J-Will Can Still Dribble Better Than You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJason Williams, a.k.a. White Chocolate, retired from the NBA in 2011, after a career spent breaking ankles and embarrassing defenders. Last week a video surfaced of Williams playing in China, where he emerged from retirement to play as part of the broadly named USA Legends Tour. The clip that made the rounds last week showed Williams dropping one of his trademark elbow passes on the break. It was a nice moment, and a quick memory of the kind of plays Williams used to make on the regular.

But today a new video has emerged, which is much longer and features several looks at Williams on tour in China, dribbling circles around pretty much everyone. To be fair, I’d like to see him go up against Spider-Man, but whatever. The dude abides…

(via Ballislife)


  1. big P says:

    great find Lang! in my opinion on of the flashiest players basketball world have ever seen. and i guess mr professoe aka spiderman would have lil to say. all best.

  2. JAYRENZBX says:


  3. Whit-eBoy says:

    JWILL! One of my all time favorites. Grew up watching him and tried to play with his same clever style. Wish his knees would have held up. Clearly still has game though.

  4. Shai says:

    If only his professional mentality would have matched his skill and love for the game…
    His first years with the Kings were amazing, so much talent (also in the team in general) and so much potential. However, skill alone doesn’t cut it when it comes to playing professional basketball, and to me he always seemed to be hindered by his Peter Pan mentality, joyful to watch without a doubt, but lacking in maturity to actually advance his game in a professional capacity.
    His years with the Grizzles were also great, although far from the spotlights, and later on in his career his role had changed a little. Personally I was very happy for him after winning the championship with the Heat. With all his good and bad he was one of the most inspiring players of the late 90s and early 00s.

    Very nice to see him in this video, In these types of exhibition games there are very few who can keep up with him, let alone match his his fun-to-watch play style.

  5. wak9 says:

    Thanks for the memories Jason. I’ll never forget you! GO HEAT!!!

  6. malone@state prk says:

    Jwill , awesome skillset, . he brought street ball to nba .. reminds me of 4mat

  7. alberttirona says:

    Why doesn’t he come back and play in the NBA? Teams could still use a veteran point guard.. he was amazing to watch. The league needs flash like he used to produce, night in and night out. Even watching the Grizzlies were fun back then haha!

  8. Marc says:

    That Spiderman guy (Prof from And1) couldn’t hang with J-Will athletically. His handles are nice, but watch his video. He is playing against complete scrubs and he has zero lift to his jump shot or layup.

  9. vincent says:

    IMAGINE if he signed with miami and stayed there. would make everything so easy with wade and bron

  10. Arvin says:

    So Great! ahahaha!!!

  11. bbb says:

    he still has it

  12. BlazersRockSolid says:

    White Chocolate!

  13. King says:

    The guy playing as Spider Man is the Professor from Ball Up aka And1. Jason Williams would kill that dude lol

  14. fanofthegame says:

    My favorite point guard of the 2000’s. followed his career throughout sacramento, memphis, miami, orlando… he could easily be a spark off the bench in the NBA. but i guess he has earned his due to take things easy and enjoy himself… rather than go through the rigors of NBA Basketball.

  15. MikeR says:

    Man, a really wish Magic used his full potential. He still got his moves and style. Great find!

  16. idrees says:

    man this guy is too good for china

  17. nate says:

    if you asked which NBA player that was never an all star that you would love to see in an all star game, it would be this guy by far! I always wished he would be a reserve or something.

  18. Umi says:

    Men J.Will this almost brought tears to my eyes, i remember 1 of them playoff games where he dunked on the opposing point guard, this kid had mad potential,like Hall of Fame potential. Glad he got a ring tho

  19. NJ_Nets says:

    I’ve always loved watching him play, and I could only wish to ever be that good… but you have to admit, there was an awful lot of palming and over-the-head in that vid.

  20. buncha jeremy lin got crossed over

  21. buncha Jeremy Lin got crossed over.

  22. glen hutchings jr says:

    Still one of the best, ballhandlers i’ve seen period.

  23. AleP says:

    Well, when Sacramento was The Greatest Show on Court one of the reasons was J-Will, with Vlade, C-Web &Predrag were ILLEGAL!

  24. ElGreco says:

    what spiderman, are you serious?? Jason is almost 40, retired and he’s still on another level than whatshisname, get real pls

    great pg, had a great career and probably a little underrated – respect for mr Williams

  25. Robinson says:

    Sacramento Kings 2000’s wth J-Willians one of the best teams ever, one of my favorite players.

  26. Shemar says:

    J-Will VS Uncle Drew

  27. TT says:

    Yummy white chocolate!!! xD

  28. Bobby says:

    Woulda been nice if he mentored chalmers and cole im miami.

  29. Joe says:

    1:43… lol