Rockets Use Sitcom Star To Convince Dwight Howard To Sign

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With his proclivity for using stats and numbers, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey has always been a leader in the basketball analytics movement. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that now, as the Rockets are engaged in the race to sign free-agent Dwight Howard, and Morey looks to find an advantage over the other franchises in the running, that he has looked to one of the stars of “The Big Bang Theory.”

With time running out, today Morey today posted a video on YouTube featuring actor Jim Parsons, who plays the genius Sheldon on “Big Bang.” Turns out Parsons is a Rockets fan, and he makes a reasoned, measured argument for why Dwight Howard should sign with the Rockets. (We should also note that Parsons is obviously an actor playing a genius, because a true tech genius would have turned the microphone up.)

I don’t really care where Howard signs, but I just hope this leads to the Lakers posting a YouTube plea to Dwight from Jack Nicholson. “You can’t handle the truth!”


  1. Vickoy says:

    Oh i thought your talking about howard wolowitz your co star. LOL

  2. lol wow…the Rockets are desperate to get Dwight…but not a bad team if he lands there

  3. BwareDWare94 says:

    As a Rockets fan, I must say that I think Houston misses out on these Star FA track meets because they pursue too hard, like that person who’s so desperate in a relationship that they start writing melodramatic poetry.

    Showing desperation is unattractive. I’ll be surprised if Dwight signs in Houston, at this point.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      i disagree with ur premise
      you have a point about it being abit desperate but it will help much more than it will hurt
      and i think dwight should sign with the rockets
      it’s been a while since the rockets have been serious contenders (not just tough playoff roadblocks)
      also i do think the fanbase at houston would appreciate him more than the fan base in LA

      • RockHard says:

        Don’t know how to feel about D12 coming to Houston just yet. Cool to have an elite player added to my team, not so gr8 when it’s no longer “my” team. Just wanna do my thing out there on the court. Hope he doesn’t bring the drama with him to Houston.

  4. SoulChorea says:

    *Thinking back over last decade or so….*
    Heat, Mavericks, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Pistons, Spurs….

    And you’re saying championships are “usually” won with a system based around a true center?? What year is this??? When was the last time THAT happened? It’s been based on Lebron, KG, Kobe, Dirk, Timmeh, Parker, Billups/RIP/Wallace(s), DWade. This man knows not basketball.

    • actl says:

      but think of some all time great teams that have won multiple championships. Kareem, hakeem, shaq, russell, duncan. All centers. One exception is larry bird and they had the greatest frontcourt of all time

      • blackandsilverwhatrhymeswithsilver says:

        you must be a christian. because you obviously don’t understand evolution. basketball used to be about the tallest guy taking the win. in my opinion today is all about the pg.

    • blah says:

      If you actually looked at the last decade or so… you would have realized that the teams have more often won with a big center like tim duncan, shaq, andrew bynum, etc… yes the game has changed to be more about a team that can shoot from the perimeter. But i believe that with a strong enough center a team has to adjust to do a double team on him down low, which causes even more open 3s. if dwight goes to houston they won’t win a championship next year, but they will make it to the semifinals atleast.

      • NoWay123 says:

        Tim Duncan is a Forward, not a Center. He tried Center a few times but he was a Forward like 98% of the time.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      there’s been a lack of dominant centers recently. But truth be told the game hasnt changed like you guys say it has.
      It’s not about the tallest, but it is about the paint and the past teams listed are proof of that.

      And when it comes to controlling the paint, every position can have a big effect (even point guards like rondo) but the position that is “meant” to exert most effect in that area is in fact the center position.

      What changed is what i put in quotations. Players play outside their position, but center is still most important position because to me when Lebron posts up paul george he’s trying to be the better center. Don’t know how much of that makes sense to you guys but that’s how i see it….

    • Realist2013 says:

      It’s simple. Basketball is about High percentage shots. Reason Shaq and Kobe had beef. What coach isn’t going to throw the ball into the post where his DOMINANT big man is going to hit 50%+ of his shots, draw fouls etc. Vs a Jump shooter. That’s where a dominant big man come into play. He forces the defense to draw double teams. I.E. Duncan in this years finals still commanded a Double Team. A big man just has to catch the ball in the paint and that spreads the floor to make them pick their poison, leave Harden to stop the Higher percentage shot and hope Howards wingmen don’t make the shot opportunity he’s created.

      The Heat just happened to have a loaded roster with 40 pct 3 point shooters around Wade and Lebron. They attempt to overwelm their opponents with offense and their speed on defense. Olajuwon, Shaq, Kareem etc. when they get the ball down low you going to let them put on a clinic of 30+ to go along with all the second and third chance shots their rebounding creates? Lebron shined when he posted up if you watched the playoffs. A good post player has to be respected or you will make it hard for your team to win.

  5. bobby says:

    lol! dhoward plays for the rockets in my 2k13 career mode

    • hmmm? says:

      same here it’s due to updates in my 2k13 before the end of this season he Always used to go to the cavs

  6. jb says:

    Houston know what they

  7. Eaham says:

    Dwight is not kareem, shaq, hakeem, or russel, or any other center before him. He is a 27 year old Center who hasnt evolved his game one bit. He still makes silly mistakes in the post, has no go to move. At this point I believe Brook lope s improving enough that in 3 or 4 more years he will be better than howard even in howard’s prime. Dwight is also lucky Bynum is injury prone, cause BYnum by far is the best center n the league when he isnt injured.

  8. How many championships have Rockets won and with a dominant center? Only 2.
    How many championships have Lakers won and with a dominant center? Merely 16.
    Enough said…

  9. jb says:

    Remember thou in 2003-2004 San Antonio wont the championship and Tim Duncan who is a center wont the mvp

    2003-2004 Detroit Piston won with Ben Wallace at center.Even thou Ben Wallace was 6.9 he was a major reason why Detroit won with his defence on Shaq ,and his ability to block shot at the rim and get rebounds.

    2004-2005 San Antonio won with Tim Duncan as mvp

    2005-2006 Miami Heat won but Shaq And Alonso Morning was at center and in the final 4 games of that series Dallas was not able to get points it the paint due to the centers defence

    2006-2007 Spur won again but they had Tim Duncan again at center even thou Tony Parker got the mvp

    2007-2008 Boston won .Paul Piece was mvp but center P >J Brown,Scott Pollard and Kendric Perkins played well..Remember boston lost to laker in 2009-2010 finals when K.Perkins got insured he was a major Lost to Boston in that series.And after they trade him they never made it back to the NBA finals

    2008-2009-2010 Lakers won with with Andrew Bynum having double digits points and rebounds and a good shot block average.And PAUL Gasol is a center .Lakers won back to back championship

    2011 The Maverick won and every player say Tyson Chandler was the key reason why.And he is a center

    2012&2013 Miami won but they werehaving difficulty play small.

    So productive centers are very important to teams winning a championship.

    • Mark says:

      David Robinson was the center for the ’03 Spurs but still makes the point about having productive centers.

  10. Grimaldy says:

    idk y but this makes me laugh so hard XD

  11. waly says:

    they steal asik from bulls and now they wanna get dwight .. omer is your time to regret going to houston hahah

  12. Steven says:

    I think the Rockets are a great organization that know what a winning culture is like. Jim Parsons on the other hand doesn’t know what he is talking about. I get the fact he is supporting his team, which I think is great. The thing that matters the most for Dwight Howard is winning. I have nothing but good things to say about Harden and the young cores of talent that the Rockets are putting on that court, but the Lakers are one of the most storied teams in all of sports. They have 16 NBA titles and some of the greatest players in NBA history have adorned those uniforms of the purple and gold. Dwight needs to stay in LA. Despite the fact Kobe is coming off a serious injury he still one of the all time greats and if Dwight wants any chance of getting a ring he needs to stay with the Lakers.

    • RJ says:

      The Rockets have consistently put together real contending teams since the mid 80’s. (If not for Sampson’s injuries in the 80’s and Yao and McGrady’s injuries in the 00’s.) All you need with Dwight on the Rockets is for a guy like Terrence Jones to turn into about 80% of what Josh Smith is in the next couple years, Trade Asik for solid role players or a solid starting power forward, and let Lin and Beverley continue to evolve, and you’re in that top 4 teams in the league talk.

  13. Usaf says:

    Well Heat won 2 Championship without a centre

    • busa-boss says:

      he plays 4 and 5… without him, lbj or wade won’t be that dominant…bosh is their legitimate big…he is a 20-10 when he was with raptors, giving up his own productivity for championship

  14. joel says:

    Howard is not a great big man…He has the potential but he is far from it at the moment

    • Matthew says:

      What makes a player great?? And we cannot say rings because HOF do not always have that. D12 is immature but he is a great center. Before and after the injury.

  15. BIG MAN OR NOT says:

    I think people fail to grasp the idea of a center. Yes we can all make the argument that the most important position in today’s game is the point guard, but at the same time we can make an argument about small forwards. I don’t think it comes to a specific position in terms of importance, but what attribute these players bring. I think the center is very important, because they bring one thing that most positions don’t, and that is rebounding. I don’t think people understand the importance of rebounding. We are so fixated on scoring, facilitating, etc. that we forget what allows those things to happen and that is rebounding. Rebounding is a part of defense and it is the sole reason why teams get extra opportunities and most of all possessions. Without possessions you cannot win the game, what Dwight Howard brings, and what the typical center should bring is rebounding. Yes the point guard is important, but remember centers are the players that clog the paint and crashes the boards.

  16. Wilshere says:

    I’m the only one who thought that Jim and Chandler Parsons are brothers and therefore Jim supports the Rockets?

  17. Im glad howard pick a team where he can actually fit & young team. HArden & howard?! that sounds nice. Kobe Legacy is over.

  18. Nbafan says:

    Rockets did a great job recruiting. They did the most to make him feel special & wanted, which is what Dwight likes IMO.

  19. bruce says:

    there is no bad team with a good center. but there is plenty of bad team with good point guard forward 2 guard in it… enough said.

  20. thebigbangtheoryisweak says:

    The rockets are the onl;y team/fanbase that knows and appreciates a true center??

    wilt chamberlain??? shaquille oneal??? and we went after dwight???

    hes clearly a genius only on his chicken ish show. houston get ready for a dissapointing end of your season, just like dwight delivered to us.

  21. amir says:

    D12 is the best C ….. james harden & D12 …wowwwwwwwowowow!!!

    champ team!!