Spider-Man Has A Great Crossover

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last year, while in New York filming “The Amazing Spider-Man, actor Andrew Garfield wandered onto a playground downtown and got some shots up against a couple of local kids. He wasn’t playing hard, but it was funny to see a guy in full superhero costume on the court.

Then yesterday a video emerged of a different Spidey on the court, and this one seemed to be much more in touch with his Spidey sense. This time, Spiderman is played by The Professor, the slick-dribbling guy perhaps best known for playing in the And 1 Mixtape Tour a few years back. This summer The Professor is going on the Ball Up tour.

Whatever he’s wearing, this video is a good reminder that if you reach, The Professor will teach.

(via Ballislife)


  1. weird guy says:

    OMG this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. aaa says:

    Allen Iverson? 😡

  3. WOW says:


  4. AND1 says:

    Representin’ the old AND1 peeps. Gotta get up on it

  5. AOpfaid says:

    Its The Professor. Remember And-1 Streetball? That’s the guy.

  6. isack says:

    never knew professor could be so funny haha…
    i wonder if he has taken a shot to make it to the nba.

    • Holothuria says:

      Double dibbling gets called in the NBA.

      Well, sometimes.

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        sense WHEN? I think last time was before 2003 NBA draft, When LeBron came in the league.

      • Lolwut says:

        TheStar, i think you’re mistaking travelling with double dribble. LeBron travels all the time, not double dribble all the time.

  7. Andrew says:

    Is he available in the free agency pool?

  8. nba3for3 says:

    yeah man that is that real basketball shiii

  9. Wow says:

    Last year? It was no more than two months ago.

  10. loooooool says:

    3:08 “Do you play with Batman ?”

    hahaha that was a dagger

  11. Alan says:

    NBA2K14 DLC plz o_o!

  12. Arsh Kadakia says:

    he crossovers better than LeBron James

  13. splank says:

    he need to try out for the hawks

  14. nate says:

    When are we going to see the AND1 best of the best go up against some NBA stars? That would be so great to see! its been talked about years ago and it should happen.

    • WadeFan says:

      We’ve seen AND-1 ballers in the NBA… Rafer Alston aka Skip 2 my lou and Jason Williams aka J-Will / White Chocolate

  15. alp says:

    the professor…. that explains everything.

  16. dean says:

    uncle drew!!!!!

  17. robbie says:

    The Professor “AND1”

  18. Jaden says:

    He should go to the clippers!!!

  19. siman2442 says:

    professor at his finest. this is who teams need to look for

  20. khel says:

    grayson boucher?

  21. Egres says:

    the real “Durantula “

  22. Leggo HEAT says:


  23. elkhoury says:

    well, when i saw the word crossover in the title i instantly got excited to see it, only because of one man: Allen iverson.

  24. diego torres says:

    why dont you try NBA players mascoted as avengers vs justice league it woud be fun, blake griffin as hulk dunkin!~

  25. ANONYMOUS says:


  26. guest says:

    Very impressive ball handling skills. Unfortunately, I call travel, carry, and double dribble.

  27. luis says:

    Has to be Drose

  28. hyderlaker says:

    what in the world I bet he was using his webs to get the ball back in his hands to shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. llara311 says:

    lmao the kid at the end was like “do you play with batman”

  30. llara311 says:

    lmao the kid at the end was like “do you play with batman?”

  31. Peejay says:

    He owned KD! hahahaha

  32. ThatGuyMohamed says:

    Uncle Drew VS Spiderman next!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. teeee says:

    man i hate this. this is all ego.. this has little to do with basketball.. much to do with this guys ego… Now what?… moron.. whatever.. this is trash and a degradation to basketball.

  34. backtothebasics says:

    lol still nothing compared to CP3 homie!

  35. P2 says:

    He’s only got a left! Ez to defend.

  36. mrjuantamad says:

    Good to see The Professor still bringing it.

  37. Dude says:

    Im not saying he’s not good or anything, the professor is obviously one of the best streetballers of all-time. but in this video, he is playing against a bunch of kids – none of whom are taller than 6 ft or even remotely good (no disrespect). i doubt he could play in the nba and if you watch, all of his layups are done in pretty much the exact same ways and no coach is gonna let him dribble like that in the nba or even college

  38. Anon says:

    Someone’s got to organise a Spiderman vs Uncle Drew game!

  39. zue zeus says:

    Please some one call travel, or call it a touch down, but that’s hardly basketball. If i could take extra steps or palm mid dribble id’ do it still, but it is better known as traveling. So how come spidy aint paid to play
    ; D

  40. zue zeus says:

    if he gets to travel , can i use elbows and shoulders? or can i goal tend and call it a block?
    Get this ‘ish outa here!!!!

  41. religiously says:

    he must be rondooo

  42. Yea says:

    The Professor !

  43. sirhidson says:

    i love this. . .

  44. Yea says:

    dammm better than derrick rose

  45. paulofc says:

    Spider-Man can’t jump

  46. Michael says:

    Please put this guy in the celebrity game, it will be awesome to watch him break cleb’s ankles

  47. abs says:

    that’s “the professor”on AND1 i guess

  48. ? says:

    Traveling, Double dribble… not impressed! There are better ballhandlers out there that don’t palm the ball, travel and carry the ball to efficiently perform a crossover.

  49. nikko sintin says:

    Uncle Drew vs Spidey! haha

  50. hehehehehe…

    it’s “PROFESSOR”

    nice crossover professor..


  51. HEATFAN says:


  52. Keeon says:

    Draft Him !!

  53. Young Hooper says:

    You people are haters , give the man his props you probably can’t do better go on YouTube and watch his ingame footage because this was clearly for show , with that said , he’s a great ball handler , probably better than some NBA players