OKC Thunder Wear Summer League Jersey For Tornado Relief

Jersey Image

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There’s been a lot of talk about teams in the Orlando Summer League wearing short-sleeved jerseys as an experiment, but today the Oklahoma City Thunder will wear a special jersey that goes to benefit a terrific cause.

On Tuesday, July 9, at 1:00 PM ET, the Thunder will take on the Pistons, while wearing special uniforms to benefit those affect by the tornadoes that ravaged Oklahoma back in May.

According to the Thunder, “The uniform was designed to represent the strength and resiliency of the Oklahoma community and the jersey features an outline of the state of Oklahoma, with a Thunder logo in the center.”

To find out more about how to help, check out the Thunder’s web site.


  1. Russell says:

    The short sleeve jerseys make them look like volleyball players! Why not just cut off the sleeve and keep the compression concept, it makes zero sense to have sleeves, plus just like Dennis Scott said “You don’t spend all summer in the weight room to put on a T-SHIRT!” Bring the sleeveless back!

  2. Russell says:


  3. I like the short sleeve jerseys. Its a nice change of pace from the norm. But i would do something different with the designs. Nevertheless, this is a terrific cause for a great community. God bless everyone in Oklahoma.

  4. OKCMike says:

    Where can these Relief support shirts be purchased? Can’t find them and I’d like to help.