Jason Kidd Makes Coaching Debut, Fist Bumps For Everyone

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Brooklyn Nets needed a new coach this summer, and the hire of Jason Kidd, one of the great point guards in franchise history, took everyone by a bit of surprise. He had never coached before, after all, and he’d played in the NBA as recently as this past season. Moreover, he last played for Brooklyn’s archrivals, the New York Knicks. But none of that means he doesn’t have the potential to be an excellent coach. Kidd saw the game like few others, and it would seem like a skill he should be able to translate from the court to the sideline.

Exactly how will Kidd coach the Nets? What will be his philosophy? After Kidd’s summer league debut yesterday in Orlando, we still don’t know for certain exactly what kind of system he’ll run — although Kidd did pick up a technical foul, so expect him to be fiery on the bench.

But one thing does seem pretty clear: Fist bumps will be a major part of what they do.

(via The Big Lead)

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