Don’t Forget About Derrick Rose

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I was thinking yesterday about Derrick Rose, because that’s the kind of stuff I do — I walk around thinking about injured basketball players that we haven’t seen on court in a while. With all the player movement we’ve seen lately, I was thinking about how the Bulls are kind of being overlooked as a contender in the East, particularly if he’s able to come back healthy this season. This turns out to be great timing, as a Bulls fan put together this Rose highlight video set to audio from Star Trek, showing Rose at his finest. Cool stuff…

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  1. Nick says:

    D rose – Wade killer
    Butler – Lebron stopper
    Noah – Bosh murderer

    • Gef says:

      What the heck you are saying? Bulls loss! 2 play off encounters 4-1! Hahaha

      • Danny says:

        with the help of the officials that is lol worst calls in NBA History.

      • pistonsfan says:

        Yeah they lost in 2011 when they didnt have Bulter, and now in 2013 without Rose, Deng and Hinrich playing.. big deal. Next year it going to be a revenge for the Bulls (lets hope they’ll have a healthy roster)

      • Jonathan says:

        Ur getting happy cuz Miami beat a team with only 6-7 players and when the bulls are healthy with d rose no could stop them 2 yrs straight 1 seed in the east with derrick rose …….buddy…….

      • that was before they had jimmy butler…and the bulls won 1 game last playoffs basically without any players

    • roy says:

      only heat haters believe your comment nick

    • MWP says:

      Rose wouldn’t be the same as before… after his injury

    • Sam Reyes says:

      so carlos buzer is the coffing zeller?

    • v says:

      Haha. I suppose the two years previous to this one when this exact same roster was sent home 4-1 by miami after having home court was by luck?. Get real. D-rose can be great but that is the only player on the s***y roster worth even talking about. One on 5 basketball will not work against pacers certainly not the heat. Hell even the nets right now if not for the coach are a better team.

    • jiggy says:

      Rose is trash. Shumpert came back and all this guy did was shoot around before games. Rose is the next Roy….. disgrace lol and ye bulls didn’t beat Miami so its not a rivalry and they never will. Bulls fans let it go, Jordan is not coming out of retirement hahhahahahahaaa

    • More like:

      D rose – Wade killer in 2 games
      Butler – LeBron stopper in 2 games
      Noah – Bosh murder in 2 games

      You have to be consistent to beat Miami. Indiana came close. Without the turnovers, they would have shocked the world. Indiana should be the focus of The Bulls.

  2. gabino says:

    notice how every clip of the bulls playing the heat, the bulls are losing anyway. Cool video though

  3. REggie says:

    BRING IT ON CHICAGO BRING IT ON and you better come strong or dont COME AT ALL

  4. X-Man says:

    Can’t wait — just can’t wait

  5. JOSE RUIZ says:


  6. Lewis Powers says:

    2014 mvp ….

  7. Gustavo says:

    We beat them with Rose and without him; bring it on Bulls. Heat Three-peat!

  8. wUT says:

    Returning with a jump shot? LoL

  9. jose says:

    even officials and reporters said that a healthy bulls team is miamis worst nightmare lol i see the heat like the lakers were, lakers lost at the finals to boston and won 2 strait after that and loose at the semi finals in the west, heat loose to mavs in finals, win 2 strait and will loose this year lmao, i guess well have to wait and see, i bet with bynum now the cavs are even better then the heat i mean cmon miami is way overrated now

    • Grismare says:

      This might be the most absurd post I have ever seen on this board.

    • DDUB says:

      So you saying the best player on the planet on the best team in the league is overrated? C’mon man stop being a Miami hater. Just wait for the 3-Peat!

    • Gef says:

      Reporters are not playing! Yah! Keep on dreaming!

  10. Damian Batista says:

    Hmm let me guess D-Rose will be injured on the second day of the NBA well everybody knows that he will get injured

  11. Michael Sacoto says:

    Great Video. I hope D-Rose comes back to his regular self. The window is closing for the Heat, and it is closing fast!!

  12. TheTruth says:

    Need I remind you theHeat have beaten rose and the bulls at their peak before…. The heat are better team now than then, the bulls are as always a great team…. But ain’t gunna beat the heat with or without d rose! Cool vid tho, and I’m looking forward to see rose back on the court!

    • Just Saying says:

      You do realize Rose was like 24 at the time… And also they didn’t have a good shooting guard that was good at offense and defense like Bulter. So yes Miami did improve, but the Bulls did too. The Bulls are fairly young compare to the Heat.

      • Just Saying says:

        Just kidding he was 22. How can a team be at their peak with their superstar being only 22?

      • Gef says:

        Hahaha! They need to step up becoz rose is not there! But they can not play like that after rose came back.

    • ChiTown82 says:

      Love the video, it’s cool. All you nitwits need to stop sayin ‘heat won’t win cause of D rose’. You can’t take away what the Heat did this year because a few players in the conference were injured. The Heat are a damn good team and things went their way this year. I don’t think Miami is as dominant as their ego says but whatever they’ve done, its been earned.

      That being said their fiercest competitors were undermanned this year (Pacers and Bulls) that’s why we here in Chicago feel a little bit robbed. Give me Chicago in the playoffs against the Heat and I’d bet on Chicago in 2014. Or the Pacers for that matter. Both teams are better coached.

      I purposefully left Brooklyn out. You can’t buy a roster and expect it to win a championship immediately. Am I right Miami?

      • wUT says:

        Unless your are The Boston Celtics. The Nba loves Boston and will give them a chip if they legit contenders.

      • Mike says:

        You know, Spoelstra earned my respect in the finals. It will be very interesting to see what happens when the Heat’s core dissipates.

  13. bullsknicks warriors says:

    to all you heat fans you guys will not win a championship next year because of derrick rose

  14. HEAT4EVER says:

    That what all haters said 2 years ago hahaha

    • ROSE4president says:

      Last 3 years miami went to the finals, first time Rose was playing by himself second year got injured third yeat did not play THAT MEANS WE ARE COMING FOR U PRINCE JAMES HAHAHAHA

  15. stokes says:

    die hard bulls fan. video was pretty awesome. as far as next season goes…it will not be easy for the bulls, but that being said, it will not be easy for heat either…both us and miami are in for a great season, and whatll be a great match up in the ecf. jimmy b’s gonna be better, both offensively and defensivly. if bulls stay healthy, miami should be in for a scare. and you bet your money that the team and players aren’t sleeping on the bulls, so why in the world would you fans sleep on us? aaah, cuz miamis core base of fans are bandwagon fans who dont know much about basketball. to the fans who do know basketball, you da*m well know chicago is your biggest obstacle for a 3-peat. and this season may be your toughest yet.

    • Tucker says:

      Haha I’m neither a Bulls or a Heat fan but don’t act like Rose is gonna be the difference for the Bulls. The Heat put LeBron on him and he can’t be effective. I don’t blame Rose for that though, LeBron’s huge and a good defender (probably taking HGH IMO). Don’t forget about how hard LeBron works on his game too. I would be surprised if LeBron goes into next season with his same old sub-par jump shot. I bet that will be his main focus this offseason and he will finally be completely unstoppable,with a reliable jumper. No guarantees of course. The Bulls’ only hope of beating the Heat is for Wade’s age and injuries to keep him in the 15 PPG range. Otherwise the only team in the east that can bring down the Heat are tue Pacers. They’re a great team and I think they just might knock the Heat out next season. I hope you’re right though. I really do like Rose and the rest of the Bulls.

      • TonyMac says:

        Sorry to disappoint you Tucker but… that jumper that plagued his (Lebron) game for so long? As crazy as it sounds, James has developed a jump shot that has been as deadly as those of Steve Novak, Stephen Curry and Kyle Korver.

        According to Synergy Sports tracking, James has shot 92 jumpers of the catch-and-shoot variety last season, which is the closest thing we have to an in-game 3-point shooting contest. He’s made 48.9 percent of those attempts. When we account for the extra value of a 3-point shot, we find that he’s posted an effective field goal percentage of 68.5 percent on those shots.

        How good is that? Only Spurs sharpshooter Danny Green has been more efficient on catch-and-shoots. Everyone else trails Green and James in that department.

        The Bulls are in trouble… Let’s not get Lebron mad or he might shoot 75% for the season.
        The above text was taken from:

      • Pears009 says:

        You think LBJ#6’s hair would be falling out, if he was taking HGH??? You obviously know very little about how HGH works on the body…

      • Sean says:

        Sorry to break it to you but there is a flaw in your plan. If the heat put LBJ on Drose then they would have a mismatch with either butler or deng being guarded by a smaller defender which will lead to easy buckets. The only way to counter this would be to not have a pg on the floor but that would even cause problems.

  16. Gilbert says:

    what are you talking about peak??!!! Derrick Rose is not even at his prime yet lebron will leave the heat next season because they wont win another ring in miami I guarantee it

  17. Shahmeer says:

    If Derrick Rose comes back healty, he will be the best player on the planet, and LeBron is just a faggot. Watch out LeBron and the heat, D-Rose hasnt even reached his potential yet… hahaha

    • roy says:

      lol wow what has d rose done???I wouldn’t trade russel westbrook for rose .lmao best player in the planet I can name 10 better than him in 5 seconds

      • Jonathan says:

        Youngest MVP thats what he’s done

      • Lance says:

        Rose only won MVP because of voter fatigue, and backlash after the decision. LBJ stomped Rose in every statistical category the year Rose won MVP. Should have been 5 straight for the King.

  18. Cristhian Pico says:

    Miami Heat is a way better team than they were back then. They learn some hard lessons with San Antonio and Indiana in these playoffs. I think Miami can handle every team in a different way right now. I think Miami will repeat.

  19. pasigiri says:

    I’d be more concerned about the Pacers and the Nets if I were the Bulls or the Heat.

  20. RnBizzle says:

    There is a far better similar type video on youtube, which is called ‘The Red Knight Rises’. You can probably guess where this is going, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

  21. bULLSsux says:

    bulls will never win anyways, nice clip.. hus their bench players? lol… get real.. ahahaha

  22. Cristian says:

    Go bulls. Between the Pacers, Nets, and Bulls the heat are gonna have to work for the East this year for real. For people who underestimate the bulls, do you even watch basketball? They’re all heart and defense. Rose will come back strong, and has the whole season to get into full form. Wade is getting older, and Bosh isn’t getting any better. I’m not saying the heat won’t win. However, this year will be no 2012. Bulls were number 1 in the east 2 years in a row, last season still made it out well without their star player ALL season. Give them the credit they deserve.

  23. joe says:

    anyone who says d rose is gonna get injured forgets the fact that he only missed like 4 games over 3 seasons before the lockout season

  24. Olegre10 says:

    D-Rose, the fans and the Bulls franchise – deserve all the acolade, there are so many aspects of why they do, it is such a pleasure to enumerate them – well, most of them, because the post space is limited. Yet, there are so many, who belive themselves to be ardent / die-hard (why not ‘live long’?) Bulls fans, who’d spend some considerable part of the post on mentioning the same ‘ol names … of the (arguably) the Best Athlete in All Professional Sports. At the moment. Try to focus on loving somebody instead

  25. Shawantae says:

    Too much trash talk and all I see is……… the Heat winning again and again……

  26. Rory says:

    ok so everyone says D rose will make sure the heat don’t win the NBA championship next year well lets put it like this 2011 eastern conference finals D rose was healthy Deng was playing Noah was playing and so was Boozer same guys they will have next year aside from Butler and that series ended the same way this years did 4-1 win by Miami and yall say d rose will stop Miami from winning a championship the Spurs had a better chance to stop that from happening this year The Miami heat are the best team in the East and the best team in the NBA D-wade will come back healthy and ready to play LeBron gets better statistically every year and bosh will come out looking to play better after the disappointing way he played in the playoffs the team that will give us a run next year will be the pacers they will finish 2nd in the east with the bulls in 3rd and once Miami wine the nba championship again and gets the 3 peat what are yall gunna say the its been 3 seasons now stop hating on Miami the only reason yall hate is cause they win then yall say Miami bought its roster when really them 3 agreed to play together you cant buy a team if you could star players would be in L.A and MIami ans Boston and S.A every year when in all reality yoy have start players on almost every team stop hating I kno yall don’t like Miami but its time to get over it

    • QWERTY says:

      i got say that was pretty detailed, unless you can tell the future im pretty sure no one knows whats gonna happen not lebron not wade, bosh, rose or paul george no ones knows, they know what they need to do to improve the game to increase the chances but its not written on paper… anything can happen when it comes to playoffs anyone can win.

      Miami may win but they may also lose him the next season aswell who knows

  27. Gef says:

    As if they can beat miami if he is there! Wake up! This is clear, miami beat the bulls twice!

  28. Gef says:


  29. Ohhhh he back so get your popcorn ready its going be a long 1.WHAT TIME IS It GAME TIME

  30. Woa says:

    Chicago is a much better team with D-Rose playing, but Indiana will be deeper this year with Granger back, and with Knicks and Nets both loading up, it’s hard to consider Bulls going beyond 2nd round in the playoffs.

  31. fakers says:

    so, when will DRose return? Isn’t he supposed to have played like after the all-star game last season?

  32. SAM REYES says:


  33. marcus aurelius says:

    the chances of a weakling like rose leading a team to a championship is 1 to gazillion. he’s arguably a good basketball player but with a weak heart.

    • WTF says:

      That makes 0 sense how is his heart weak because he didn’t play? He wasn’t mentally ready its understandable after such a big injury and saying Miami will win because they beat the Bulls before makes no sense neither is the same team as before and saying Rose won’t make a difference is stupid because guys at his level would make a huge difference on any team they played on

  34. Nyjaia glanton says:

    Right agree with Gef On…what are u saying Nick

  35. Bobby says:

    Ya’ll must have forgot about the Nets

  36. Ryan says:

    I hope all this hype ain’t for nothing. If Rosé really returns he still not stopping LBJ and Wade. Sorry guys 🙂

  37. Derrick Rose is the answer a d I’m glad he took the time to heal both physically Nd emotionally. With him healthy and Boston rebuilding, you have to see the Bulls as the only team to challenge the Heat in the east with the best shot at the ECF champions. Welcome back DRose

  38. trap money says:

    miami has the best in 5th best players in the world in lebron in wade in a solid bosh with an ok bench what did yall exspect they should have got 2ships im not mad at them but teams are stepping there games up indiana nets cavs etc the bulls are still the better team in the east i like the bulls there getting better marco was ok but he couldent defend dunleavy is a better defender in could shoot in could go to the basket tony snell at no nate but i watched that boy play he can shoot in get to the basket and he is bigger jimmy butler steped up a lot he gone kill this year in you got the best point guard in the second best player in the world in d rose the bulls are good in there coming so watch out

  39. jack077 says:

    I think that it’s funny that every clip they showed with the heat in it, the heat were ahead in points. Highlight plays don’t win championships people. Thanks for the entertainment though. Lol

  40. to Bulls fans says:

    how fast you all forget, Lebron is not going anywhere, and like parker he shut Rose down. In the end of the game he is their only offense. To be honest the bulls were harder to play when rose was out, not knowing who was gonna score. LEbron on rose last few mins of 4th. Miami wins. Argument rose got better….? when sitting on his a$$ watching the game for a year lol. Be realistic. And rose will never be better then lebron. Bad enough he stole his mvp.

  41. Mark says:

    Roy is kinda an idiot…

  42. terrell says:

    well, all im gone say is the miami heat are the best actors of the nba when it comes to flopping lol oh, yea and the guy yall call king james is the king of flopping lol this dude is 6’8 250+ lbs nate robinson is 5’11 maybe 160-180 and he knocks down queen james????? i see why queen james never stayed with the nfl lol wow but this is the new team of the new school nba.

  43. Stradio says:

    It’s hilarious how rare the respectful true basketball fans are, most of the time it’s just like “Oh clearly the Heat have been the superior team in the past, but that’s only because (insert excuse).” Real fans don’t make excuses, just like the players don’t EVER make excuses. They know that they would be laughed at league wide, because only little babies make excuses. Man up and respect your opponent, stop trying to belittle other teams just because you don’t cheer for them, but still want to win big against them regardless of what has happened in the past. Heat fans, be respectful of the desire and effort of your opponents, and have some humility in victory like the greats always do, but don’t expect teams not to come hard at you since you’re the 2 time defending champs. Where have all the true basketball fans gone?

    • justsayin says:

      The Heat aren’t “clearly superior” nor are they exempt from the criticism they and their fans are hyper-sensitive to. You all might not want to hear it but the truth is they were given the OKC finals on a silver platter, and were a Hibbert substituition and a Leonard free throw away from losing their last two series this year. That’s not dominance – it’s practically 0 for 3 – and people are sick of the unmerited chest thumping and proclomations of royalty. They’re not getting another ring unless the league intervenes, again, to continue manufacturing the fiction that LeBron is the next MJ. Of course MJ did more with less, and didn’t wear such coceitedness on his sleeve. Oh – and he didn’t flop or cry and whine over every call he didn’t get.

      The door is closing on them already. The road will likely end for them in an improved Indiana team next season- but the Bulls, Nets, and Knicks have all made strides as well. And please, for the love of pete, don’t use the word “humility” if you are ascribing it to the Heat or their typical fans. Unless you seek comedy gold, which it is.

      • Keith Taylor says:

        MJ teams were much better than theHeats. remember the bulls almost made it out of the east after Mj’s first retirement. Jordan had the better “team/supporting cast members” because they knew their roles. that’s why miami lost/struggled the first year they were together. bosh & wade has to let LeBron take the lead in order to have true success.

      • Stradio says:

        They are clearly superior team in the NBA since they are back-to-back champs with the back to back MVP in his prime doing work for them. I don’t really see how this can be denied by anyone who is in touch with reality. However, this just makes it all the more worth while for teams to try and knock them down, and they know this. Honestly, I can tell by your biased blanket statements about the league “intervening” and “manufacturing” LeBron’s image that you aren’t really very realistic, and I was CONVINCED when you said that MJ wasn’t conceited or didn’t whine about calls. I mean, really? Making stuff up to support your argument doesn’t work in real life, only on the internet. I don’t know why I even try to be objective.

  44. JOSH says:

    To All Heat Haters.. Just continue dreaming till LBJ retired hahahaha.. losers forever..

  45. Jalen McQueen says:

    This Video Was CRAZY !!! And I’m A Miami Fan But He Is Going To Come Strong…As A Wade Fan…Wade and LeBron Better Look Out

  46. chicagofanal says:

    As long as Boozer is the Power forward for the Bulls…they’re doomed! He disappears at keys moments (such as big games) He can’t spell D.e.f.e.n.c.e , and he only rebounds against weak teams or small centers. They should package Boozer & Deng for Kevin Love or Lamargus Aldridge. or simply waive him and get David Lee Yes;they could use Elton Brand. They could take a chance on Oden..but he is s long shot.We have to get someone Lebron can’t stop the way he does with all point guards.In other words they need a stronger offense and low post scorer.

  47. Steven Adams says:

    Just saying though because he’s coming off an ACL injury he’s going to lose some athleticism unlike all these past highlights reels. Still I think he’ll be good to go this up coming season, however not a championship team yet but is very close to being one.

  48. sp says:

    The main effect of ACL injuries is linked with D-Rose dominance on other nba guards. Quickness and rapid change of direction.
    I think the decision to stay out for a year was a wise one given also the timing of the injury.

    I hope to see the same D Rose on the floor again because it is really a spectacular player to watch.

  49. T-Mac says:

    D Rose to be next tracy magrady?

  50. v says:

    I still cant believe they didnt at least make even if futile an attempt at howard, because even at his very best, rose with roster of nobodies and washed ups stands no chance against heat in a 7 game series. This it was 4-1 last three playoffs, it ll be so again. I see him leaving the bulls when he can since he too will realize he d never win with the bulls.

  51. Ronald mcghee says:

    D.rose is a good point guard dominant but he has no help great players have back up every body are rebuilding their team don’t like the choice they are making in Chicago to help better surround rose

  52. heatSUCKS says:

    You guys are out of your mind. Heat wouldn’t even win this championship if not the refs. Last two games were so badly officiated I don’t even want to talk about it. From Ginobli getting slapped like 8 times going into the paint in game 6 to Ray Allen stepping out of bounds to knock down a 3 pointer. Also them fouling Green and others with no call. Look it up bandwagon jumpers. Anyways the won it and were going into another season where C Bosh will rely on flopping with his queen James. Wade will try to squeeze out everything from his old knees but that wont be enough against young, much quicker teams. Sorry Miami don’t see a three peat coming. We shall wait and see which hungry team will destroy heat to send all bandwagon jumpers back home.

    • Esteban says:

      Do you hear t hat? It’s the sound of a hater CRYING!

    • StopCryingAboutEverything says:

      Just like any idiot, you only see what you want to see. The impartial among us saw good and bad calls go both ways for both teams (with the Spurs arguably getting favorable calls the entire series) and saw both teams putting forth maximum effort to try and win. You should probably go back and look again with a clear mind at what you claim to be true, because none of it is. Just stop whining, you look like a little child who had their toy taken away. It’s pathetic and pitiful, and I’m sure you don’t want to look that way do you? Or do you just not care?

  53. DN11 says:

    I am not a bulls fan and I am not a Miami hater but I have to admit, Derrick Rose is an absolutely incredible player! So I hope for the sake of basketball fans and entertainment that he comes back to his best! Also, although I think Miami will do the 3-peat, don’t be so sure and quick to rule out any other possibilities (such as the Bulls winning) because Miami did not look that convincing as a team in the finals.

  54. Esteban says:

    HAHAHA, VENGANCE. That’s what the Pacers and Bulls think. Three straight NBA finals, two titles. 4th straigh finals coming.

  55. Speak up says:

    Let’s sum it up:

    1) It’s good for the NBA that Bulls fans think they stand a chance against back-to-back champs. And that’s all just because they will add a player who hasn’t played a competitive game for a year and a half (at the beginning of new season).

    2) And let’s stop all the BS about D-Rose being an MVP. He only got it cos it was the year “the whole world” hated on LeBron.

    3) Keep pushing pressure on D-Rose & you’ll break him completely. You’re insane if you think him skipping this years play-offs was a plan that will help him get stronger for the next season. No, it was purely because his injury was/is so severe that he’ll never be able to get to the same level again (and stop dreaming about reaching some higher LeBron-like-level).

    4) Don’t call me a hater or sth cos I’m telling you pure facts. It’s a competitive sport & being out for 1,5 year it’s huge!

    5) Jimmy Butler has a potential to become a very good player. But don’t dream about some super-star status just because of a few good games against the Heat. There are at least a dozen players like him in the NBA. The only reason you even saw him “explode” was cos he was given a chance! The bad thing for Bulls fans is that … the chance came cos there’s no one else on the team that can carry them. It’s a very good and strong team – but not a championship team.

  56. buuls fan says:

    bulls are gonna kill the heat

  57. dude1000 says:

    reply to heatSUCKS
    allen was ’bout an inch from the 3pt line.if rose is gonna win them a championship,just remember melo,durant,westbrook,kobe,CP3,harden could’nt do it.hows the bench doing?1 on 5 hahaha.Do respect him though,great player.

  58. Totoy Bawang says:

    D.Rose is unproven a falling star right now and Joakim Noah is a cry baby after all

  59. ed from jersey says:

    it amazes me how so many can say that the bulls with or with out a healthy drose pose the biggest threat to miami…when the pacers nearly beat them without danny granger and a non existent bench….with granger back..and a new improved bench in place….and the momentum shifting to this young improving team who has made strides every single year…there is absolutely no doubt the pacers have the best chance

    im not a pacers fan…just stating the obvious

  60. Boss man says:

    Lol at the heat fans. The reason y’all won two champions was because of the nba officials was/ are on y’all side. Everybody can see that. Can’t wait, guarantee there ain’t going to be no three- peat, bitch.

    • Knowledge says:

      Everyone that watched the series saw the Spurs getting the calls game after game, every single game. The same goes for the Pacers during the Pacers series. Check the numbers if you don’t believe me, and then get back at me. Overall the reffing was pretty good but the Heat stopped getting the benefit of the doubt when it came to foul calls during both of these important series and still won in spite of it. You should pay attention when you watch more so that you don’t look incredibly stupid making statements like this. It’s really sad because dumb haters can only say now “2 in a row? That ain’t nothin’. Dynasties 3-peat.” And that’s supposed to be a negative… winning back to back chips. The stupidity is suffocating.

  61. Nick says:

    2014 season opener Bulls vs Heat
    That would be nice.

  62. mace says:

    all these heat lovers man they will not get a 3 peat , a healthy oklahoma team can beat the heat, wade is aging out, bosh is just junk, and lebron can only play at a certain level for so long, he doesnt have a post game, his explosiveness will only last so long, Durant is just barely coming into his prime not even and also the houston rockets are a young talented team like the heat will not win you fools, all this tunnel vision

  63. True NBA Fan says:

    Ridiculous how some people are hating on Rose because he doesnt want to be McGrady or Hill. That type of explosiveness is really rare in the NBA, and he wants to use that to win the title.

  64. HEAT PEAT says:

    funny how Chicago fans think they can destroy the heat with d-rose returning… keep dreaming folks… he needs more time and more talent around him…

  65. Maurice says:

    Heat the best team in the NBA. Heat fan all day before lebron james came. I supposed to say 3 peat like everyone else but I not. It would be nice dough I would put my money on them they my boyz. But coming from a big basketball fan any team can win it Next year. You can have all the talent on 1 team and still wont win, we seen it happen in 04. Its all about that chemistry and the heat is the best team to have it. Teams is getting better each year such as Memphis, Indiana, nets stepping up Kevin and Paul might be old but they veterans and you can’t never go wrong with that especially with Kevin. Look what Tim Duncan did. Don’t get it twisted D. going get him a ring but will it be with the bull. The best point guard hands down in the game well CP3 stats wise.

  66. Maurice says:

    All Im saying chemistry is the key and Miami Heat is the best with it. Step your game up.

  67. jaysonjames says:

    this vid made me realize sumthing…
    drose is nasty…
    heat fans. luk out..

  68. Jose Pr says:

    -Derrick Rose.. Miami’s Nightmare…

  69. Son says:

    I think it’s funny heat fans think they won it. Sorry boys they stole with garbage calls and murdering spurs players with no calls. Also they played a beat up bulls team missing deng Heinrich and d rose as well as Noah with a foot injury

  70. Miami Heat Fan says:

    lol…..Heat Haters fan, remember this Bulls will not win against Miami in Best of Seven series even with a full healthy players of Chicago. You are just fooling yourself. Coach and players know only 1 play, to play like a bull and no wonder most of their players are injured.

  71. Adi says:

    Bring the troffe to Chicago ! Let’s GO BULLS ! D.ROSE WILL RISE AGAIN !

  72. Eaham says:

    Ther eis no such ths as a Heat Hater. Ther eis such thing called being a true fan of the game, and not just hippiti hop dunk smash fast break young bloods :). The Heat destroyed competitiveness by joining allstars and that will forever tarnish the league till these three clowns retire.

  73. jiggy says:

    Rose hasn’t even won a championship. Who cares if he comes back, he missed a whole season. Westbrook is the won to wait for and besides Westbrook is the best pg in the game hands down.

  74. DXLVREBEL says:

    Alright let me settle things here
    First of all I have much respect for
    and also lebron as well
    But proof is proof
    W/ derrick rose bull #1 seed
    And they’ve added very dangerous player which make them contenders
    But let’s remember dwayne wade is going to be healthy
    LeBron is a dominant player bosh game is growing slowly but growing
    The only thing we can really say is this year will be interesting in the east
    So stop automatically thinking your team is winning ,you can’t forget about BKN , NYK and lastly IND

  75. sports fan says:

    MJ’s Bulls lost twice to Detroit in the conference finals before winning their first championship. The Heat are definitely concerned about the Bulls and they are also very concerned about the Pacers & the Nets. These 3 teams in the east will come on strong next season. Out in the west the top 3 should be the Spurs, Thunder, & Clippers. The Heat for all intents & purposes should have lost the finals in game 6 & since they barely won the finals it will only be that much harder to threepeat because the 6 teams I’ve mentioned are extremely hungry for a championship & are very capable of winning one next season. The Heat organization knows this & the only ones who don’t are the Heat fans. It’s funny how fans can get so arrogant & delusional that they can’t think objectively & actually see what’s going on.

  76. Jimmy Buckets says:

    NO ONE is more excited to see D Rose back than Jimmy Boi. (Butler) He looks up to D Rose soo much, even in his rookie year. After this season he earned his starting spot at SG, something which Chicago has been looking for and missing and will now have as a defensive weapon in that spot. He played his heart out for Rose and Chicago last year. All im saying is MIAMI GOT LUCKY and its gonna take more than luck to get past,

    Derrick Rose
    Jimmy Butler
    Luol Deng
    Carlos Boozer
    Joakim Noah

  77. Fare Comment says:

    even with D Rose back for da Bulls. I dont think they will be able a PLAYOFF CONTENDER with TODAYS current roster tweaks. Looking at the current rosters for all EAST TEAMS i think it might be a REPEAT SHOWDOWN for the EASTERN FINALS. ofcourse given that all players are in good condition.

  78. G says:

    The Bulls have not been overlooked. Everyone knows that they are a force to be reckoned with if Rose is healthy. The Bulls didn’t have Butler in 2011, but they are not going to play Butler AND Deng at the same time anyway. Thats like saying the Heat didnt have Ray Allen in 2011, or else they would have beaten them 4-0. Bulls are a deeper team, Miami have a bit more firepower. Should be good, as Pacers and Nets also look good.

  79. jonny dextre says:

    Who is Buttler? Drose is a very good player but he did not deserved MVP 2010, hater stole it from LBJ6

  80. NBA attitude era says: not a heat fan,but i think they will win another for the next couple of year.
    cuz all the great player getting old and injured,so heat have no challenge…its gonna be next boring year for NBA i guess

  81. NBA attitude era says:

    Im a fan of D Rose,but i dont think he’ll come back..the injury was pretty bad
    all this commercial and promo just to raise the rating or getting more fans

  82. Andrej says:

    will he play from the beginning of the season then? great video – love the heat cut scenes vs. the voice 🙂

  83. josh says:

    revenge for what????they got nothing to prove…bcoz their never won a championship even wid d-rose
    what a carzy and stupid comment you the end of the day LEBRON JAMES the BEST PLAYER
    in the WORLD..did rose accomplised that??duh..think be for you comment

  84. raniboy says:

    wade and bosh are was already a good player when lebron james team up with them, while Scottie Pippen was not when he was tem up with MJ…..

    MJ help his team to be a great nba player and win 6 nba titles..

    while lebron choose a great team mates to win 2 nba titles

    fact that hehehehe….

  85. Russel to MJ to Lebron says:

    When you’re on the top hate comes with the territory. You haters should keep that in mind. Don’t stop hating but be conscious of that and be honest with yourselves. Be honest that you are the pathetic elves which reappear over and over again whenever there is greatness in history. It’s inevitable, but accept your place, and look at your meager selves with an honest eye. Mental midgets. Man has won 4 mvps and 2 finals mvps at age 28 and you’re still clinging to your pathetic hate?? Coming up with excuses? “he won cuz of this and this” STFU with all that….We can go down the list and say that for everyone.

    • 13 says:

      kids today learned how to flop… because of LBJ… cant blame them… they like him so much.. they copy everything he’s doing on the court.. signature move.. signature dunk and his famous signature flop…

      on d rose… just come back .. play the game.. no more drama

  86. john says:

    if d rose will come back healthy, well good, but put it in mind if he tears it again, it will be very sad sorry for the bulls.. a second injury will mean the end of derrick rose carrer…….. there you go bulls fan, its not that easy to have a major injury and to go back again as what he played like before. good luck

  87. john says:

    having flop on the game is part of his basketball iq,,,,,,

  88. Rose who? says:

    Rose who??? Oh that “franchise player” who was cleared to play by PT’s to resume basketball on full contact last February 2013 but did not play the entire season because he wants to be a 110% when he comes back. I’m not a heat fan but surely Rose will choke in the quarter when LBJ guards him at the point. Pointless video indeed!!!