The Season In Fan Halfcourt Shots

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’m guessing it’s a universal emotion: We’re at an NBA game, sitting there in the stands, cheering our team on, and then through some fantastic twist of fate, we’ve been chosen to go out on to the court and attempt a halfcourt shot. We line it up, take a few dribbles, then let fly… and the crowd goes wild as it swishes through the net! There is generally some sort of prize connected with making the halfcourt shot, but the reward isn’t really the point — the real reward is making the impossible shot and having everyone go wild.

This happens a few times each season, but it seemed like this season it happened more than usual. And the NBA has put together a terrific supercut of all the halfcourt shots from throughout the season.


  1. Joe says:

    Lebron…. calm down lol

  2. Poor kings no fans at all they should move to Seattle. I know then they will sell more than 1-20 tickets