Metta World Peace And The Amnestied Burger Buns

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yesterday we saw Kobe Bryant react on Twitter to the Lakers’ rumored amnesty of Metta World Peace.

Today we see Metta World Peace react to the rumored amnesty of…his favorite whole grain burger buns?

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for the marching chicken joke.


  1. lee says:

    i know some teams that could use him he still plays d at a high level he might be crazy as who knows what but he can still shoot the 3 decent and still plays d housten could sign him at pf since the need one and he has slowed down a lil and then trade asik for anderson who should be howards favorite running mate

  2. Harden As Rock says:

    Blame it on Dwight! Hope Dwight sees why ppl in Orlando hate him and now ppl in LA. He doesn’t realize his undecisive moves affect many ppl around him. I can see it wont work out well for him in Houston either. Lakers was the best chance for him bc they always put out the money to find other pieces to make their main piece look good. Like what they did for Kobe and other in the past. Houston might not be as good as Lakers, no money.

  3. Ron.
    You did great job here, but it is time to move forward.We need to cut salary, man and we need to get younger.You are not the same player as 4 years ago, but you can still play for 1 0r 2 more years in a low market team.
    Next is Steve Nash. He has to be traded to Toronto for a box of candies.We need to rebuild this team and there is ni place for santimentals.Good luck to you.

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      Would Toronto even take Nash after what Nash did to them last season? Nash made everybody pretty much believe he was headed to the Raptors, then screwed them over to join the Lakers. The Raptors management even said they believe Nash only acted interested in joining the Raptors to drive up the price the Lakers were offering.

  4. dean says:

    I think he’d fit well in San Antonio, sign him for the veterans minimum? NY and Houston could use his experience and defense as well.

  5. lakers says:

    sad to see world peace go. He really changed as a person with the lakers, from being a thug to a really funny guy.

  6. Laker4Life says:

    Metta doesn’t want to play anywhere else because of his family in Los Angeles. To some people family is more important than the constant dragging them city after city. #RespectPeace

  7. David Romero says:

    Much respect for this man u were a Laker at heart and LA will always love you no matter were you go RON !

  8. dean says:

    The team should’ve amnestied Pau if anyone, might as well keep Metta for one more year. It’s not like the Lakers are going to sign any one else besides Caman this year. Who is going to play SF for this team? They could’ve traded him and Nash for something better. Lakers will be trampled in the West this year.

  9. Terrence says:

    As a die-hard NY Knicks fan and a fan of MWP since he was Ron Artest playing for St. John’s I say James Dolan and Mike Woodson needs to be on the phone with MWPs agent to get him back home to NY before Brooklyn signs him!

  10. Jumppong says:

    that’s part of the game don’t worry World Peace there are other player’s out there who is Sad just like you.. like what happen to Boston WORLD PEARCE.. lol