Phil Jackson Congratulates Dwight Howard On Move To Houston Astros

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the things that makes Phil Jackson’s Twitter account so much fun is that there seems to be a degree of innocence involved. Does he really know how Twitter works? More than that, does he care that his tweets sometimes are a bit cryptic?

I’m guessing that he does not. Care, that is. He tweets, and his words float out into the world, man, and we can take them for what they are or are not, man, and that’s the beauty of words.

Which brings us to Phil Jackson’s post yesterday, reacting to Dwight Howard’s announcement that he will be signing with Houston. According to Phil, Dwight Howard’s greatest assets are his defense and his power, and those strengths were taken away from him last season for two reasons:
1. Injury, because Dwight was recovering from surgery and definitely seemed a step slow all season long.
2. Confusion. Which would seem to suggest that Dwight didn’t grasp the defensive concepts the Lakers were using.

Either way, Phil says, maybe Dwight will be better in Houston. As an Astro.

As an Astro?

As an Astro.

So be it.


  1. go away haters says:

    haha phil jackson is a boss!! have fun dwight in the houston astros. next year we’ll just hack a dwight and have him shoot his horrific freethrows and get him angered, oh so angered like he got in the post season on the last game with the lakers, so he can whine and baby his way into an ejection and then it will be easy to beat the houston astro sissys…

    • kjones082 says:

      Countdown to 100 loses!

    • hmmm? says:

      oh the irony of a Laker fan yelling “crybaby”, patethic losers, tell you what if i lived in an L.A. or Miami weather i couldn’t give **** all if we had a Basketball team or not i would be outside certainly not in staples center rooting for a fake team with all my hard earned money that’s left over after the usual thiefs (taxes, the wife, your church) are gone and then take pride in accomplishments i had nothing to do with whatsoever i just gave it my money, and after that (since in that case i would be truly an american) i would wave a f***ing flag to celebrate my miserable little life, wake up

      • RJ says:

        Why don’t you live in L.A. or Miami then? Because it gives you the excuse that you live somewhere crappy and there’s nothing to do but go to & watch games? I moved from Northern Wisconsin to California When I was 20. After spending all of my formative years in a crappy little world, where the rest of the world seemed so big, different, and scary, I stopped complaining about how much it sucked and did something about it. Barely out of my teens. Also, there’s no law that says you have to pay income taxes, don’t get married, love is love. Definitely don’t go to church, especially if they’re taking your money. Start thinking outside the box and doing instead of complaining. It’s easy to say what you “would” do when you don’t put yourself in a situation to actually have that option.

        As for me, take advantage of the the weather and the cali sunsets, and play ball outside, play at the gyms with the diverse talent pool California has to offer, watch a lot of games, and go to one or two a season.

        But yeah, you’re right, be happy when the players you like do well, and stop showing blind corporate loyalty to and pride in an entity you contribute nothing to but money, and an easily replaceable 1/20,000th of home court advantage.

      • Got your answer! says:

        To get over your crisis…speak to a financial consultant, find another woman, stay faithful to a church!… PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT PHIL’S POST AND/OR NBA MATTERS, not how miserbale you are! Chris Kaman is going to bring a title in Lakerland, imagine that!

    • kei says:

      lol so much hate coming from someone’s handle as “go away haters”. Deal with it, d12 gone, lakers fans sour. That’s okay and we all know Kobe push your next francise player away. Hey, there’s still Wiggins, Have fun tanking!

  2. Deron James says:


  3. Fern says:

    DH will be working with Kevin McHale and Hakeem Olajuwon. What better way to learn from the best. What? he will learn from D’Antonio? Yuck. DH may have stayed with Lakers if Phil Jackson was coach but why stay with D’Antonio. Lakers will not win another championship with d’antonio. Of course Lakers still have the ball hogger Kobe who is in desperate mode at 35 years old. As long as he plays in ball hogger mode, Lakers will not win and poor Kobe (boo hoo) will only have 5 rings

    • yadayadayah says:

      lol only 5?

    • Ball Fan Extreme says:

      Excuse me, who is D’Antonio?

    • Big Al says:

      LOL @ only 5 rings. I don’t like Kobe but seriously?

    • kde019 says:

      It’s D’Antoni, dude. I’m sure you are a Basebal Fan. Lol.

    • boston rules says:

      Kobe > nba

    • marissa says:

      ma’am, before you talk about the lakers coach, at least spell his name right. It is D’Antoni, not D’Antonio. And Kobe has never been desperate, he is a proven chamption with a killer instinct, something Dwight Howard can never be. McHale and Olajuwon can’t help him that much.

    • gori says:

      and how about you? you don’t have any rings either..ringworms…

    • charlesburger says:

      Yeah Kobe, ‘only’ five rings.

    • Andre says:

      Poor Kobe… ONLY five rings.

    • Johua says:

      lol.. u sound dumb as hell saying boo hoo to anyone with 5 rings.. lol.. *kids these days* shrugs

    • Kobenator says:

      Oh wow, you obviously haven’t been watching Kobe Bryant’s game the past 4-5 years. A ball hog? ok, well I guess he won the 2 championships f 2009 and 2010 on his own right. What do you expect when The Lakers need a scorer in the 4th quarter, who steps up huh? I wouldn’t call him a ball hog, if the championship game is on the line, who better but Kobe Bean Bryant to take over. I mean look at Lebron James, who I am a huge fan of; takes over games when its necessary. And I guarantee you that Kobe will have his 6th probably by next year no doubt, just tune in ok.

      • DC says:

        Not to diss Kobe or the Lakers. I doubt he gets another ring. Injuries change the person we once used to be. Example: Dwight Howard – Dominate center in his early career; mediocre his past two years due to injury. I’m a Rockets fan and I thought getting Dwight was more of a risk. IDK…lose lose situation for both the Rockets and Lakers with DRAMA Howard. Hope he proves me wrong. Speedy recover to the Kobe fans.

    • DUMB says:

      just ONLY 5 rings

    • MoneyBall says:

      hahaha only 5 rings? that aint too shabby. he just wants more. doesnt mean 5 is litte, even if comparing to nba history.

      agreed about dantoni though.

    • Zack says:

      and DH will never get one!bwahahaha!

    • lakerslakerslaker says:

      Duncan just learned how hard it is to get ‘only’ 5 rings. Others have spurned their hometown and fans and taken tremendous ridicule and cheapened their legacies by teaming up just to win one or two.

    • "Only 5 Ring" guy says:

      at the end of his career he will be crying and say “I have failed my legacy…..I ONLY have 5 rings” <<<< LOL

      yeah that is so not happening…

  4. Tom says:

    How many do you have!!!!

  5. Tom says:

    Kobe has been nothing but the best Basket Ball player of his time and yes he has made some mistakes but when he hangs up his sneakers for the final time he will be greatly missed.

  6. Abel Chavez says:

    Hahahaha he new exactly what he was saying that cryptic man

  7. James McDonald says:

    I got a big goofy grin on my face when I first heard that howard was leaving my favorite team. Three days later and it’s still there.

    Howard’s biggest problem is Howard. He’s an immature little narcissist that simply can’t (or won’t) improve. I don’t care how many rebounds you get. What I care about is what you do when the ball is in your hands. High turnover ratios, poor shooting, there is no reason to have him on the team.

    I’m not a D’Antoni fan. I do not believe he is the answer to the coaching needs. His system works short term but it will always peeter out at the end of a season.

  8. IDJazzman says:

    Hey, leave us old guys alone. We all go a little senile after 55. Give us a break!

  9. Waleed says:

    I think confusion, as in the situation, instability, uncertain roles, new players, no chemistry…that makes sense to me.
    The astros comment was just a bit of fun, not a knock on the rockets.

    Looking forward to the new era!

  10. Lake says:

    Lakers will get Wiggins & LeBron along kobe. Trade Artest to Pacers for Copeland and draft pick, Trade Pau Gasol for Kevin Love. Trade Nash to Knicks for Shumpert and this way Nash & Amare will reunite.


    Storyline: Artest played for Pacers before. Pau Gasol will be happy to play with Rubio, Nash & Amare combo off the bench…wow!

    What this means for Lakers: Love opens space for kobe & LeBron. Wiggins will provide scoring punch. Kobe will play limited mins to prolong his career. This might become the first team to win 10 straight titles even if kobe retires.

  11. alex says:

    Dwight Coward

  12. Michael Peloton says:

    The Zen Master is just toying with Dwight mentally. More than anything else, Dwight has to sharpen his mental skills. Although basketball demands a lot of physicality, but in order to be great, Dwight has to acquire mental and psychological skills of a Zen student.

  13. Gilgamech says:

    That is not true,

  14. Steve says:

    Fern your observation is incorrect besides the d Antonio Kobe is the best player to ever play the game along with Michael Jordan and the other greats Kobe will run well with whoever we put with him jus to make a playoff run until you know wat your talking about look up our team stats I don’t think your team compares or look up Kobe stats if that’s case

  15. CommonSense says:

    Really? You can’t figure out why he said Astro? Obviously he’s either punning on the team name, Rockets, or referring to the fact that NASA is based is Houston..

    • CommonSense says:

      Oh and just to avoid any further confusions, astro = astronaut…………..

    • Will says:

      Well, even though you may be right, you can give the comment a little twist to make it interesting. Maybe he is saying that Dwight should take on baseball (Astros, Houston’s baseball team) and leave the game for the ones who have what it takes to play it.

  16. raykin says:

    houston=rockets….. rockets=astronaut….. astronaut=astro… HA! get it? LOL

  17. Eaham says:

    KObe and Dirk, both need a fresh start, but thats just my opinion. Lakers can still pry n Big time free agnets so I guess Dirk need s afresh start more than KObe. But the way things are going right now, I say they both deserve to be on contending teams, not rebuilding.

  18. dan says:

    poor Dwight immature Coward…no rings and will never have any…nuff said!!!!

  19. dan says:

    underachiever+immature+coward+crybaby+coachkiller+overrated = Dwight Coward

  20. Karlo Garcia says:

    Tough & cheek by Phil.

    • bench says:

      The lakers should let go DH, hes a dwightmare, instead the lakers should get josh smith as a big man and kyle korver as a shooter, they should also can get teague for pg, what are the lakers management thinking?

  21. Lake says:

    lakers are tanking and saving money at the same time. Rest up kobe for one year and reload.

  22. Wally says:

    Five Rings is all you need. All God gave us is five fingers. Quite frankly, Kobe needs to be off the scene we have seen enough of him already and all he is trying to do now is prove “a point” which he cannot. With the like sof Lebron, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Roy Hibbert, and the new age Victor oladipo – I am tired of Kobe’s game, he dosen’t have anything left. He should retire and seek an analyst job on TNT because I believe he can help the younger players form a distance just not on the court any longer. I am a Kobe fan but I just think he’s put in his time and he should wrap it up.

    God Bless you kobe because there will never be another Kobe. BTW – Kobe should never under no circmstance be compared to the Michael Jordan. Kobe ia an great player but Micheal is a greater player.

    God Bless Y’all.

  23. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    Poor Kobe only 5 rings, 3 from shaq and 2 from gasol yet he wanna takes all the praises. what an overrated player and nothing but a ballhog

  24. crefflo says:

    Lakers has been treating people like chips. I don’t know why anyone will be mad at Howard. And this move on MWP just prove it on more time after Odom, S.Brown, Mike Brown, Shaw, Fisher and Phil Jackson. Then they try to make D12 carry the blame for unsuccess. And Kobe please there is a more smart way to lead people than putting them down. You can break your donkey back and ask him then to carry your whole house.

  25. leo says:

    lord of the rings..i mean kobe not phil..nice one by the way coach phil..

  26. lak8r4l1fe says:

    Yea d12 leaving la it hurted this season coming up doesnt look so good neither but next offseason free agency is gonna be big with names like d.wade lebron rudy gay caramelo etc im sure lakers gonna snatch one of those names and get back in the race for a championship and good luck to d12 as an astro ha

  27. CAine says:

    Never believed in Phil. After all he only coached for MJ and KB. I could do that and win some championships too easily. I been a fan for couple years but only great coaches were Pop and Doc. Heats coach is a joke too what ever his name was. That one dating chearleader lol what a joker

  28. ryan says:

    he means astronaut, like houston we have a problem.

    • Sam Houston says:

      Are you asking making to help fix the Lakers?

      • Kamau says:

        You guys are all stupid. How many rings does dwight howard have,ZERO!!!!!!! And kobe has 5 so get your facts straight. Kobe is the best player in the game today hands down!!!!! And don’t compare KOBE with WHACK players like kevin durant who has no rings and lebron james with only two. Kevin durant and lebron james have been in the league long enough to have won more rings then they have

      • DC says:

        It doesn’t matter how many rings he has in the past. He had a better team those years he won.You act like he did all by himself. And if you want to compare individual players. Kobe is 3rd or 4th in the league right now. The numbers don’t lie. You need to start comparing championships with teams not individual players. Lakers are rebuilding and aging…be prepared for a lossing record or no playoff come April.

  29. DJ says:

    Kobe all got his five rings with PJ as coach..that’s it

  30. blackandsilverwhatrhymeswithsilver says:

    dwight would make a great baseball player. his strike zone would be 2 feet above the catchers head. lol

  31. Dew says:

    Houston….we have a problem…

  32. RJ says:

    Dwights going to look quite a bit better the further removed from the back and shoulder injuries he gets.

  33. ONLY 5 RINGS says:

    Only 5 rings
    Bro u need to learn the sport
    Kobe will get his 6th ring and he is a boss.

  34. Fresh says:

    Dwight can’t really play. That’s a big bet for the Astro’s. Even MJ (everybody even the haters will agree, who is the most talented player in the last 30 years) did not perform well playing baseball.

  35. yoyo says:

    dwights gona be better playing for the astros no doubt! western conference playoffs gona be a thriller this year!!

  36. I do not even know the way I ended up here, but I thought this put up used to be good. I don’t recognise who you’re but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

  37. jimbo says:

    I want to comment on Kobe’s 5 rings. He would not have rings 1-3 if Shaq was not there… and Kobe would not have rings 4-5 if Gasol was not there. My point… Kobe’s titles are ALL dependent upon the Lakers having another superstar along side him, always the way with ball-hogs. Jordan’s titles were with cohesive units (one might argue that Jordan couldn’t have done it without Pippen, but the triangle offense spreads the floor so effectively, that an argument can be made for Pippen not being indispensible). It is hard to top the combination of talent, IQ, and unselfishness (read: Jordan, James, Durant, Duncan, Nowitzki). I am a Laker fan, but they will do well to make the playoffs this coming year, much less winning a series ! out.

  38. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    If DH is so sure that he’ll be signing for Houston, then he must have signed right at the very minute or very hour or very day.. It took him days to sign because he is not sure of himself.. He always is.. Goodluck to Houston.. Pray that he will never leave you..

    • Kobe-Lakersr@Manila says:

      It is alright that he is now in Houston.. Maybe in his contract that if can’t deliver houston a championship, they will train him to be an astro and send him to space..

  39. Jordan says:

    Dwight you deserve the best. I support your decisions. I can see you working well with James Harden. Don’t listen to people who say negative things. Remember many kids look up to you.