning championships then, huh! u probably hate the patriots 2, now, rite?

    • 0_o? says:

      Exactly!! Kobe is a Great offensive player but his ego is bigger than planet Earth. does not trust his teammates. im surprised Pau has not yet decided LA because of how they treat him. Like Phil said, Kobe is not a good leader unlike MJ..i feel sorry for Nash and Pau..

      • Shawn K says:

        Honestly, I think Mark Cuban said it best when he said the Lakers should’ve amnestied Kobe. Yes, Kobe is still a great player and is arguably the best player ever. But he is getting old and is becoming prone to injuries. I think the Lakers should of amnestied Kobe and maybe trade Gasol and MWP to get younger players/future draft picks.

      • Shawn K says:

        Also, I think the Lakers should of tried to trade to get a young point guard that could of learned under Steve Nash. Just a thought

  54. mike says:

    D12 has two major reasons to the lakers Namely, (1)The couch (2) The couch. The lakers has no couch .The death of Dr Buss has left lakers in the cold.Jim and Mitch has the opportunity to hire a couch but they failed.

    For lakers to be relevant again, They have to hire a couch and go after Andrew Bynuum now. This young man is better than D12 if he could be motivated. At least he can make free throw in the last minute of the game. Jim should swallow his pride now and think of the project his father left for him and his siblings.

    • Kanter says:

      Pretty sure the last thing Dwight needs is a new couch… He’s lazy enough as it is!

    • Queirós says:

      That’s the problem, I knew those damn chairs were the problem. Why not a courtside couch, complete with some soda and popcorn???

    • LebronFan says:

      What?! LA’s got plenty of nice couches from what i’ve heard… diamond studded couches, velour couches, leather couches… i didnt think D12 was that hard to please seeing as how LA’s got such a wide selection of couches

  55. x says:

    think logic fans, he just choose the best decision in his mind.
    the best place for him for years
    i’m miami fans and i don’t care what else gonna happen to lakers or howard
    but just be logic

  56. gnik911 says:

    you won two rings with pau…none with dwight…pau is way better in the post.we just need an active pf to help out with D and we’re all set…

  57. Jesus says:

    Arrrrriiiibbbbba REDNATION!!!!

  58. Amsh94 says:

    How does the old saying go ? “Some are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them.” Howard couldn’t bear the weight of the Laker’s franchise that fell upon him. Not everyone is cut out to play under the lights and cope withe the pressure of being the face of the franchise and mind you this is the Laker’s Hollywood’s team you can’t get much more pressure. All that’s left to say is good luck Dwight, I may not respect the player but I can respect his ability even though it was sub-par this season. For all ailing Laker fans, Kobe and Pau have never left they city and their fans hanging, They will give it their all, heart and soul. Let’s just hope we see Kobe get his 6th ring when the smoke clears.

  59. Sam want Pinoy or Indo girl says:

    Right now in Kobe mind said “I Will see you Dwight in play-off”

  60. Roseller says:

    Kobe gasol is better a superstar and allstar, unlike miami 3superstar.,

  61. cesar says:

    Bring Bynum back!

  62. kobebayag says:

    kobe dont cry hahaha you just using strong teammates and take the spotlight weak kobe .. TMAC>KOBE

  63. KK says:

    One word – LOYALTY

  64. Cali4nia luv los213 says:

    Lakers nid to search for a new guy for this season, kobe will out definetly go for josh smith i think josh will fit with nash and gasol and look for another shooting guard while kobe is not there.

  65. Cali4nia luv los213 says:

    Howard is not a big player if bynum is healthy the best center if bynum not howard cause bynum can shoot outside and can take freetrow that howard cant do.

  66. Pitch says:

    Dwight is a curse… let him go… Lakers will be better…

  67. Stefelec says:

    Dwight…. Rubbish!! Rant over!!!

  68. bry says:

    good riddance
    aren’t the lakers fan relieved that howard is gone?!
    gl to rockets now lol

  69. kb24 says:

    Mitch is the only GM in the NBA who screw up big time and not get fired. At least.

  70. Lakers ! Please go sign the Sac. Kings center. He’s bigger, younger & mor offensively skilled. .. & let Kobe mentor him to become mentally tough.

    • Drummercash says:

      …I like it. Cousins would be good, but he would need to be ready to “grow up” overnight. Come to think of it, whats up with these 7 foot babies in the NBA. Its like the bigger you are in the NBA, the more child like they act. I would have a serious talk with Sacremento and Cousins; if there is a mutual understanding that he is to become a Laker and behave/play as one, then make it happen.

  71. D12@&$ says:

    This is for D12. Signing for the rockets makes no difference. Still you cant get a ring. Leaving the LA LAKERS is the worst th
    Ing youve made. goodluck D12 make sense! And kobe we hope lead the team in another ring. GOLAKERSGO

  72. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    It’s best to get Andrew back.. He’s better than Dwight.. Maybe now he is more mature.. Try to get Josh Smith and a good PG.. It would be hard to get that 17th ring but we will support you all the way..

  73. nonebeatsangel says:

    As you all can imagine, today is party day in Spain. Shame Calderón has chosen Mavs instead of LA…

  74. hmpf says:

    seems like all you laker fans are hurt howard didnt want to resign with you guys. least he didnt take more money to play on a team that wont do much, and took less money to try to win

  75. It does not mean if you change team you will be champion. Even howard goes to houston and even if they add smith I think they cant beat oklahoma and san antonio.just do hack of howard when the game is on the line.

  76. Greg Olson says:

    If you’re a Timberwolves basketball fan your first reaction when McHale was “FINALLY” fired as the GM of the Timberwolves was pure exhaustion. Sit back and cringe because he is about to wreck the Houston Rockets. He is signing the NBA’s biggest cry baby, Dwight Howard. He has been in the league for several years now, is a stunning physical specimen, and doesn’t have a clue how to play basketball. He got his coach fired in Orlando then demanded to be traded. He ended up with the Lakers who thought they would carry on their tradition of Hall of Fame Centers. In their pitch to get him to re-sign as a free agent Kobe Bryant told him h could teach him to be a winner. He told people that pissed him off….even though he hasn’t ever won anything. I wouldn’t hire him to wash towels for my team. The Lakers should pick up Bynum and try to sign Chris Kaman too. Bynum liked playing with LA. If they gave him a longer term contract they wouldn’t have to give him much. Kamen at least knows how to play which is more than you can say for Howard. Both of these guys would work well with Gasol.

  77. Iping says:

    piste ng kobe na.. bogo kaayo… sakto ra mawala si howard sa lakers… BOGO KOBE!!

  78. gazark says:

    dont blame it all to Dwight. iam a lakers fan too, but Mike D’antoni’s system doesnt fit Dwight nor Kobe nor Pau. Mitch Kupchak is just too impatient with Mike Brown’s system or dish out Phil Jackson when he fired Mike Brown. its Dwight’s Career so we cant do anything about it. if only the Lakers made a bold decision on the coaching changes if would have been different case now.

  79. Clay says:

    Howard seriously sucked on L.A. Lakers should take back Bynum.

  80. It takes years before you become a champion like oneal when he become lakers 1996. Like lebron after a year before he won his first ring. Houston now is like the atlanta team with james harden ala joe johnson , howard ala horford and josh smith.lakers get a new coach and fire mitch.

  81. BigLuke says:

    Oooh Kobe…Waaaaah!

  82. Steven says:

    Heat fan so no biast opinions. The Lakers will be better off without Dwight. He seems like he would be a nightmare to work with and the Lakers were better before he came along. My opinion? Don’t go for another star, use the money freed up from Dwight to get a solid bench. Gasol can go back to his true position in Center and they can find a decent Power Forward to compliment the skillset at LA. Gasol will play better with Howard gone and I believe Nash will have settled next season. Nash was never a tremendously athletic player so age isn’t too much of an issue with him. Lakers will be 6th seed or higher next season 🙂

  83. Jme says:

    hahaha man lakers are screwed its all about the new big 3 Harden, Parsons and Howard. No more rings for Kobe before he retires.

  84. JOJO says:

    Wouldnt surprise me if tomorrow dwight changes his mind and stays!!!

  85. orlando says:

    lets move on to d12 because lakers is the best d12 is not so good and to self fish..

  86. Shadz says:

    Who Know’s Lakers might sign back Andrew Bynum

  87. Heat fan453 says:

    Kobe will never get close to another ring again as long as the big three are around

  88. Heat fan453 says:

    Lakers will be losers for a long time with a old Kobe and after Kobe is gone

  89. BOXER says:

    Bring back Bynum, he can help again the LA LAKERS to win trophy

  90. BOXER says:

    D howard is athletic but lack the talent of true Dominant player .

  91. orlando says:

    gets josh smith and andrew bynum.. to lakers…………………………………..

  92. Karen says:

    DH was a mistake from the beginning, really bad decision by Jim Buss & Mitch Kupchak, another bad decision is D’Antoni.
    Would be great to bring Lionel Hollins w/Marc Gasol & Mike Conley, now that would be a Championship lineup!

  93. Bruce says:

    “Dwight is a crybaby”…. “Good riddance Dwight” …..”Dwight is overrated”….. “Pau is better than Dwight anyways” ….

    It’s funny that the same fans that wanted Pau traded the last 2 seasons are now singing his praises. Can’t make fun of a guy or diminish his talents just because he chooses a different team. I’m a fan of the Lakers but I am also a fan of basketball. Howard is easily one of the top 3 centers. Just cause he’s not joining the Lakers doesn’t change the fact that he’s a solid player.

    I think this is why people hate Laker fans. They come up with the most ignorant comments. I’m starting to dislike some of them too. I wish they would just join the Miami bandwagon already.

    Yes this is a blow to the Lakers for the 2013-2014 season, (because they can’t sign anyone new due to cap space issues) which was a disappointing moment for me personally, but I still look forward to see what a healthy Kobe, Nash, and Pau could do. The Blake/Nash backcourt will be interesting to watch.

  94. AKRON_JAMES says:

    Trying is good. Trying too hard is not good. I think u have forced things too much Kobe, like selffishly Kicking Shaq and recruting a lot of great players to help u win championship. Let it Go, and just admit u just need to accept this is not ur Era anymore. Let it Go. and play while you still can. Good Luck.

  95. Oz says:

    The Black Mamba is big crybaby drama queen!!!!

  96. Wilt #13 says:

    I LOVE how Fakers fans are now saying that D12 is not important and they are better without him.
    You fans are probebly the wrost fans in the NBA.
    Alot of Lakers fans said that they should trade Pau because he cannot play,And now when I read these comments I saw how much you love him now and he is the second best player on the team.WOW
    I know that all of you wanted D12 To stay and play for the Lakers because you know you dont have a chance winning and even going to the playoffs without him.
    Kobe is old and coming off a career ending injury and Nash is 40 years old and pau is not the same player as he was in 2010.
    Oh right and you have no bench at ALL.
    Good Luck to the Lakers but I dont see them a Playoff team atleast now.

  97. Thor12 says:

    At least I don’t have to watch Dwight get stripped on ~50% of his post moves anymore. Athletic… yes; good post player… no.

  98. LA says:

    I hope lakers sign both josh smith and oden

  99. Jadegrant says:

    let’s pray that the Lakers will be all Healthy next season.

  100. marvin says:

    transferring to another team is cowardly? i find it the other way arnd. mostly players just wait for them to be shifted. dwight never said he’ll stay with lakers.

  101. Karlo Garcia says:

    I’m just glad that Howard made his decision(really) I think his agent did & that it’s over & done with. I think Howard just wanted 2 play with Bryant not sure if he was trying 2 help win a championship with the Lakers. It did not look like it to me.

  102. Heisenberg says:

    Lakers then. Lakers now. Lakers forever. Lakers will always be #1. Kobe, Pau, Ron, Nash. I hope they get it done next season.

  103. Elyx says:

    Wait, i thought Pau forgot to put on his…. “big boy’s pants”?

    Kobe is a great baller, easily top 15 ever, but as a teammate he’s egoistic, disrespectful and unappreciative. never liked Dwight but good move.

  104. commentator says:

    they should sign josh smith as fast as possible bec he might be the only hope of lakers next year to be a cotender

  105. jack23 says:

    with kobe still in the line up, expect this guys will push it to make their run,..that is if D Antoni is not in the helm to direct, fire D Antoni and get a good one…Lakers will make the playoffs..

  106. michael mcbride says:

    let all the haters hate dwight… the lakers didn’t utilize dwight or nash last season kobe was bringing the ball up. nash and gasol should have been throwing dwight lobs all season. but ofcourse mamba has the green light. he didn’t start focusing on team play and utilizing other talent till the end of the season making a playoff push. there was damn near Zero chemistry, or brotherhood look on that team.

    they were getting on gasols case all season thats why he was like forget rehab towards the end. ya he got two rings with kobe but still was part of trade talks all the time. now mamba wants to counter back with that picture . you have got to be kidding me. earl clark is def a positive for la’s future though

  107. RFAM says:

    A good face to the bad weather, Howard his no longer in the teem!!!!, LA most move on, and I insist Lakers most have a GOOD COACH that’s not questionable. Unforgivable LA “GM” is blind, hi doesn’t realize you need a good coach to get together a teen with 3 stars. So Mr. GM what IS YOUR NEX MOVE?

  108. nickd1279 says:

    I’m not the biggest Howard fan but how can everybody get mad at him for making his own decision to go somewhere else to win a ring. You earn that right as a “free agent” to go wherever you want to go. I have a lot of respect for kobe and the lakers but it doesn’t mean everybody has to line up and kiss the rings and automatically go there and follow the people who left their former teams to go to L.A. I applaud Dwight for wanting to go somewhere besides the almighty Lakers.

  109. jaypee quijano says:

    so nice for the lakers next season . no hack a dwight system for the lakers . howard=coward

  110. Kilam says:

    Gasol is a man, a real sportman and a guy who knows what´s being a Laker represents. At the other end you have the doll Howard, always bitchin and laughing as he plays. Best center in basketball? He´s a joke.

  111. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    what a glorious day! props to dwight for choosing the right way, teaming with a ballhog will get him nowhere, one who dictates everything and wants all the ball to himself, everyone gets old its time that ballhogging goes back a player aint who he once was, time to step back and be a MAN and let others ake charge. or just retire for the better of the team and stop trying so hard getting all individual stats for himself

  112. Lemon says:

    Physically DHO is amazing, mentally he doesn’t give a flying ‘whatever’!
    I can see him going to a different team every year just to get extra bucks.
    I wish he would go to a team with a strong coach so they can make
    something out of him, but that’s just not happening.

  113. Tal says:


  114. Michael Jan David Andres says:

    Dwight COWARD!

  115. Marvin says:

    No worry of Dwight, He got no winning mentality anyway, free him and acquire some potential stars. I am sure is better this way

  116. Landrum says:

    Howard is a BUMB! He has no loyalty to any team, cry’s like a little GURL when he doesn’t get his way, backstabs his teammates and coaches, talks out of both sides of his mouth and as soon as he doesn’t get his way, or something happens that he doesn’t like, he will revert back to his lttle Gurl childish divisive unprofessional ways! The guy is a loser! I’m not a Laker fan! I am an NBA fan. HE IS THE TO OF THE NBA!

  117. Landrum says:


  118. Matej says:

    we dont need Howard, we need Phil !!!

  119. Toocrunk says:

    If the Lakers don’t pick up Josh Smith or Roy Hibbert then they have no chance of getting a championship. They NEED some young players! Hell The Lakers need to pick up Josh Smith and Hibbert to be honest. This can be done with D12 out of the picture.

  120. Big Al says:

    I always wanted Dwight to stay, but Houston is the right choice now that he decided to go elsewhere. It must have been traumatic for him to be swept rather easily by the Spurs in the playoffs. And he probably just didn’t have that vibe with Kobe. Howard is the playful, somewhat happy-go-lucky guy while Bryant means serious business each time he plays.

    At least the Lakers could have tried trading him for Asik and Lin. The focus now is to find an effective big man, a proper backup SF and give Mamba a backcourt with real substance.

  121. W/E says:

    lol, kobe crying, his team wont make the playoffs this year R.I.P Lakers.

  122. S says:

    I liked Kobe. When he was yong . Now the lakers should start over.

    Time for the. MIAMI HEAT .

  123. Face the facts, bandwagoners says:

    You Laker fans need to accept the fact that the Los(t) Angeles Lakers are entering rebuilding mode with a rapid pace very soon. The Kobe Bryant era was finished with his injury. He’s been in the league for 17 years and will probably retire in the next 2 seasons. So don’t get your hopes up. Besides, all you have left is an aging team that has the wrong head coach. Steve Nash, i love that boy, but he’s a veteran, so are Peace and others. The Lakers best choice is to rebuild around young players, Jordan Hill, Jodie Meeks and others. Gasol, Bryant, Peace, Jamison, Nash, all old. Today’s NBA is a young men’s game.

  124. Sid.s says:

    I liked Kobe. When he was yong . Now the lakers should start over.

    Time for the. MIAMI HEAT .

    And LEBRON

  125. waltiv26 says:

    I am glad he is gone! He was more of a distraction to the team than it was worth. Pau is by far a better player than Dwight, not as physical but his basketball IQ and his fundamentals are superior. The lakers are better off with the cap space than they would have been if they had re-signed Dwight. I do not see Dwight becoming the dominant player he should be. I am happy he is gone. Our Lakers will have a rough road ahead of them, but they will rebuild and the will once again dominate after a couple of dissapointing years. Let’s go Kobe! Finish out your legacy with a couple more rings! We love you!

  126. Steve says:

    Let’s face it, not too many people want to play alongside Kobe and deal with his ego. You have detached head coach and all other players around you are up in age. The better question is, why would you leave!!!!! If Kobe does not play well because of his injury, where would that have left Dwight after this upcoming season? The future of the Lakers are doomed and the fans need to realize that fact…….

  127. Main0 says:

    Reason why Dwight left and lakers barely made the playoffs good old mike dantoni and Jim buss.. Good decision Dwight I didn’t like mike in ny and he’s definitely not a good fit for the lakers… This new look lakers are not the ones we group up with they need a turn around

  128. Mike Martin says:

    Howard is a loser and a quitter and a coach killer. I feel sorry for McHale and Houston fans.

  129. Marcos Rodriguez says:

    Howard WILL NOT win a ring…..he is a cry baby starved for attention….look at the circus he created last year….I feel sorry for the Rockets because they think they hae a winner…..he could have had something special in LA and messed it up. I am not a Laker fan and laugh everytime a team like the Lakers or Celtics looses out on a player I could not be happier. But actually think the Lakers will be better of without Howard.

  130. Marcos Rodriguez says:

    Howard WILL NOT win a ring…..he is a cry baby starved for attention….look at the circus he created last year….I feel sorry for the Rockets because they think they have a winner…..he could have had something special in LA and messed it up. I am not a Laker fan and laugh everytime a team like the Lakers or Celtics looses out on a player I could not be happier. But actually think the Lakers will be better of without Howard.

  131. Mark says:

    You can talk trash all you want about kobe but the man has proved that he is a winner and most of all a complete competitor. I would love to have him on any team of mine and I am a Celtic fan. The man can play the game. I look at all the players now and try to imagine them playing in the 80s and there are only a handful that would have made it and Kobe is one of them. Good Luck Kobe

  132. Jazz217 says:

    Who needs dwight? Ringless, loser who couldnt manage the beauty of LA. We should be happy that he is gone.Besides, what did he do for us? Win games? Step up when kobe was gone for the last few games? No. Only pau, MWP, jamison and meeks did that. So he was a capspace-eater for us good that he’s gone

  133. laker4life says:

    koby and the lakers won rings without dwight they can do it again while dwight will be still loooking for his big boy p[ants

  134. The Old Days says:

    The way I see it the Lakers and Celtics hit their highs and lows together. The Celtics basically just destroyed their roster so they could rebuild. The Lakers need to do the same. Maybe let Pau and Kobe go out Lakers but other than that, it’s time to start again. The Celtics and the Lakers. They go together…highs and lows.

  135. KAPPA KAITO (CHICAGO) says:


  136. pat_on_the_back says:

    Kobe is sooooooooo bitter.

  137. FrankL2010 says:

    Lakers should get back Bynum and sign Josh Smith. They should be better without COWARD. And by the way, goodluck Mr. Harden and McHale, you’ll have a BIG but IMMATURE guy now on your back

  138. first of all good news for rockers and great for lakers because only few people country no sports. last year when lakers sign haword very few people including myself said it wasn’t good move. #1 haword is libelity to any team he plays we all understand defensively he is a bears in case i will take regi evans all day a lone wan’t win you the lary o we need ofence hawored don’t have that. let me take you guys back the 2009 nba final between lakers and magic who miss that freetrow that would have won them the game that fact and since then is same haward. shoting 45% at line my son is 8 yaers old he shot 60% even haword jump hook is not good and dou is 27 serven. if he didn’t have it all this year he not going to have nown.so i don’t lakers should sad about it. instead should happy. they should get lamar odum that is what win us the back to 4 years ago. lakers fan we have the best player after m.j the black manba rememba that. there is some uneducated media and radio show who don’t no anything about sports. because the last i check tim duncan and san antio should have been champions and they are the olders team in n.b.a.

  139. NoPlayoffInTheNxt10years says:

    the only good news here is that Lakers will definitely in contention for the 1st Overall Pick every year…

  140. JCS says:


  141. ezequiel says:

    the lakers whith no howard is same

    contract other center and playing better to win over rokets and howard

  142. Omit Logic says:

    Lakers fans are turn coats! You guys were all up in arms when he arrived last year. All I heard from Lakers fans was how they were going to destroy the Heat in the finals. Now the guy is a coward because he left. Pau should have left too as much criticism he receives in LA. Truth, Kobe can’t win without a dominant big man! Lakers team and fans are fickle! #LAKERSFANS=CAVALIERFANS!

  143. claudio says:

    lebron and cleveland had to leave to join chirs bosh dwayne wade pa to win

  144. LFK says:

    Sorry, KOBE you cant always WILL things to happen ….NOT EVERYBODY WANT TO BE A LAKER

  145. Narg says:

    I don’t understand how something like this makes news…..lame

  146. MOSSjr says:

    That’s the only consistent thing right now with this lakers team – CRISTICISMS… Their super “EGO” star can’t even accept the blame for himself. He continues badmouthing his teammates in social media. Hee really deserves the monicker – “MAGIC MAMBA/ BLACK MAMBA” because he’s s real snake… Watch out Pau, He’ll bite you next…!!!

  147. LFK says:


  148. Tony says:

    Lakers will suck this year, get the number 1 pick in the draft, and draft Andrew Wiggins. BAM!

  149. DONNIE says:

    lakers will be fine. they will not miss a beat without howard. rockets got the short of the deal. how do you think howard and harden will play together. harden is the man and howard is a cry baby. lakers just got better

    • lol says:

      how can you possibly say the lakers will be better with out one of the most dominant centers in the game. That comment is ridiculous and im an orlando fan

  150. Los Jackson says:

    Big Laker Fan. Not made @Dwight. He made the right decision. He went to the team that ready to make moves. Our Lakers are stuvk in the mud. BigLakerfan

  151. KingKong says:

    The picture says they are happy Howard is gone…Lol Lol

  152. Philly says:

    Iggy wasn’t the man in Philly, couldn’t seal the deal in Denver. Not the answer in Golden State.

  153. Los Jackson says:

    Not mad @Dwight. Stuck in the mud

  154. cotton says:

    glad he left. kobe is a crybaby, so he never get his 6th ring and hope lakers suck for the next 10 years. good luck superman your are on a better team a mans team that is built on hard work , not just bought by money like the FAKERS

  155. a few good men says:

    Laker Fans “Can you handle the truth…”

  156. #1 LAKER HATER says:

    Come on everybody. Lets on hold hands and have a silent prayer for the LA Lakers. A once doniment francise, that paid very good money for each and every championship they’ve won…Hell!! The paid for the 90’s Chiago Bulls, Right?
    Now with Doc Buss gone and his kids running the farm, even if Dwight had of stayed they would have did what they did last year, which was LOSE!… D12 just saw the writing on the wall, so don’t HATE! APPRECIATE! A good decision.

    CLIPPERNATION BABY!!!!!! RISE AND REPRESENT 2013/2014. It’s about time.

    • Bruce says:

      I’m always curious to know what team these Clipper fans came from before CP3 arrived? I bet they will flock to Miami once the Clippers fail to win the championship this season…

      • Mando says:

        I’m a Laker fan but love my clippers big time too, but dude until we get a championship we shouldn’t be hating, Lakers still own this Town no matter what . Dont forget what the rest of the U.S. screams all the Time – Beat L.A. that’s cause of the Lakers

    • Shawn K says:

      Go Clippers!!!! Taking over L.A!!!!

  157. Smooth says:

    Nash Kobe metta hill and Gasol -_- and u got a old players and sucky depth and the worst coach mike D ANTONI so they win 13 games next season but to get a ring they need to rebuild around kobe like get a young PG and a better SF and PF but Mitch is off his rocker so for the next 3 seasons lakers 1st pick of the nba draft for 3 seasons

  158. ali53now says:

    Am I the only one that feels like D’Antoni’s system is gonna work better now that the crybaby is gone? Kobe is gonna thrive not having to worry about Dwight Coward getting his touches whenever he wants.

  159. G 2 The D says:

    Right Now Howard is living off his reputation. After his play this last season, his value must have dropped. I think he needs a team that wont take that crap he does with all that childish behavior and demand he acts like a man. Suck it up and play and stop crying. Texas is know for great big men and if any of that don’t rub off on him then there is no hope for him elsewhere.

  160. Hag says:

    He never really fit in the team anyway, Bynum was way better in terms of contributing to the team. Let’s hope we get a handful of veterans and/or good names up on the floor this year, although things don’t look very competitive with D’Antoni around..

  161. pop says:

    kobe you are cry baby you think everybody wil kiss your butt or bow down to you.be happy you got rings.

  162. Hanktofa says:

    Shots fired my behind! Where was this picture at those years Pau was on the trading block?! So spare me the picture Kobe, it’s quite sad that you have no other options you post this unity picture. He’s so weak/corny!

  163. leo says:

    lakers are better without howard..what the lakers need are key role players to back kobe and pau and nash..thats all they need..they better bring back vujacic,farmar and shannon brown..those 3 guys contribute well during their back to back title ron..howard is maybe the greatest center in th nba right now..nut his not irreplaceable..more power to the lakers..go kobe..

  164. leo says:

    i agree to HAG by the way..i thought having howard around was great but it wasnt..bynum was the best fit,not him..

  165. Jim firster says:

    I know if I had the choice–pay the California taxes or pay the Texas taxes–I guarantee Texas is a lot better for the bottom line–he just won’t come out and say it like Phil Mickelson

  166. 901tenn says:

    No hard feelings let him leave the Lakers still rule…its the history of the team once a laker always a laker…love ya D-Howard have a great season with rockets…

  167. notevenalakerfan says:

    Im not even a Lakers fan and i’m saying the Lakers will be fine. Howard did nothing for them. Nash is better in the pick and roll with Gasol. They’ll be fine guys. Howard is good. But hes not that dominate of a player by a long shot

  168. Diego says:

    That’s probably interpretation of the picture. I see it differently.

  169. Steffen says:

    As a 25 yeah Laker fan, it’s always hard when your favorite team aint just coming off the finals as winners or losers and the roster is maintained or even buffed a bit. BUT.. I’d can not feel any better that Dwight is gone, already. It’s good for LA and prolly good for Dwight as well, not that I care 2 cents about him.

    As of timing LA actually have perfect timing. Next years draft is s’pose to be very talented and there’s coming some major people into restricted freeagency. Also I be wearing a Celtics cap all 2015-2016 season if Heat aint broken up by then. There’s noway Wade is up for another run and I doubt Bosh is staying or even avoiding to be traded for some kinda of a real bigs buddy/off/defrebs and rim protection. Lebron could possibly be hunted for if LA manage to get a couple of good young players in along with a few really good players via freeagency.
    Obviously it’ll mean that Gasol is traded for picks or young talent along with Meta and Nash if anyone needs a back up PG and maybe shop Kobe if he wants too/retire as the hero he’s been or amnisty him. Cap space solved.
    If LA takes the right decisions they might have picked a perfect time to dismantle for the future.

  170. Aaron says:

    People always want to compare Jordan to Kobe. Well one big difference is Jordan could win without a big man Kobe cannot. Yes Jordan had Pippin but if you look at Kobe’s roster he had somebody on his team also that put up numbers comparable to Pippin as well. There is no comparison Kobe is not near the player Jordan was…

  171. Brian says:

    This is good for the Lakers. Dwight needs to learn how to play the game. Get some offensive moves. He is overrated and will never win a championship.

  172. David says:

    All of you saying lakers this lakers that. enjoy your short lived arrogance.
    I wasnt worried when shaq left and the lakers struggled for couple of years until pau gasol trade. and we all know what happened, back to back championship and three straight finals appearance.
    So laker fans, hold your horses. SHAQ DIESEL left lakers before and we bounced back shortly. thankfully, this time, its a player like dwight howard, who has less post moves than kobe bryant who plays SG.
    in a bigger picture, dwight is nothing compared to shaq. just hang in there for a year as the lakers will shock the rest of the NBA with all the players they net in the summer of 2014 with books that has nothing but steve nash’s final year of contract.
    thats why the lakers sit at a different level than the rest of the nba. 16 championship banners dont lie. make no mistake, lakers are a special and unique franchise.

    • steven says:

      not lakers fan myself but im looking forward to what the lakers pull off next summer.

  173. Mando says:

    If only the so call Coach would sign somewhere else, we would be OK. Lakers Always

  174. Houston guy says:

    I would like to thank the following:

    Kobe B.
    Coach D’Antoni

    Money is good but this is not Benjamin after all.

  175. cpthinde says:

    TRUE Legends stay on one team their whole career…..obviously D12 is not a Legend. The bro Kobe is a Legend tho.

  176. JAY says:

    I’m really looking forward to watch the Lakers lose this season. KOBE will be crying about it for sure. Lakers are DONE, finally it’s about damn time.

  177. Ralph vargas says:

    Kobe and Paul will get the job done but get Brandon Jennings monta ellis

  178. Coby says:

    My Lakers will win a championship without Suckerman

  179. Tahj Gulley says:

    Kobe is the best he doesn’t need The weak superman Kobe and Gasol are the 1-2 Punch

  180. Heat fan453 says:

    Jorden had more then just pigpen he had grant ,Phil Jackson , and Dennis rodmen

  181. Edgar says:

    let’s see how it be the new season for Dwight. let’s see his performances comparing to the ones at LA. I’d expected more from him, according to what he is capable to do in the games. when at Orlando, he was a monster, dominating the tables. i think now that the new season for the Lakers without him, will be better than the past year. the realationship between Kobe and Gasol has significantly increased and the return of the first one is expected to see how Kobe are and if he is capable to pick up the team and take hem at least to the playof..

  182. Barbara Harvey says:

    Dwight is not championship material, he will never be a Kobe Bryant .He is a big cry baby.didn’t win in Orlando and will not win in Houston. Iam glad he’s not in Lakerland. He is not a serious person when it comes to winning, he just want to have fun. Well Dwight have all the fun you want to have at the Rockets expense

  183. Barbara says:

    The lakers will always be winners w/o Coward Howard.Lakernation will rise again

  184. Barbara says:

    Kobe is the best and I will bet on him any day of the wk and he is my favorite player. lakers Lamar is still a good option, I like him

  185. orlando fan says:

    howard was fine until he fired mike van gundy

  186. green dragon says:

    Dwight cannot make a free throw like shaq !! Shaq even admits, but Shaq said he had 2 low post moves go to everytime… Dwight has ZERO post moves

    • green dragon says:

      I sat 5th row and watched the warriors torch us and could not believe how bad Dwight was on Defense..and offense

  187. BoyHEAT says:

    As a HEAT fan…… I’m happy for the Lakers that they ditched that Coward from that city! I’ve started hating the Lakers since that crybaby cant handle his free agent issues maturely and now I can’t wait when the Lakers get back to a championship type contender to prove who is better between Kobe and Lebron. Now the bandwagon HEAT fans can get outta Miami and LA!

  188. LAKERFAN says:

    Lakers will make the playoffs. In 2011-12 season Lakers didn’t have Howard or Nash and still won the pacific title and were 3rd in the west Lakers are gonna make the 2014 playoffs!.

  189. Alex says:

    it’s mike antoni not D’ Antoni because he doesn’t play D. Dwight is a defensive machine. thats why it never worked.

  190. LakerDelusion says:

    Wow Laker fan Delusion never ceases to amaze me. Lakers are going to be a lotto team for the next few years. Kobe won’t be back until the 2ns half of the season, Nash is old as eff and you have NO BENCH. you BARELY squeaked into the playoffs past the Jazz with a lineup that should have made it to the finals. Luckily for the Lakers Silver will probably rig it for you guys to get Wiggins

  191. d12sincemagic says:

    lakers can do good basketball with their roster..just kick out d antoni

  192. Matt says:

    The NBA shop and the Lakers should have a jersey exchange for Dwight Howard jerseys like the Patriots are having for Aaron Hernandez. I don’t even want to look at my jersey anymore!!

  193. Derrick says:

    Lakers fans should not be mad at Dwight for leaving but mad at Jim buss for hiring Mike D. Antoni over Phil Jackson which resulting in Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers.

  194. smiley says:

    Lakers will be alright without dwight, would be at their best if buss jr. stays out of management and just keeps to writing checks.

  195. big M 68 says:

    So what’s the next move for the Lakers? Who’s under their radar?

  196. new orleans123 says:

    dwight howard didnt fit well into what lakers wanted do, thats plain and simple. Lakers need to go after a scorer to compliment black mamba, so he want have to take as many shots. They still have gasol who still have something in the tank. and i think world peace should come off the bench to give them more depth!but they will be fine next season and i hope Kobe gets the 6th ring!!!

  197. LONG LIVE KOBE 24

  198. stupidlakersfana says:

    cant the Lakers just die off already? or at least get out of my hometown….they suck…their fans are delusional, and they bring a bad attitude to the city itself….i hope they leave, and Kobe breaks his neck on the way out.

  199. green dragon says:

    Here is my final thought and hopefully the people that matter will read:

    KB24 LBJ MJ are the greatest ever… the books are open on two of them and will be debated until then…. However Big Men such as Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell, Shaquille Oneil Dr. J .. Dirk & Dwight, KG and Parisish ,Ewing, Hakeem… that is an entirely different topic…MAGIC AND LEBRON only 2 players that are the best at all 5 positions.. #respect #kb24 forever bestevawas

  200. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    that picture means come here gasol you will be my blaming goat for next season, hahaha

  201. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    kobe = greattest ballhog ever. nothing else follows.

  202. JC beats says:

    ANDREW BYNUM is STILL a free agent.. go get BYNUM $75 for 4yrs deal.. right ?? GASOL & BYNUM again together on the court ? ^_^

  203. JC beats says:

    $75M for 4yrs deal with BYNUM!! (LAKERS !!)

  204. green dragon says:

    lets just say I spent a few childhood years with john wooden bball camps /lakr camps 80s 90s rileey/dunleavy ujnlvl runninRebs LJ and Uof A KJ an d Dylan under lUte #1992…etc>>

  205. Kobe bryan says:

    Lakers will be doing just fine without Howard. Just they need a fast point guard and a shooter.

  206. caloyski says:


  207. Rise Lakers says:

    All will be allright

  208. Rise Lakers says:

    Dwight gone? sow wat?

  209. jer says:

    Ha ha Dwight ditched Lakers. It’s about time the biast, ill favored monopilzing of talent backfired on the sorry Lakers and their too cool for school fans. Ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you in the 8th seed again!!!!!!!!!! If you are lucky

  210. laker fan says:

    fisher,odem,bynum back to LA

  211. realtalkbabby says:

    And here comes the lakers fans again, talking about the past

  212. aldrin says:

    We like being the underdog -Kobe

  213. mikep says:

    the Lakers would be better with d12 but paying a 5 yr max deal for a palyer who plays one dimensionally on offense and cant make a free throw to save his life is more than dangerous.

    plus the new CBA has chaanged everything and to be a great team long term you simply cannot make a financial mistake of the magnitude that a 5yr max deal to D12 would have been… painful to watch him leave but the best thing for Lakers.

    and the Laker haters before, Gasol did just fine against D12 in the finals 2009 and dont tell me about Bynum. he was hurt and still in grade school.

    ill take Gasol as my post player above any current nba center not named Duncan.

  214. Obz says:

    they need new star i have a feeling Ben McLemore will shine and will go to LA…fire D’Antoni period

  215. busa-boss says:

    when lakers is the issue, they talk about championships…as if they should be there every season…then they should scape the regular season, the playoffs and just wait who is the champion in the east…west teams should all disband to make room for the lakers or 29 teams should play each other in the regular season and playoffs

  216. Lee says:

    Im a laker fan, have been since i watched nba back when i was a kid, I honestly dont see us contending this year, we have 2 good but aging players and everything else around it aint even worth a dime…

    We aint guna get anywhere with just pau and kobe, MWP needs to go as does nash who was a pretty bad piece of business for us if im being honest, we need to be looking at trying to get someone in like rondo even if its next year but as it stands cant see us doing much at all…

    once again we left it far too late in the FA window…

  217. ladyshakalaka says:

    I am so glad that finally the Lakers and Celtic has losing teams! I am glad Howard left LA. The Lakers and Celtics have enough championships and they don’t need anymore for at least 10 years. Allow the smaller franchises to win some! I hope that Sacramento, Atlanta, Toronto, Milwaukee, OKC, Golden State, Memphis and every other team that never won a championship can now get an opportunity to win. Except for the Clippers- I feel bad for Chris Paul but the owner Sterling is a creep and he doesn’t deserve to win anything until he changes!

    Go Heat!

    • J-SHORT37 says:

      My fellow NBA fan when the Lakers and Celtics are good the overall financial health of the league is good. The large fan base built world wide over years of success and Larry and Magic revitalizing the league to fans across the country is the reason why. People like good times from the past it makes them feel good that is why its good for the league if one or both are good.

  218. Kofi says:

    Why are you people talking about championships? yall’ must be forgetting the MIAMI HEAT

  219. Phil Jackson says:

    Fire the coarch………….period

  220. Nobiase says:


  221. pele says:

    What makes you guys so sure that bot heat or okc would want kobe? What goes around comes around kobe… Don’t act lije what he did to karl and shaq. Poetic justice.

  222. FalloftheLakers says:

    All you Laker fans are funny..all that hype about acquiring Dwight last off-season and now crying like a bunch of babies. All Y’all excited about a new dynasty and s***..Please spare yourself the hurt and drama Lakernation. Lakers will not be back as a contender for years to come!! Get it through your freaking heads people. They are old, rusty, cannot run with D’Antoni’s offensive scheme.

  223. Vick says:

    LMFAO all you guys saying the Lakers have a chance to win another championship.
    Come on guys; the East and West are PACKED this season, the lakers, however, are not.

    You’re still forgetting about Miami too. I’m a Bulls fan, but in no way whatsoever will ANY team in the east beat Miami, that’s just the truth behind it. West side; you’re still talking about OKC, the Spurs, the Warriors, Clippers and Houston. The Lakers can’t beat OKC or the Warriors with just Kobe, period. Nash is way too old, Pau’s not in his prime anymore; the only other consistent shooter on the team is MWP, who doesnt chuck as many shots.

    Get back in reality; Miami’s gonna win it all for another 3-4 years, noone can stop them any time soon.

  224. theflowson says:

    Now, I am not the biggest Dwight fan either and I do think he is childish but honestly can you blame Dwight for wanting to leave after what happened this season?

    The Lakers made a more than horrible sales pitch, just face it you Faker fans. They made a sales pitch based on past Laker history and their championship legacy. When you are desperate enough to make a sales pitch based on the past then that is pretty much proof that you have no good plan for a long term future. This is the 2013 old, slow and battered Lakers not the 1987 Showtime Lakers, wake up Laker management! Do something!

    If the Lakers truly wanted to keep Howard they needed to present a plan on how they would win a championship. They needed to prove that they were willing to make moves that would overall help accommodate Howard and integrate him better into the Laker’s system so that he could be playing to his full potential.

    And to Kobe saying “I can teach you how to be a winner”. Uhhh, why couldn’t he do that last season? What happened there? People are so quick to blame Dwight for their awful season but Kobe is just as much to blame. To Dwight’s credit, he endured the season playing with a torn labrum. Teaching somebody to be a winner doesn’t mean barely making 8th seed in the West and getting owned by the Spurs. Last time I checked, the Lakers got swept by the Mavericks under Phil Jackson so even with the best coach ever in the NBA and without Dwight they got destroyed.

    If anything, if Kobe truly wanted to win his 6th ring, he would take a paycut. He made 30 million this year THIRTY MILLION! That is more than half of most teams salary! Not even the Big 3 in Miami individually make that much. No wonder they aren’t going anywhere and have such a bad bench. Harden made less than half that this year, and look at their bench, it is great! If Kobe was willing to take a 10 mill cut per year from his salary the Lakers would be able to sign an all-star caliber player.

    D’Antoni also plays a major part in this. Why would Howard play for a coach who completely neglects legit big men? A former DotY mixed with a coach that only knows 5 second fastbreak offense and preaches zero defense is a recipe for disaster. People envisioned this team being like the Showtime Lakers but it was ultimately a major fail because the Lakers can’t run like that.

    Now look at Houston. Who have McHale and Olajuwon who can further educate Howard on being a dominant big man in the NBA. McHale would no doubt know how to bring out the best in Howard on the court and utilize him. They have James Harden who will be a perennial All-Star in this league for 10+ years. They have good pieces such as Lin, Asik, Parsons, Beverley, etc. They have draft picks going into the 2014 NBA Draft in which they can further bolster their talent. They have surrounded Howard with 3 pt shooters with their uptempo style much like in Orlando. To the people who say that this style doesn’t work. Were the Showtime Lakers not an up-and-down fastbreak team? Did they not score over 100 pts a game regularly? Being a run-and-gun style doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be bad defensively. It might seem that way because the pace is faster and there are more possessions per 48 minutes. With Asik and Howard, Houston certainly can bring great defense to accommodate their 3 pt shooting and fastbreak offense.

    Kobe and d’Antoni have too big of an ego and Howard couldn’t possibly flourish in the Laker’s System.

    Now people are saying well, Howard couldn’t handle the pressure and the bright lights of LA. That may or may not be true but given the situation and opportunities that both franchises present, if I am Dwight it would be a no-brainer to go to Houston to win and compete for multiple championships down the line.

    Of course you ignorant Faker fans can’t see that.

  225. theflowson says:

    And it was pretty funny how these Faker Fans thought the Lakers with Dwight before the beginning of the season thought they would win the championship this year …. and called for the firing of Mike Brown … tsk tsk and now Gasol is suddenly the golden child after being constantly criticized?

  226. J-SHORT37 says:

    Kobe submitted a pic of him and Pau moving on as teammates “so what”, people make beef out of no beef. It was good for Howard to move on and now the Lakers can move on. I just hope they sign better bench support, like Foye and not Barbosa. And Antoni starts to play other players due to the long season. But the post by Kobe means nothing to me but him and Pau moving on. And those detractors can say Kobe got carried by whomever, which is their opinion but what great player did not get carried in some aspect on championship teams. And why does HOF players and current players respect this mans resume and the detractors though entitiled to their opinion like I have can t respect this mans game.

  227. Torsation says:

    Wait, aren’t the Heat rebuilding for next season. Most of their star players might retire because of their age.

  228. BC Boy says:

    Heat wont win next year….. lucky doesnt even begin to explain why they won this year… Thanks to jesus shuttleworth

  229. #32LAKERFAN says:

    The Lakers are capable of making a run for another championship for several reasons. First reason is, they still have the greatest guard of the decade in Kobe Bryant. There is still a Gasol and they still have Steve Nash. Age may be a factor, but if healthy, they will be very dominate if they mold and form together. Another highlight of this upcoming season is the Lakers do not have to pay a salary for a center that never wanted to be in LA anyways. i believe the Lakers could take some risk in getting a decent center. Two names come to my mind that the team can gamble on for the center position. Perhaps work out contracts only for a year or two. The Lakers should go after Andrew Bynum or Greg Oden. Both have been injury plagued throughout their NBA careers, but given the circumstances, why not take a risk while there is some money in the bank. They are fairly young centers in the game, but are very productive if healthy. Sure, I’d love to see The Birdman Chris Andersen come to the Lakers, but he would probably want to stay with the Heat. The Lakers do need a big body to help Gasol down low, but if a body is all they needed, then they could just sign Magic Johnson and James Worthy back. Both of whom could still be dominate with the majority of the centers in the game today. Yes, I know, Worthy and Magic didn’t play center much, but they knew the fundamentals and that’s the kind of talent the Lakers need to surround themselves with.

  230. What a loser@kobe and pau

  231. 2 words, 1 name: Robert Sacre! Everyones out of your way and all the bags are packed Rob Zombie – SEND IT HOME!

  232. kroeaan says:

    Dwight is a very good player but not a Laker.
    no need to throw dirt.
    he made the right decision for himself.
    I wish him all the best.
    and if we can sign two or three veteran shooters for his money and get Odom back as a starter I think we will be on our way to Kobe’s sixth..

    • kroeaan says:

      here’s my team: kobe, gasol, nash, odom, metta, meeks, hill, blake, mcgrady, arenas, goudelock, sacre, bibby, , davis, morris,

  233. raithen says:

    for a laker fan..maybe it would nice to see brothers gasol ( marc and pau) in one team..plus kobe…meta…and monta ellis too..maybe…

  234. qqq says:

    why not go for asik? he wants to be traded, and the guy is a rebounding machine and plays good defense.

  235. whatsup says:

    haha , this move by kobe is like little kids move , like a kids payback , and now all lakers fans say who needs dwight and last season u were all happy cause he was with the lakers , amazing stupidity

  236. Mamad says:

    PEKOVICH!!!! Please Get Pekovich!!! He is a free agent!!! Why everybody is so worked up about dwight! He is a great defender and an athlete, but i would not say he is worth a max contract!!! Pekovich is a valuable player who will give you your money’s worth!!!

  237. reuben says:

    no matter what this year its lakers year

  238. FrankL2010 says:

    Bring back the OLD Laker team and have them the last shot… who knows, right? Farmar, Vujacic, Brown and even Odom and Bynum. BTW, birdman is still available, make a move Mitch

  239. Kevin says:

    All this talk about Dwight couldn’t take the heat of playing in LA is stupid. Dwight Howard simply didn’t want to play alongside of Kobe, and for a coach who doesn’t know how to coach. Howard was smart in going to Houston because Kobe will not be the same after recovering from a torn Achilles, not at his age. The Lakers is an old team. Great move to go to Houston.

  240. Miami says:

    The only way Kobe will get that 6th ring is to leave LA – unless they get a great big man, and go to the Thunder or someone of that calibre. He wont leave though, he’s loyal and it would tarnish his career if he abandoned a sinking ship. It would be sad to see the Lakers become the old Clippers, but that’s the way it looks headed

  241. go away haters says:

    all you people babbling about how bad the lake show gonna be, go suck it…. you just mad we won 16 chips and your team probably doesnt have more than 5. the lake show will always be relevant and will always bounce back… get ready nba fans, cus we geared for a show next year…

    as for dwight… lol.. im a die hard laker fan and i didn’t even want him back.. all he brings to the table is defense and muscle. and he couldnt even do that for the lakers last year. the guy is overrated. ive seen every laker game trust me. he complained about lack of post moves, bs… he USED to get so many touches in the post and would just proceed to do two of the only moves he knows and would just get stripped right away then he would simply complain to the officials. he can’t handle the bright lights. he can’t handle winning expectations. he’s talking about mchale and the dream gonna develop him hahaha… i gotta laugh at that. dwight, youre a millionaire star center in the nba, if by now you havent done the due diligence to work on your game and get some post moves then thats on you, not on the team. every team has a system they implement one way or another, but with the exception of the spurs, every system will always adjust to you if you get the job done. dwight couldve gotten plenty of more touches in the paint, if he wouldve converted the few opportunities he had. lets not walk away from the truth here. he just never liked la, never liked the winning attitude and never liked the lets get down to business pressure. he’s not la material, he was never cut for the show, and because of the lack of expectations in houston he will perform well… but that’s gonna be it for him. like barkley, he’ll retire without a chip….

    this is the best thing that couldve happened to laker nation!!! lets go

  242. free throw says:

    games lost because of poor free throw shooting by Howard

  243. Luxin says:

    One picture makes this many people comment. No need for words. It has meaning in so many ways. What a amazing picture

  244. Diddy Sean says:

    Who tf cares about Dwight Howard he hasn’t been productive sense Idk hw long somebody should give him some baby wipes for all that crying he did threw out the season.

    #Who cares

  245. Fern says:

    I am glad Dwight left. It appeared Shaq left because of Kobe. Shaq is wrong for making the comment about Dwight not handling the spotlight. If he had to play with D’Antonio, Shaq would leave too. Kobe only thinking about winning rings and not considering Dwight’s injury and him 35 years old and desperate now, Dwight was smart to go to Rockets. Dwight needs to be happy and he can win a championship with the Rockets before Lakers will win one. Rockets are not finished yet in surrounding Dwight. Under different circumstances, maybe with Phil Jackson, he might have stayed but Kobe still was an issue. Dwight is not afraid of the spotlight. He loves the attention. I have learned to so dislike Kobe. He is in desperate mode now to win a 6th ring and will not retire until he does.

  246. kobe4life says:

    Do u guys not no basketball.
    Kobe will not stop at nothing to get that 6th ring.He will not leave LA in the chase of 6th ring. Kobe got to rings without star players in 2009 and 2010. Gasol is decent not an all star. Kobe will get that ring and he ain’t not giving up. He is the black mamba and he will ttake out anyone in his way.

  247. Celtics Fan says:

    This all reads like a same sex soap opera. Kobe was okay dumping (ops, amnestying) Pau so he could build a stronger relationship with Dwight. However, Dwight jilted Kobe by deciding to build a bromances Harden in Houston. Kobe then decided it was time to reignite his bromances with Pau. As a life-long Celtics fan – I love LA.

  248. -A- says:

    I love how people are forgetting that next off season Lakers will only have nash under contract. They will be going for at least 2 superstars. So 1 season out of the spotlight? Thats fine. After that, be ready to watch from home again clippers fans.

  249. Travis says:

    All I care about is the Bulls. People can talk all they want but I know that the Heat are still the team to beat in the NBA and the team that has the best chance of beating them is the team thats the best at rebounding, and I think thats gonna be Chicago again. I just hope the Heat don’t get smart and get rid of Bosh and pick up someone like Bogut.

  250. Liquidcobra says:

    Let’s be realistic here. The moment Howard decided to go to Houston the Lakers season was over. If you seriously believe the Lakers have a shot at the title this year I have some swamp land I want to sell you.

  251. ALessandro Bernini says:

    Poor Kobe,

    he’s hugging the wrong Gasol brother!!!

    ps. good luck replacing Howard, seriously.

  252. Steve says:

    This is how I see it we don’t need Dwight Howard we are the Los Angeles lakers one of the best franchises in the nba,had the best players, won 16 championships,been to the conference finals, so therefore there is a lot of teams that has to catch up at the end of the day we will look forward to 2014 free agency pick up sum players then we will show Dwight Howard how to win a championship

  253. Jamie HEAT NATION says:

    The Lakers BARELY made the playoffs last year WITH DWIGHT HOWARD!! And one of their biggest competition for the final playoff spot was the Mavericks who played most of the year without DIRK NOWITZKI!! The lakers fighting for the number 8 seed for the next 5 years IS TERRIBLE LAKERS BASKETBALL!! LOL LETS GO HEAT!!

  254. Lakers are old farts says:

    Next season either the Heat will threepeat or a team who hasn’t won in decades (or perhaps a team who has never won) will win the championship. Who cares about the Lakers? I vote that the media coverage of the Lakers be cut by 50%, I think the majority of everybody would be happy about that.. in fact it would probably improve peoples lives.

  255. ENEBEA says:

    People here talking smack bout Kobe yet they dont know anything bout this man. Seen few comments how Kobe cant win without dominant bigman. Y’all just mad that him and fisher are leaders in NBA when it comes to rings, Kobe is second to Jordan, whether you like it or not. And yes he demanded a big man because Magic needed a bigman, Jordan needed Pippen, Stockton needed Malone, Bird needed Mchale, but there is a difference here they only needed one person, while Lebron who I respect as a player needed Wade, Bosh, Allen, three future hall of famers, ooh and another thing when u say kobe had horry, and all the other guys, they were in their thirties, something like kg and pierce dropping 7-12 a game

  256. Bobcats rock with cookies.. says:

    Lakers will turn out good. They are gonna make a few changes. Especially the coaching system. BOBCATS ROCK

  257. Chris says:

    @ neo200217 In what world would GS give up Curry or IND give up Hibbert. It’s like saying the Lakers would be much nicer now with Durant at SF since Artest is gone and Chris Paul would be a good fit at PG since Nash is old, Also, sign DWade while Kobe is injured, he’d be a pretty decent back-up

  258. Chris says:

    I don’t understand how people are mad about Kobe demanding a player for his team. He had Smush Parker as his starting PG and I’ve never seen a big man with more slippery hands than Kwame Brown aka Butterfingers. Kwame Brown wishes he was Anderson Varejao and Smush Parker wasn’t as good as Mo Williams. Odom was only decent player. Fans obviously love their superstar, who wants them to leave, obviously not. As a fan would you rather have your favorite player demand another player onto your team to win? or him just up and leave after 6 years and go to another team stacked with superstars and just win in your face while your old team falls into shambles. The difference is, Jordan stayed and got Pippen = championships, Magic got (Older) Kareem = championships, Wade got Shaq (albeit older Shaq) = Championship, Kobe got Gasol = championships. Especially since Ohio is Lebron’s home town it must feel so betraying to Cleveland fans that he’d be such a bitch and traitor and leave like that. See Jordan, Magic, Wade, and Kobe were alphas and Pippen, older Shaq and Kareem, and Gasol were allrstars, but not at top 5 player-in-the-league superstar status so it’s ok for them to leave. But Lebron an alpha-player joining with DWade, another alpha-player along with an all-star Bosh, and a great supporting cast of 3-point shooters, Miller, Battier, Chalmers, and later on Allen! That’s why people view him as sad.. Cause his situation is different than Kobe and Michael’s.

  259. michael says:

    kobe and pau did it together before! lakers gotta get a good supporting group and we will be seeing them in the finals this coming june

  260. u know who says:

    howard made a good desision because briant take all the shots with the lakers so howard has nothink to do accept the rebound GOOD DESISION!

  261. Carlos says:

    Oh, all right! It’s curious that after two seasons without any support from Kobe, now, he’s using that.

    If Lakers played as a team, trying to find the best man to shot in every play, lakers could be compared with Spurs actually.

  262. Jong Kim says:

    Dwight Howard is one of the best players, no doubt. However if he could not win with Lakers, he would not win with any of NBA teams unless he gets free seat at Super team like Miami. Maybe chemistry could be his best excuse but it only proves he always need some excuses when the results are not good. I think he has just dumped his best opportunity to prove his real talent. He chooses the way to be a nice player not to be a basketball hero.

  263. B-B-Fan says:

    A New Chant: Howard The Coward

  264. Kobe stinks says:

    Next season is last season for kobe.

    even though his career was over last season.

    won 3 championships only cauz of Shaq, and the other 2 championships cauz of gasol.

    He’s not even close to Lebron who is a 5 time regular season mvp and 2 time finals mvp.

    kobe is perhaps the most egotistical maniac ever to play the game of basketball.

    lakers are finished.

  265. lakah says:

    Bring kwame Brown back!=D

  266. innocely fevrier says:

    all my dreams for the next season is for da los angeles add some good pieces around kobe nash and gasol to show howard how to get it done with a championship 2014 ill b so happy if itz happen….master flow im out…haitian mamba !!

  267. innocely fevrier says:


  268. Chado says:

    You are so funny Kobe haters… If he retires even now he still has 5 rings… Saying that he has no rings without big man is just rediculous! Can you tell me does Shaq have rings without super guard like Kobe or Wade or Gasol without Kobe or James without Wade and exactly how many rings does Howard have? Kobe is a great player, one of the exceptionally talented and probably one of the top 10 of all time!!!! Now you will tell that I am Kobe fan. I am not!!!!! I am fan of the super GERMAN!!!!! SUPER DIRK NOWITZKI!!!!!!

  269. Blazersrule says:

    I am tired of hearing how the poor Lakers aren’t gonna do good because they spent to much money on a loser in the first place. It seems that this happens a lot with these overpaid ,immature ,spoiled players. It seems with all that money the Lakers could of spent on a better player they wouldn’t be in this prediciment in the first place. Go Blazer’s

  270. Osiel says:

    Where’s the article?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  271. Jill says:

    DH may not win a championship in the near future, but is out of hell. He will not be taught by K Bryant to win a championship. Such an ego to considered himself the only one who could teach the championships that others obtained. Don’t forget Shaq, Pau, Fisher. Without them NO CHAMPIONSHIPS. What DH has to learn is to be humble and to be a team player and this is not what he would have learned from know everything man. Lakers will be fine. Just keep scouting and bring young talent.

  272. Lester says:

    Bring Andrew Bynum Back to the routine………… 🙂

  273. Lester says:

    ANDREW BYNUM he is BETTER than Crying D12………….

  274. kokoi says:

    Lakers can still win, they are even about to win last championship if not for the unfortunate kobe’s injury. Lebron is still far to be like Kobe , You cannot depend on howard as they knows only how to block and dunk. Howard needs somebody like kobe the is thrue with shaq if not for kobe he cannot score. Everybody should not forget how bad the Free throw average of both howard and shaq. this simply means without their dunk they can hardly score because other teams are wise enough to commit foul even before they take off for a dunk.. Every game that lakers play is interesting and you simply cannot guess the ending its a real basketball. for Heat you always expect them to win but in the end you will be disappointed that inspite of their being superstar as they called themselves big three they are not playing well. I have also observed that everytime they lose a game they don’t usually shake hands with the winner. If that is their tradition then they are not sportsman.

  275. Hariram says:

    he actually put that picture up of Marc Gasol because it was his birthday, but he did unfollow d-howard on twitter which made me laugh…

  276. Lisa Spidell says:

    Howard isn’t going to get the ball any more in Houston than he did in LA. It’s all about James Harden in Houston and that isn’t going to change. Until Dwight accepts that he’s not a play maker, he will jump around from team to team. Big men play the post when they get the ball, they don’t set up plays. Get over yourself Dwight, accept your role and you will do well. Look at Tim Duncan, he doesn’t cry when Parker gets the limelight. It’s all about winning, not about individuals. I loved Dwight when he was on Orlando when they made a run for the ring, but since then he has shown himself to be an “all about me” player, and I’m more of a fan of team players, and he doesn’t really seem to be one.

  277. sports fan says:

    The picture of Kobe & Pau is perfect. They’re the only good players left on this squad. And if there was a reverse angle of the photo to show their faces we’d actually see Kobe crying because he knows they won’t make the playoffs.

  278. sports fan says:

    The picture is perfect. Kobe and Pau are the only good players left, Nash is already way past his prime. Nobody is jumping at the chance to go to the Lakers because they all know that the team is too old, has no bench depth, & has a bad coach. All of which prevents them from competing immediately for a championship.

  279. Kamau says:

    The whole lakers organization and family it will be ok you guys will be fine without him. Good luck to you guys on getting good free agents and please bring back mwp.

  280. CaptColman says:

    If Kobe wanted a sixth ring he would have dealt with Dwight better. Problem is Kobe has to be the man. (IE KOBE SHAQ)
    Pau didn’t care, he wanted to go to a championship calibre team and let’s face it, Kobe can’t win titles without help. Everyone keeps harping on about how Jordan had Pippen and how Lebron went to Miami so there’s no difference when actually there is. Kobe has always had help to get his rings too. Lebron and DWADE both took a HUGE paycut and made sure CB got his pay packet and Jordan became more of a distributor to get his team mates involved. Kobe wanted his Paycheck and couldn’t handle it if he weren’t THE MAN! That is why i will never support Kobe and the Lakers! Best of luck Dwight, i hope your decision to play with youth pays off and come on Clippers, now is as good a chance as ever to be the #1 team im LA.

  281. Pedro says:

    I think the Lakers management don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. They were sure the big baby was gonna stay. Lakers are bigger than that. They should learn from the spurs on how to make a contender with an aging roster

  282. makavelli says:

    man this thing is getting outta hand. to me the best option for kobe is to go to the thunders and meet my championship hungry lads esp durant and wesbrook. is so easy.

  283. yo im your bro says:


  284. Vince T says:

    That was posted 4-5 days ago on Pau’s birthday. Nothing to do with dwight.

  285. Joel says:

    Kobe, you have no idea what it is to be a great all around player like LeBron. you have been spoiled from day one with the Lakers, with Shaq and Gasol. yes, you WERE a great scorer, but that is all. You can only dream to ever be the player LeBron James is. If you stayed on the Hornets in the draft, you would have zero rings. you are and have always been a selfish basketball player. Why you used to mimic MJ’s voice on post-game interviews,,,, beats me. You thought you were so much like MJ, that you even committed adultery just like him. You wanted to be above him, he wore 23, you had to get 24. He wore 9 for team USA, you had to wear 10. How many MVPs, or finals MVPs do you have? This isn’t even about D Howard coming to Houston, I’m glad, I live here in Katy, TX. “You need to learn how its done first” LOL. You need to make a team better like Lebron, Mr. Bryant. And that, you will NEVER do. Thank you for your time.

  286. Joel says:

    Nothing here even matters for the next 6 years because LeBron is the King of Basketball. One day we will say he is the GOAT.
    so cancel all of your jibberish type of comments. You have no right to speak in this chat, is it is related to the NBA. And the NBA is owned by LeBron. No other players or teams other than his matter. They will suffer the wrath of the Don James. Goodnight and I hope you don’t lose sleep over this. Get yourself some Ambien already, and rip your hair out with scissors in an episode of Mania. There is nothing for you to say, or the NBA to do as long as The King is alive. Good Riddance.

  287. OKC ALL THE WAY says:

    I dont get what the picture means?

  288. elio medina says:

    i sound like a dum recorder I know, but dwight howard is overrated