Dwight Howard Signs With Rockets, Looks Small

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we saw a photo of Ricky Rubio and Yao Ming, in which Yao made Ricky look positively small.

Well, over the weekend the Rockets introduced their free agent prize, Dwight Howard, to their fans in Houston. There to greet Dwight were several of the great centers from the Rockets’ franchise history — Yao Ming, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson and Elvin Hayes.

And for once in his life, Dwight — who next to most  people looks like the Colossus of Rhodes — suddenly looked downright little.

Dwight Howard


  1. B Radd says:

    Can I have… all of your autographs!

  2. BILLY says:

    Where’s Deke ?

  3. just sayin says:

    Everything about Dwight is overrated. Specially his height.

  4. Itai says:

    TD still takes each one of them. with all do respect to the dream
    Best big man of all time to me

    • True Fan says:

      ha – the dream in prime would work over Tim Duncan like he was a flopping dead fish out of water, have you seeeeeeen what the Dream did to the admiral in his prime? TD Never even had stats even close to David Robinson in his prime. Says something, in fact – says everything. TD is one of the greatest, but Akeem / Hakeem the Dream – is a top 5 GOAT center. Yes top 5 – Russell, Chamberlain, Jabbar, Shaq/Hakeem Tied –

      • busa-boss says:

        and duncan will make olajuwon sweat like a pig…remember they are playing basketball, not one on one but five payers on the floor…dream shake against fundamentals…look at this way—td21 at 36 still dominates, how about hakeem??? they start to trade him because he can’t play his usual game, duncan still has venom

  5. Dude says:

    Everyone pretty much knows this but it still amazes me. Yao is a freakin’ giant

  6. zz says:

    i thought hakeem was karl malone lol.

  7. Penmanovic says:

    Olajuwon is, by his own admission, about 6’10”. So Dwight is what? About 6’9″?

    • Tom says:

      Heck no! Hakeem Olajuwon is listed at 7 foot! D12 is listed at 6’11… which makes is accurate with this photo.

  8. kobe24mamba says:

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  9. caloyski says:

    from the Picture, DH looks he just stands 6’10”

  10. monfili says:

    If he looks small among these men in the picture, just wait to see DH play with Houston, he will look like a joke.

  11. digitioli says:

    Yao 7’6″ Sampson 7’4 Howard 6’9″ Hakeem 6’10” Big E 6’9

  12. sophie 1150 says:

    One or two inches doesn’t make a big difference in basketball as it does in other sports

  13. Douglas says:

    I love everyone of these guys, but where the hell is Moses!