Kobe Bryant Tweets Thoughts On State Of Lakers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago, I wrote here about how skilfully Lakers guard Kobe Bryant had embraced Instagram since injuring his achilles’ tendon. Since that post, Kobe has continued his social media campaign, providing coverage of his trip to Brazil and then, after Dwight Howard announced he was leaving L.A., Bryant unfollowed Howard on Twitter and posted a photo on Instagram that seemed to make clear how he felt about the situation.

Late last night, word broke that the Lakers would use their amnesty provision to sever ties with forward Metta World Peace. Soon after, the Mamba returned to Twitter to make his feelings known.


  1. cupcakes says:

    sometimes things happen and sometimes they dont but whichever one it is, somebody has something to say about it. its like when you have one thing go one way and another go a different way and you arent sure which way would be better for who, until it happens and then you go on with life. there are at least 14 reasons why the lakers will win championship. #1……

  2. josh says:

    I think all players need to pipe down on Twitter. They just look a twit too often. If Kobe were really sincere he wouldn’t have posted that picture of him and Pau straight after Howard left. He should have congratulated Howard and let his basketball do the talking. But then again, this guy is one self-centred, selfish, egotistical individual…

    • pistolj7 says:

      He’s a twit!

    • Jolan says:

      and I still think he is more likable then Jordan.

    • Sg23 says:

      then why are you reading this article bro? haterific. go on your LeBron page instead and tell your friends u love him. don’t read a mans opinion and diss it and expect no retaliation otherwise you’d just be a hypocrisy.

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      he has a mouth of an auctioneer. He thinks he’s always right and he’s the best. arrogant… presumptuous!

    • NBAfan says:

      I think all fans need to pipe down everywhere. They just look a twit too often. If Josh really knew what it means to be a pro athlete, he wouldn’t have posted this comment. He should have just sat down, eat his Cheetos and watch highlights of his favorite player or team. But then again, this guy thinks he knows how pro-athletes should act…

  3. crefflo says:

    Lakers has been treating people like chips. I don’t know why anyone will be mad at Howard. And this move on MWP just prove it on more time after Odom, S.Brown, Mike Brown, Shaw, Fisher and Phil Jackson. Then they try to make D12 carry the blame for unsuccess. And Kobe please there is a more smart way to lead people than putting them down. You can break your donkey back and ask him then to carry your whole house.

    • Ryan says:

      Lol, nice way of putting it bro!

    • D12 for life says:

      well said guys, well said…

    • joe the plummer says:


    • Tony says:

      I concur. Owners in all sports use their human resources (players) to increase their profit margin. Players are nothing more than human resources that can be waived, traded or promoted (contract increase) as the owner sees fit. Only a few times in a superstar’s career is he able to control his own destiny. Only during this time does the corporate machine attempt to humanize itself by drawing in the fan base and pleading with the CASH COW to stay within its fold. Once that cow no longer produces milk, its traded off or euthanized. To all players, you may be rich but the guy you work for is wealthy. Whenever presented with an opportunity to improve your situation, Take It. I am pretty sure your boss would do the same.

      • VICTOR says:

        To all players, you may be rich but the guy you work for is wealthy.

        Tony I concur, Please teach the People!!

        Only during this time does the corporate machine attempt to humanize itself by drawing in the fan base and pleading with the CASH COW to stay within its fold. Once that cow no longer produces milk, its traded off or euthanized.

        Simplistically Brilliant!!!

      • mikep says:


        Then the Lakersnwould have never gone over the salary cap.
        Only teams like the clippers put money above winnng.
        The Lakers did not become who they were by under paying players.
        Get a clue!

        The Lakers choose great players, great coaches, pay them all very well, and then market the crap out of them.
        30 years later, if the best franchise in basketball.

        And what exactly would Howard and most other NBA players be doing without the “greed” of the owners paying them tens of millions?

        YEA! Selling insurance.

        Don’t ever feel sorry for these players. They are extremely well compensated for their work.

        And it’s the fans that pay a huge percentage of their income to go watch their team of choice that guys like D12 should be ashamed of letting down. Not the owners.

        No problem with D12 playing where he wants to play. The problem is the path he chose to get there.

    • Skolimowski says:

      Agree about the Lakers organization, disagree about Kobe – there are different kinds of leadership and his worked well enough for 2 consecutive championships, so he’s doing something right.

      • LAKERS4EVER says:

        Stop acting like if the Lakers are the only organization that trade players, before you guys write stupid comments think first. all of you haters go to your own team site and write all the stupid comments that you want because no one cares.

    • MzLee says:

      The lakers are an organization that has been EXTREMLY Successful in building championship teams through free agency and trades to the tune of 16 chamionships and have been there 4 times in the last 10 years winning two of them. this is a organization that has been to the playoffs 57 times in 62 years and its been 19 years since the last time they missed the playoffs and only 5 times in team history. So they never had the lottery picks such as LBJ or or DRose as a matter of fact Kobe was the 13th pick in the draft and there are 12teams kicking themselves for not picking one of the greatest to ever play. and to make things clear Phi jackson had been a player or couch for 40yrs and was ready to move to the next phase. Fischer was at the end of his carreer and instead of baring him at the end of the beench they gave him a chance to be affective somewhere else. Odom just was a bascket case.. MWP at he end of his carreer and its the buisness the new CBA makes teams makes some hard choices. MBrown should have never been hired wasn’t qualified. Sbrown hey its the business. and D12 thought he wanted the bright lights couldn’t handle the pressure and is in no better situation then he was in Orl in 2009-10. it will be 3-4rs before hou is a contender. take the lakers out the equation, the Spurs, OKC, LAC, GSW,MEM, are all better then Hou ecen with Dwight and by him leaving LA they will have so much money to work with when free agency is amazing at the end of next season this is D12 loss

    • NBAfan says:

      who cares about smart, just be effective…that’s all that matters…2 championships…back to back….three straight trips to the finals…oh how people forget

  4. Mr. Spencer says:

    Josh, just shut up you’re not making any sense. The bottom line is he just congratulated Howard, but Dwight chose his decision, he’s moved on, and Kobe and the Lakers are moving on as well. What was wrong with that instagram of he and Pau, he means as teammates, they are together and are Lakers at heart. You’re just trying to find an excuse to be critical, come on guy don’t be so dum.

    • mikep says:

      Mr Spencer is right on

    • Yeah, Pau and Kobe Lakers at heart until either Lakers amnesty Kobe or trade Pau – or better yet, both! Speaking of which if I was Pau, I’d demand a trade to get out of that stinking ship as well – he must be getting tired of being treated like the only fat red headed kid on the team (i.e – easy target). Can you imagine Kobes instagram photos after being amnestied? lol…

      2013/2014 Pacific Division Rankings:
      1) Clippers
      2) Warriors
      3) Lakers
      4) Phoenix
      5) Sacremento

  5. Aryan says:

    Kobe once again has shown that he is the bigger man. Kobe is just the best.
    To Kobe,
    Wat Up?
    The Lakers will win this year

  6. lee says:

    i think kobe needs to retire gasol is the only ok peace on there team and he is going down hill but steve nash is done kobe is done im sure kobe can score 30 points a game but he has proved time and time again the dont want win games that way he isnt mr clutch anymore he doesnt play d this team is done and to beat it all the just keep getting older players the lakers will be lucky to be 8 seed next year but no matter what the do their not going far in the playoffs if the make it

    • Tim says:

      @Iee…Kobe is done? How did you come up with that? Check his stats! He may not be The Kobe he use to be, but there aren’t many players that put up the same stats as he does. Kobe is in his mid 30’s and still put up points that are in league with younger players like Durant, Carmelo, Harden, and etc. The Lakers was on a nice run until Kobe got hurt. I wonder why that was so if he “needs to retire”? The Lakers getting swept shows just how well Kobe plays. D12, Gasol, and etc. could not make it without him. Hence the sweep, but atleast Kobe got them there.

      • Dwight Howard says:

        As a fan if you think an individual scoring 30 without a teams win is sufficient, then yup no problem with Kobe staging .

        If you think he takes the team to Playoffs with everyone knowing he will score 30+ but team would be swept, agian no problem ..

        u seem more of a Kobe fan than Lakers fan !

        go Lebron 🙂

      • "Only 5 Ring" guy says:

        Kobe did will the lakers the 8th seed but he wasn’t part of the swept during the postseason, so your comment is invalid.

  7. Waffles says:

    Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

  8. not in my name says:

    kb is part of the organization. he isn’t THE organization, but sure he is a huge part of it and of its ww image. why shouldn’t he be saying smthing ’bout it? why shouldn’t he let his voice be heard loud and clear? he’ll stick to the plan afterwards.
    from a bbal point of view i agree with the decision to amnesty mwp, but from a “heart” perspective, we’ll definitely miss him.
    go lakers.

  9. NoPride says:

    All the pride that was the Lakers left with Jerry Buss. As the value of the Lakers plummets Jim Buss will realize how stupid his attempts to make more money backfired as the Clippers make a run at the next generation of LA fans. Metta is not going to be easily replaced and has earned his spot. Treating people that take care of you like that. do not expect any player to have loyalty towards this organization.

    • Tim says:

      Loyalty? This is a BUSINESS! From a business stand point MWP had to go. He is not the defensive force he use to be and his shot percentage is not good either. The Lakers need youth.

      • pistolj7 says:

        Tim – “He is not the defensive force he use to be and his shot percentage is not good either”. Other than that his shot percentage has never been good, which is even worse because he takes too many shots, you could have been referring to Kobe. LOL

      • LuCi says:

        No pistolj7, he is referring to MWP. Kobe has been pretty good this year, and above average in efficiency. MWP on the other hand is a wash-up of what he used to be.

    • theholyspectator says:

      yep, the end of lakers long historic run is upon us, in 2014 lebron wont be leavin miami, carmelo may leave nyknicks but even if they land melo that wont restore lakers to a title…when dwight left that shattered all possible hopes of lakers being the top team in cali. its the rise of the clippers era as @NoPride mentioned. id break the entire team up right now, they could get a lot for pau and kobe, yes i said it trade kobe…look at the celtics, who woulda thought KG and Pierce get traded? sure celtics are trash for the next few years but hey those pieces and future draft picks will help them in the long run for the rebuilding process, lakers needa take the same approach, just ironic how the two best teams in nba history are both goin down the hill..from what i can tell it looks like lakers will try to use the 2014 free agency to restore them back to the top, lol its not gonna work…sucks to be a lakers fan right now

  10. lakerfan345 says:

    Kobe is the Lakers problem they will never win if Kobe is in LA face it you cannot win games by yourself

    • purpngold says:

      The problem I Jimmy boy making bone head coach hiring’s The Lakers need a coach that the players can believe on and one that can lead them. DAntoni is not the man for this job. How many years of poor coaches do the Lakers have to endure. As long as this guy is the coach, Lakers will not win. They will be average if anything. Get rid of DAntoni, that’s the change the Lakers really need to make.

      • DJ3 says:

        A new coach won’t win them the title. Blow up the team, trade Nash now then trade Kobe for the first pick in the upcoming draft and then make a run at LeBron or Melo.

      • mikep says:

        Kobe has a no trade clause. Nobody will give you anything for Nash so you need to come up with a different plan

      • LuCi says:

        Even though Kobe takes up 30m in the salary cap, they’ll lose more than 30m in earnings if they trade Kobe. I say keep him, trade Nash and Gasol for young players and tank the 2013-14 season. Keep Kobe rested for the entire season, then offer him a 10m contract for 2014-15 and push him to be a mentor for younger players.

  11. seanjohn says:

    i think the lakers sud go get lamar orden in briend him back la was his home he did so good thier in hes a 6 10 pf that cud run that 2 unit in lee u must be carzy kobe got to 3 more years in him mj cud even do wat he doing at this age in i dnt think no player in the nba ever wud in the lakers just need to inprove the bleach it suck when strating 5 get out because no one cud score the ball we need a key player off the bleach that cud score in thats larmar oden in some moe free agent that cud make the bleeach stonger to get the 5 a rest when they need it thats why they stay hurt cus they got to play to many mins just to win a game that that the bleach is soupped to win so games to its call a teams game not a fab five game

  12. Amante says:

    One thing is for sure for the coming season. Lakers will “Compete”

  13. seanjohn says:

    in big ups to the lakers for breing chirs kaman a broad i think he wud help them a lot if he gets the mins he needs

  14. one mark says:

    Take or Bye Mc Gee !!

  15. one mark says:

    Take or Buy Mc Gee !! LOL

  16. MR. MANNY says:

    i think everybody has to wait and see what is going to happen next year cuz i wouldn’t be surprised if the lakers played so good even without howard that they get much further than people think. so what if howard is gone, cuz knoing his chemistry with how he acts with teams, he’ll probably get into it with the rockets and act like the cry baby that he is and try to leave there too..as for laker haters, you folks have to understand one thing now that the dwighmare is over, they’ll have less things to worry about and they’ll play with much better chemistry all around.

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      ya that means kobe taking 50FG a night … lalalakars go go go! Kobe’s ego is the only and the biggest problem of all. period


    Steve Nash was really the problem. He is the real shell of himself. And if they think he’s so valuable, then make him a coach. Really they must have been smoking something to sign a 39 year old for anything more than the veteran’s minimum. I don’t know if he qualified for the amnesty, but he should have retired and taken cues from people his age like Kidd, Grant Hill etc etc. His mind and spirit was there definitely but his body could not keep up. The Lakers have needed a real point guard for years now, isn’t that why they dumped Fish for Ramon Sessions and tried to get Chris Paul? They need to get small not big, the Chris Kaman thing is just patching the wrong bruise. They need quality point guards and shooters, not Chris Duhon and Darrius Morris please. And Blake is only good off the bench!

  18. thomas says:

    the laker problem is kobe are you stupid.if it was not for kobe they would not have made the playoff without him you think if kobe was not there howard would have lead them to the playoff no the problem is jim how his running there

  19. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Lakers are done…Kobe undermined his franchise thinking only for himself and now its time to pay the price. This isn’t the first time Kobe has scared elite players away from LA. Many max contract players agree that he is a great player but also agree they would never want to be on his team, this keeps them out of LA. Shaq and Kobe probably could have had 5 more rings they were that dominate, but instead……

    Also keep in mind Kobe does not necessarily want a Laker championship, he wants to be the guy to win the championship for himself. Again he could really care less about the Lakers and I am looking forward to him leaving so I can go back to supporting them.

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      well said mate! theres only one word to describe Kobe. SELFISH

  20. Jill says:

    Bynum became a problem with his knees at age 20 and now very few teams like him. Kobe ruptured his Achiles tendon and the Lakers still want him. For the Busse’s: Please do your research for such lesion NO 35 year or older patient with Achiles rupture recovered to be productive. It is a severe lesion and the recovery time is not only 9 months like people state. It takes more than that since psychologically makes the athlete cautious and protective. Kills he aggressivity. Summing up Kobe will be useless as a player. His desire to return are not financial. He is is one of the wealthiest players on the NBA. He wants to compete and get his sixth ring. He is not to be blamed for that. For the Lakers be objective and realistic. Why do you want to invest in such a player well known as selfish? A big mistake to let Metta go and keep Kobe. Worse mistake that letting Mike Brown go!!!

    • LuCi says:

      Uhhh… because if they traded or amnestied Kobe they would lose tons of fans and marketing deals? And Bynum’s case is a lot different – teams don’t want him because of his immaturity.

      • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

        yeah tons of fans with the same attitude as kobe. arrogant

  21. Troy says:

    I think Jim Buss is doing his own thing with the Organization kind of sad but he did not listen to D12 about bringing Phil Jackson back (D12 would’ve stayed btw), and is obviously not listening to KB24! The Lakers we knew and loved are gone!!

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      definitely D12 wont listen to Kobe, KB24 was never a good leader. its so happens that Pau is looking up to him so yeah hes willing to stay and play beside kobe. LAkers wasnt like miami that they have a true leader that makes some players want to play in southbeach

  22. mharon says:

    its all about business! just move on laker nation well see what happen this coming season…i love this game!

  23. leo says:

    lakers is a competitive team..despite losing key players,they will definetly compete..but honestly right now with the line-up that they have..they’re okey..i think they’re better without howard..no disrespect to D12 and his fans but his just a bigman with a high leaping ability..without it i think his nothing..for me bynum is still better than him when his 100%..but guys,they all have moved on already so i suggest we do the same..stay to whatever team your supporting..i will stay with the lakers..kobe is the heart and soul of the lakers…but D12 is not a good replacement for kobe..they havent founf kobes replacement yet thats why they are keeping him..because kobe is the only kobe..no one or nobody else..more power to kobe..get well soon..

  24. dre day says:

    what are ya’ll complainin about ? the nba is still a business and thats something a lot of people don’t understand… it is what it is lakers all day

  25. Drago says:

    This organization needs some new management and a couch with tenure.D’Antoni is not really at fault right now cause he did not get a team to couch he got a train wreck and now it seems he will have to deal with free agency leftovers and a crippled core without Artest Howard and Brayant and half of the bench.If it where any other team it would be quite a disaster.If there was no Kobe playoff hopes would be a delusion.

  26. Lebron iZ DeezD says:

    no matching MJs legacy by buying players/rings for Kobe…. this marks the greatest day in basketball history.

  27. Mason Moore says:

    I still think that Lakers need another point to play behide nash or in front of NASH. Go get the free agent brandon jennings or go get the undrafted rookie seth curry. We need shooters in L.A and somebody that can take over the offense sometime when Kobe has a bad game or is hurt. The man can’t do it by himself. Laker nation is going down hill.

  28. Guapa says:

    Kobe has become a 15 year old hipster vlogger girl in his period… poor thing 😦

  29. Ray Ray says:

    People sure love to Kick the Lakers when they’re down. The Lakers have made some bad and good moves over the last few years that just didn’t pan out, so now it’s back to the drawing board. Respect to Kobe for giving his thoughts on the situation, and yes he can say what he wants being that he has earned the right to. It’s a new era of basketball, and the game doesn’t seem to be getting better anymore. Maybe i’m just an old school guy but todays NBA is just not as entertaining.

  30. Aquila says:

    The Lakers organization deciding to not bring Metta back is tough….. he was a player that made the team better in a lot of different ways believe it or not even though he sucked at shooting…..hahah

  31. aldsfkj says:

    Kobe doesn’t want a metta elbow to his face, that’s why!

  32. Sophie says:

    Just about anyone can score 30+ points if they take as many shots as Bryant does. Bryant got rid of Shaq and now D12. Wake up Lakers, time to get rid of Bryant. Retire and move to Colorado. Time for Lakers to rebuild and be a winner in 3 yrs.

  33. yo says:

    The only thing I notice in “Laker nation” is the lack of proper grammar.

  34. Fern says:

    Kobe’s past performance has nothing to do with now. No one knows how well he will play this season. If he comes back too early, he can tear the achilles tendon again. He will be 35 soon. Body just doesn’t heal as well. Kobe is a selfish player and he will compete as hard as he can but one person can’t win a championship. Nash is finished. I think he is 39 now. He will probably injure himself again. I have no sympathy for the Lakers. I am a Miami Heat fan and used to respect Kobe but now I don’t.

  35. David H says:

    Kobe loves some drama doesn’t he. “No game 7 without Metta”.

    Maybe when he forced the most forcefully dominant center the game has ever had he should have remembered “No three peat without Shaq”.

    Kobe is a cancer on the Lakers. Always has been.

    • mikep says:

      I loved Shaq and still appreciate what he did for LA.
      Bot lets look at what happened. Shaq getting paid $30mil a year which was most in NBA and while he earned, his work ethic was suspect. He showed up to camp way over weight, and used the reg season to get ready for playoffs. (Would Kobe/Michael/Magic) ever do that?
      Kobe didn’t push anyone out of LA, rather Buss shipped him out while he could get value for him. Shaq’s ability was dropping like a brick when he entered his 30s and Buss could not Pay Shaq $30mx5 like Shaq wanted and also pay Kobe max money which Kobe deserved.

      Buss could not pay $30mil per player and still be able to field a team. Any reasonable owner, would have picked Kobe at 8 years younger and with a much better work ethic.

    • LuCi says:

      Didn’t know cancers can give you championships. Thanks for educating us.

  36. Trollolol says:

    Lakers Should get Lebron

  37. Trey says:

    It was time for peace to leave, Well maybe u signed Ariza or a nice shooter and bring Mwp off the bench. I’m not a lakers fan but u have to respect kobe he took enough and made enough shots to win,5titles.

  38. Franz says:

    “My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.”
    Really Kobe? Name me one team mate that you have made better in your entire career?

  39. michael says:

    Is it just me, or are the lakers clearing cap room to get LeBron in next seasons free agency period?

  40. cp3 epic basketball says:

    Lakers are done some staff needs to know that and their going to the rebuliding process on a bad start, lost some draft pick to get Steve Nash that a bad start trade steve nash for a average young point guard like Brandon Knight trade gasol for like for a young power forward and Kobe for someone good but young and get draft pick on the way and this is coming for someone look hate lakers and Kobe ME!!!!!

  41. stuart says:

    Kobe should come play with the Thunder and win a few titles with Westbrook and Durant.

  42. Bonbon says:

    Majority in this forum are kobe haters honestly. How can you say that the lakers need to retIre him,come on! ThIs guy helps the lakers for having 5 championships,7 finals apppearances without him this will gonna happen.

  43. THE BOSS says:

    Kobe is just a fan nowadays …

    ASK Coach D’Antoni … He’d tell yah ! :-))

  44. Houston guy says:

    Lakers GM will trade KB to Toronto next season so they can rebuild.

  45. A Fan says:

    The Lakers need to get back Andrey Bynum,,,he is a champ, he is a winner….

  46. A Fan says:

    Bynum back to LA Lakers will be a smart move…..

  47. rantrave says:

    thank you Jim buss

    for running this team into ground

  48. socalgal64 says:

    “Venting”? Really? This is hardly venting. Venting is what he did on Facebook the night he tore his Achilles. This isn’t venting. This is sensationalist “journalism”.

  49. Cant Wait for 2013-2014 says:

    i’ve yet to see anyone but kobe show that much spirit as he does for his team. he single handily carried them to playoffs no arguement there, i was a spurs fan until they gave up in those last 2 games and caved in. as for comparing kobe to lebron. lebron is a joke to watch tbh he better thank ray allen( amazing player but traitor) or he would have been burned to the stake if spurs won game 6. if i remember correctly kobe took 3 3 pointers double teamed to tie the game and win in OT vs raptors. while lebron was left open, yes thats the strategy teams use for the best player in the world, you leave him open what a joke, and lebron goes 1-3 and people wanna compare lebron and kobe give me a break. hop the bandwagon of lebron and think u know basketball kids, as for kobe he’s more than likely not winning another title but i would count kobe out, or duncan,

    • Miami says:

      Right, so you were a Spurs fan and now a Laker fan? That’s stupid. Lebron isn’t always “pretty” to watch like Jordan, Magic etc but he’s the most effective player in the league right now; he makes people around him better (unlike Kobe) and he’s a better rebounding and defender than Kobe, he just brings more to the Heat than Kobe does for the Lakers. I’m not a Kobe hater by any stretch, the guy is a legend, but he’s not the player he once was (even when healthy) and he can’t carry the Lakers. He’ll come back and be fairly effective, I don’t doubt that, but the Lakers aren’t suddently going to win a championship next season, probably scrape the playoffs at best.

  50. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    Leaders admire good examples of leaders. I love the quote from Steve Jobs. DH would probably quote something from Mr Crabs on SpongeBob.

  51. Houston guy says:

    Poor KB, he is really verbalizing but he is no longer in command this time.

  52. La Fan says:

    #justme Lakers needs role players and deeper depth bench.

  53. Sam Reyes says:

    bynum to the mavs, hope LA get good support from their draft. they need some one else to step up.

  54. Richard says:

    It’s about time they clear off some space and start a sort of rebuilding. With Bryant and Nash still on the team, would be best for young upcoming players. Bryant should lower his ego and accept a different role this time. Why can’t he be like Duncan and all those other greats who adjusted when it’s time for them to do so. Hope this coming season, Bryant goes into a more leader and teacher, helping on the other end of the court rather than demanding his way around. This is the tough price they pay. Back to square one. After this injury, I don’t know if he’s the same again. Age creeps up to him faster.

  55. yeah says:

    I think everyone is forgetting that kobe is retiring next season

  56. leo says:

    kobe stinks because he has 5 rings..kobe haters are mad about that truth..thats the ugly truth for you all..LAKERS nation..win or lose..

  57. lakerslakerslakers says:

    i like how everybody says the lakers are old and can’t go anywhere. last i checked, a damn old SPURS team just barely lost out on the championship while young teams were at home watching.

    • lbjmia says:

      you are right about the spurs team being old and barely loosing to mia, but u missed the part where its a spurs “team” there is no t with k o b e

  58. Michael Peloton says:

    Kobe is a winner. He is a competitor in every sense of the word.

  59. Brent says:

    I’m reading these comments and I think everyone is talking crazy…. The people that are saying trade Kobe and gasoline are sounding very stupid. Why would you trade them to get back contracts when they are going to be clear of them in 2014. What some of people are saying is stupid to me and they will have only 1 person on contract which would be Nash. Kobe is still the best shooting guard in the league so what’s all this he washed up and get rid of him… There is no one in here that would of got rid of jordan at this age and I know someone would say he isn’t Jordan but then your and idiot if you let go of someone that give you 28 5 and 5 I hunk that’s ludacris…. The numbers he posted this past yr and prior to that has been sensational and you can’t name a good 5 to 10 people that does it as consistently every yr as Kobe does. The system now caters to pau and nash now and you can put this on record we are going to be a better team than next yr. MWP isn’t the same player that he use to be but keeping him for 1 more yr isn’t going to hurt being that everyonenonnour team will be out of a contract anyways. But if they do release him I do understand because it won’t hurt to get younger and faster especially running in D Antoni system. All is talk of Kobe hurting the team is nonsense and If he played for your team you all will be defending him talks about how he is the greatest and half of the Miami heat fans in here are Lebron lovers you’ll arent Miami fans if he came to the lakers I wonder how many of you’ll would follow….lol

    Respect the mans greatness and growoth as a player you can hate the person that he is but you have to respect his game because right now there is no one that has played at a high level as he did forthr past 17 yrs besides Tim Duncan.

  60. ggggg says:

    Crazy that people hates on kobe and Lebron, without them the nba would be boring as hell.

  61. realize this says:

    This is what’s inbetween the lines of Kobe’s tweets:
    “Damn, we lost Odom, Bynum, Dwight, & MWP. Doesn’t matter who’s coachin cuz I’m the alpha dog & the real coach! This is why I get to act like an A$$ to everyone. Why is my team horrible? We’re supposed to be the best. I keep shooting & shooting but I just can’t get that 6th ring to be like Mike.”

  62. Henry says:

    Atleast Kobe didn’t run off to another team to join forces just to win Championships. if the lakers are washed up atleast they are washed up with 5 rings each since Kobe joined them. Howard Stern is stupid thats why.

  63. Laker Fa Life says:

    As a Laker fan I will admit that I am a little discouraged about Dwight Howard bouncing after one season with the Lakers. The problem I have with this is that he never gave it a true chance to see what would happen. If you look at the Lakers history in creating outstanding centers and/or making already great centers better…Howard should have stayed. Looking at the bigger picture…Kobe only has a few more years left before he hangs it up. He has pretty much accomplished all there is to accomplish in the NBA. All he needs is one more title…and I believe he may get it. Again…bigger picture…Howard staying in L.A. would mean that the team would be built around him with a better chance at winning an NBA title. No problems with him heading to Houston…but chances of winning an NBA title…none. Playoff bound…maybe. Even with an older team the Lakers have made the playoffs every year except one. So going something ridiculous like 20 out of 21 years making the playoff! There are teams not even on that level. Its true that the Lakers are getting older and need to get younger. However, as proven with the Spurs whom I believe is the oldest team in the NBA….age sometimes doesn’t matter. Playing team ball does. And that is the Lakers true issue right now. And I believe had the team stuck together one more season…we would have gotten a better indication of how great or how bad this team could be. Just remember the last stretch of the season where the Lakers went on a tear to make the playoffs. The only problem is that they ran into the Spurs who play 5 man offense…5 man defense. That trumps most talented teams any day of the week. Perfect proof is the bare win the Heat pulled off. However, this is still Laker nation. It will be interesting to see what the team looks like in the upcoming season. I am more interested in seeing how Ryan Kelly does because of his size and the ability to play multiple positions.

  64. To address The Lakers issues does NOT mean we have to focus on Kobe being Kobe or whom they will or will not have on their roster for this next season. There are many issues surrounding this team and just addressing one issue is not going to suffice to be the remedy of these problems. Yes, the loss of Dwight Howard is a blow to the organization. Yes, using the amesty exception on Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) does leave a situation that needs to be addressed on defense. The questions I feel that will need to be addresed are: 1. Will this team have enough chemestry to win the required number of games to place themseves in playoff competion? I believe that answer will be yes, but we will wind up in the lower half of the conference playoff structure. 2. Will Mike D’Antioni be the coach that utlimately returns the Lakers to the high level of playing that we fans expect, or will he stagnate the team? I believe he will coach the term of this contract, but he will not do much more than keep the team respectable. 3. Will we land a big name free agent in 2014? Likely, but do not expect LeBron James to leave Miami..

    I know the vast majority of people will either disagree or bash me over this comment. But, this is only one fans’ opinion and, whether it be right or wrong, it is just that, an opinion. I welcome your comments.

  65. jimbo says:

    I have been a Laker fan since Elgin Baylor days… there, I dated myself. Over the years I have been with them through all the ups and downs. The 60’s were especially tough because they were always one key player away from competing with Boston. Experience and determination won their first title, and team chemistry orchestrated the 80’s Showtime Lakers. When Kobe and Shaq rose to the occasion in 2000 I thought for sure another dynasty was in the making. Three straight titles !!! Hurrah !!! Well….. it could have been 5 straight, maybe even 6 of 7… Something derailed the Laker machine. The leadership was present, but wait, it was challenged. The young guard challenged the mountain center. A potential magnificent machine became just a “what coulda been”. Sure they won 2 more in 2009-10, through a series of shrewd acquisitions (Pau Gasol headlining). Team chemistry has been a missing link since 2002. I am going on record stating the Lakers need a leader. They don’t have one and will not win another title until a leader appears on the horizon. The recent player departures are not a factor, simply misplaced band aids. The Lakers will do it again, I know they will. It might take new ownership, but they will rise from the ashes to the purple and gold I have followed for nearly 40 years.

  66. LAKER KING says:

    Kobe is the best, if you don’t believe it just check out the man’s footwork. KB toys can consistently score on you without even dribbling (are you dumb or do you not know basketball) that in itself is enough. Just get your head outta Lebron’s bottom for 2 seconds and look around. Forget gym-shoe sales, we talking skill, pure skill. There is nobody who has done it better. ???Think Kobe is so arrogant right, yet he has humbled himself and acknowledged that he built his game off of the previous greatest player MJ. Yet he has added to that game a great deal with the pump fakes and stellar 3 point and outside shooting. This guy is a killer. Forget Hernandez, KB is the real killer. He has made all of his peers look absolutely stupid and foolish for even trying to guard him, (even Lebron) Nobody can check this guy and it has nothing to do with how tall he is or how high he jumps. It is all skill. BTW (Lebron only has 2 dunks on the fastbreak) forwards or backwards. Kobe likely to 360 or something stupid (really don’t even know if Lebron can 360, only because he has been in the league 10yrs and I’ve never seen it) The people who have been commenting must be intra-verts. To be the best you must absolutely believe you are the best and in most cases that comes off as cocky or arrogant. Please stop insulting the greatest, I don’t know Kobe personally, but I’m willing to guarantee you all this hate is just looking like a mountain of mojo pushing Kobe to absolutely destroy these clowns when he returns. (Kobe do yo thang, Forget these haters they are dummies, you can’t possibly even consider trying to appease them) shoot then shoot some more, you play SG-SHOOTING guard. That means the light could not be any greener. TO ALL THE CRITICS// PLEASE STAY TUNED. I want you all to Witness this elevator ride up- KING KOBE will return to win and retire like the great he is…..HA. #THEREALKING-KOBE 5>2 HOPE THE READERS ARE GOOD AT MATH.

    • jimbo says:

      Kobe will return…play some… make alot of money… and retire. NO TITLE !!!

      • LAKER KING says:

        Hopefully, the new commish will not be the ultimate Lebron fan…HA #InyofaceDstern. I like the odds…Kobe will play another 3 three seasons, realistically he only has to win one more ring. Tying MJ isn’t what he wants but we all fall short of our personal goals sometimes, it will not take anything away from him as a player. 6 will suffice and forever entice the Kobe / MJ debate. #propheticwords

      • NBAfan says:

        Big words when nothing is on the line for you…thanks. I hope Kobe reads your comment and works even harder at getting back at the level he should be in…

        Yeah Kobe…you suck…you old….you washed up…you nothing but a one-legged mamba…

        Now, comeback and prove me and Jimbo wrong.

    • Nathan says:

      What would kobe be without shaq..pretty much 2 titles worth..captain idiot over here..

  67. Lakers need to get nick young, travor ariza that the best For the Lakers

  68. hyderlaker says:

    I think kobe will make a title with the lakers one more time before he retires.

  69. Nathan says:

    One of the major differences between Kobe and Jordan is this: Somewhere along the way, Jordan stayed the course and did whatever it took to win, and kobe fell in love with his own ambition, not letting nash and dwight settle into their niches. Sorry Kobe, maybe in the next life, but you will always be cut short because of your selfish personality..

  70. GryShn says:

    Kobe selfish ?

    Kobe is league leader in FG attempts, cuz he takes those sohts other never would or could…But did you know that Russel Westbrook took more shots than Durant the last season, nobody calls him selfish though. And Melo is league leader in FG attempts per game, but nobody would say he’s a selfish player…

  71. ThirdRail says:

    Aww, I understand why you hate the LA. Look up at the rafters of your favorite team, now look at the Lakers. That is the only mission of a true championship franchise. This is not uncharted territory for the Lakers. Looking at their success, I would say that they know how to get there and win even when faced with adversity. We embrace the hate, LAKER NATION.

  72. hyderlaker says:

    yeah exactly kobe still has a advantage against everyone in the nba, that is experience. lebron might still be young and athletic but kobe has experience. I think that will lead him the championship.

  73. Eric says:

    as long as Kobe stay the better the lakers club is with howard

  74. Eric says:

    Kobe is a true laker for life in my book.for world peace if he would buke up an play so real ball he would be a keep as well

  75. Eric says:

    I say bring back bynum an odom

    • jimbo says:

      Sorry guys… you Kobe lovers are all breaking wind. You are talking with your heart, but the facts show otherwise. Miami has the ingredients of a dynasty, very similar to what the Lakers had in 2000. Miami also has chemistry, which the Lakers do not have. In most circumstances the best talent in the world cannot overcome lack of team chemistry. Miami has both… (and a far better coach) as a result, they will most likely win more titles (unless injuries or other changes take place). There is one opportunity for Kobe to win another title during the next 3 years… get TRADED to the Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs ! Please, no more dribble about Kobe’s individual talent, we all know how good he was. NO PLAYER at age 34 IS AS GOOD AS HE WAS AT 28 !!!!!!!

  76. I am very shocked to know the news of Kobe Bryant’s injury. Hope he will be well very soon. Hope he will be more concern about his fitness. Best of luck.

  77. Dwight howard says:

    I’m glad I took my talents to Houston, no player will ever flourish in a one man dominated team, Mr ball hog takes 30shots while everyone else takes less than 10 shots, most overrated player of all time who is only after scoring stats and 81pts a game.

  78. crizerd says:

    if the lakers wins the title this upcoming season,then i put kobe over jordan as the greatest player of all time,but it will only happens on dreamland……sorry kobe your a loser…..

  79. CALVIN says: