LeBron James Gets His Own Vengeance Video

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the most popular posts on All Ball over the last few weeks has been this look at a fan-made video celebrating Derrick Rose. It’s simple and it’s fun, set to an inspirational speech from the new Star Trek. But most of all it’s very well done — a neat reminder of just how explosive Rose was before missing all of last season with an injury.

Of course, the internet is rarely as simple as that, and the comments section on that post evolved into an argument about Rose vs. LeBron and the Bulls vs. the Heat. Which is what comments sections are for.

So to add a little fuel to the fire, our friends at Bleacher Report put together their own version of the Rose video, but this one focused on LeBron. Let the debate begin again…


  1. Eddie Sandoval says:

    I think Lebron is a great player, but he won his 2nd Championship because the Spurs choke in game 6 and could not close the game. I think Rose deserves more credit than Lebron because Rose does not have the same teammates as Lebron. Imagine Rose with Wade and Bosh in his team they will also had win the Championship. I think Lebron is over rated and let’s see if he can win a Championship on his own. I really doubt it. Best player Kobe.

    • cleveland says:

      kobe didn’t win on his own either and he had one of the best coach in history…really?

    • Keith Taylor says:

      I dont think it’s fair to say lebron isn’t better than Kobe because he has 2 really good teammates. so did Kobe with bynum & gasol and a younger Artest. not to mention when he won his first three he had Shaq, Phil, and big shot Robert Horry that always came through in the clutch to steal games (remember how they beat the Kings or Portland) even the greatest ever Jordan had help, (Scottie, grant, Paxson) and then (scottie, Rodman, Ron Harper, Kukoc, Kerr) great teams win, not just one player

      • bobo says:

        the teammates jordan had werent 2 of the top 20 players in the league like bosh and wade. if lebron was so good he would still be with cleveland

      • Eddie Sandoval says:

        I agree with u Lebron is over rated.

      • LeBron All Day says:

        I agree it takes a team effort to obtain the distinguished standards of a NBA championship. One mortal cannot withstand the duty on their own. It is a shared duty. It is just that some players do their duty better than others. Point be proven: LeBron is the best player in the world!

      • scott the magician says:

        Jordan didn’t play with top 20 in the league?????……………ur r clearly an IDIOT!!!!
        Pippen not only was top 20 in the league but top 50 of ALL TIME….and according to the mailman, hes top 5 all time.
        Not to mention one of the best rebounders and defenders ever…the leagues all time leading 3 point percentage shooter…etc etc……
        yah ur right man, LeBron is over rated, MJ did it all alone……………

      • LearnTheGame says:

        HAHA. That’s exactly what I said several post ago. And Rodman is the best defender and rebounder the game has every seen. Not to mention a six man of the year Tony Kukoc with the best coach in nba history. Sorry folks MJ had way more help than LBJ. Even more help than this Miami team. These cats on this blog just flat out haters.

      • Malachi Brown says:

        yea Jordan had more help than LeBron but not in the beginning he didnt but the difference is Jordan didnt LEAVE HIS TEAM to try & win a ring he stayed LOYAL

      • PutYourNameOnIt says:

        Seriously? Jordan had no 2 top 20 players? you must be like 15 years old or younger and haven’t watched a single game of the 90s bulls.. no knock on Jordan who in my mind is GOAT (for now at least) but he had Pipen who is one of the 50 greatest ALL TIME… he had Rodman who arguably is one of the best Rebounders and a decent (probably should use a bigger word) defender ALL TIME. he had Kukoc who was a great sixth man who is very offensive talented, he had Kerr, one of the best in three pointers, they had phil.. and you say he had no help? I challenge you, who did Lebron have in cleveland? Mo williams whom is a nobody that he made look like an all star? or the washed up shaq? come on man…

    • Killa says:

      I see y u say lebron is “overrated” cuz u say kobrick is da best. Put aside championship rings between Kobe an lebron an who accomplished more

    • anthonyburton says:

      choking isn’t really the operative phrase to go with. They had the game and it was taken from them. Plain and simple and as for those other “points” you made I’m not even going to go there I think everyone has beaten me to it lol

    • DG says:

      man shut up the same team went to the 2nd round without the very same derrick rose and half their roster ….get out of here with that…a crap ream would be the magic who without howard couldnt sniff a playoff game, but the bulls without rose is definitely beating a miami without lebron james so get out

    • lbj23 says:

      I disagree with you about lebron’s 2nd champions. wade in this post season was injury and did not his plays and bosh realy was not good player, in game 7 vs spurs he can’t score even only 1 points. lebron in playoffs was often alone.and in game 6 vs spurs he and allen were cause of heat’s win and not anyonev els.every time bosh and wade were healthy just like 2012 final they can win every team in world easily. kobe and shaq in their 3peat vs portland and kings were absolutely fortunate and they survive in game 7 vs kings. 1.jordan 2.lebron and kobe 3. magic

    • Pablo says:

      Lol, I’m still sixteen but i can see better than you!, Kobe shoots to much, all he does is shoot and shoot 28 shots in game to have 38 points? comm’on!! lebron had 31 points for 13 of 14 shooting!! lol!!., kobe had Big mans that lebron doesnt have in miami, same as kobe, kobe had Big mans but and even had Derick fisher!!, the only all’star that lebron had in cleveland is Shaq in 07, and that’s it!, so shut up man!! that’s from a 16 year old!!

  2. Random Guy says:

    No one has won a championship by themselves, stop hating on Lebron. Kobe is an all time great, but he’s nowhere close to the level of James. At the age Lebron is at right now Kobe was Shaq’s son while Lebron is the best player in the NBA.

    • huy says:

      kobe is nowhere close to lebron’s level… its like saying MJ is pippen’s sidekick smfh… think before you write something

      • Shut up says:


        your an idiot if that how you think… the only thing kobe is better at than lebron is shooting thats it. LeBron consistenly has prooven he can do everything on the court. he can guard 1 through 5. Got way more tripple doubles than kobe. Kobe is incredible but he is a scorer thats it. not pure all round threat who can do ANYTHING on the court.

      • LearnTheGAme says:

        Kobe isn’t better than LBJ at that either. LBJ ppg is higher, he’s the fastest player in NBA history to 20,000 points, His AllStar ppg is the highest in nba history, his game 7 ppg is the highest in nba history. All this dude needs to do is keep playing and he eclipse kobe in all scoring categories. Oh and his field goal pct is higher than kobe and his 3 point % is higher. We should stop comparing these two players, LBJ is just better in all areas except maybe free throws and that will change this year.

      • LearnTheGAme says:

        Whenever you get done with this ridiculous comment. The numbers don’t lie. ESPN did a piece on LBJ and MJ and they stated at this point in their careers LBJ is ahead of MJ. TV, media and kids lie, STATS DONT LIE. Mike Smith from ESPN did a nice piece on this http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9410133
        Watch and make your own opinion. But Kobe is no where near LBJ. LBJ and MJ is on their own planets

    • LeBron All Day says:

      I agree it takes a team effort to obtain the distinguished standards of a NBA championship. One mortal cannot withstand the duty on their own. It is a shared duty. It is just that some players do their duty better than others. Point be proven: LeBron is the best player in the world!

      • Malachi Brown says:

        ok but LeBron is ahead of Jordan but dont forget JORDAN WENT TO COLLEGE so LeBron got a Early start ALSO Jordan still has waaaaaaaaaaaay more awards that Lebron will ever have so really LeBron isn’t ahead of Jordan

      • LearnTheGame says:

        This is a false comment. The piece Mike Smith from ESPN did was about where they are at the current number of years in the NBA. So actually LBJ is way ahead because he didn’t do 3 years of college to get better. He took the Learning on the job approach. And MJ does not have way more awards. The only awards that he has that LBJ doesn’t is lots of scoring titles and 1 defensive MVP which LBJ shouldn’t have won the last two years. I love Jordan and no one could ever be MJ but this dude is ahead of your Airness AT THIS POINT. Just live with it. The fact that this dude has exceed the hype and expectations we all placed on him coming out of high school in this age of social media and real time reporting, is remarkable. The fact that we can legitimately have this conversation after only 2 rings should tell everyone something

    • Lebron Fan says:

      @Random Guy
      You’re absolutely right, dude. Also Kobe hogs the ball all the time that’s why he always get high shooting points. 13 out of 33 field goals, anyone?
      Kya! Lebron’s coming here in the Philippines!! I can’t wait!

  3. Truth says:

    Kobe is amazing but he did receive help from one of the greatest centers ever. Every superstar needs a partner in crime who can equally help his team. Lebron is the best today but he did win the second ring thanks to the choke of the spurs in game six. Lebron failed that day and if they lost they would’ve criticized him the whole summer and call the win against OKC a fluke. He needed this. I guess its better to be lucky than good sometimes. Lebron knows it. Rose is a great player and leader and the most humble in the game today. Rose will win the MVP this year and Lebron knows how available Rose is to the NBA and the Bulls. They will give the Heat the best challenge next year along with the pacers. If Rose had the supporting cast that lebron has, Rose would win. Lebron dominates because he’s a smart player, and I respect that and deserves all he has. Rose is smaller and can do similar things like Lebron. That’s scarier and more impressive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lebron does not have a better supporting cast, at least not now. Rose will not be the same this year, and even the next. No player who tears his ACL plays at a high level when they return

  4. Jaime Hius says:

    bulls have better equipment for warriors have a gorgeous position are not in best place for Miss of rose does not want to play

  5. jimbo says:

    I am not a Miami or San Antonio fan, but lets get 2 things in the right perspective. First, Miami won because of their dogged grit, from James to the last man on the bench. They are a model for most of the rest of the league. Second, San Antonio did not choke, they lost mainly because their whirling dervish guard was injured. They almost pulled the title out of Miami’s hands in game 6, and I am convinced would have with a healthy Parker. Miami seized the chance with 28 sec to go and EXECUTED. They EXECUTED at the end of game 7. Everyone, please understand this: pro team sports are not about individual superstars, they are about talented players who learn to play smart and unselfishly. The superstars have the ability to lead the team that plays smart and unselfishly to a title. We all saw one of the best NBA championship series ever this year… two of the best complete teams demonstrate what smart team play can do. These two teams are currently head and shoulders above all the others, (yes, over OKC too, when Westbrook learns to distribute to the entire team OKC will move into the top echelon), and will be the favorites starting next season. So Hou, Ind, OKC, NYK, BKN; what are you all going to do about it ???

    • illmatic says:

      well said bro

    • Andy says:

      Very well said…everyone can hate all they want but when it comes down to it, ONLY 1 TEAM (MAVS), HAVE BEATEN THE HEAT BEST OUT OF 7 WHEN THE GAMES COUNT. YES THAT IS 1 TEAM IN THE LAST 3 YEARS!!!! Yall can keep hating, making up scenarios about the lakers getting a super team in 2014, saying lebron is overrated, but all hes gonna do is keep counting rings and mvp trophies. #heatnation

  6. el says:

    no one has perfect game we all know that with skill h you also need a little luck there r reasons why people lose their reasons why people win you guys need to quit bothering my guy I love LeBron he is what he is and you can take that away from him start respecting him it doesn’t matter how they won how they lose because see if they had lost in you would say Miami Heat lost because they choke and games 6 Spurs just didn’t they weren’t they want us to the test on that particular day we know things Blackson 1 the real man I like the rose but he go always be behind a brunch in my book and I’m from Cleveland so when the brunt left I left the cavs and went to the heat

  7. Joe Papadopolous says:


  8. Russel to MJ to Lebron says:

    When you’re on the top hate comes with the territory. You haters should keep that in mind. Don’t stop hating but be conscious of that and be honest with yourselves. Be honest that you are the pathetic elves which reappear over and over again whenever there is greatness in history. It’s inevitable, but accept your place, and look at your meager selves with an honest eye. Mental midgets. Man has won 4 mvps and 2 finals mvps at age 28 and you’re still clinging to your pathetic hate?? Coming up with excuses? “he won cuz of this and this” STFU with all that….We can go down the list and say that for everyone.

  9. WHAT? says:

    Hey Mister, got news for you… REALITY BITES! the truth of the matter is, LEBRON is the current BEST PLAYER in the WORLD, not Kobe nor Rose! so Mr. Sandoval, LIVE with it! LEBRON is the BEST today! Says who? Don’t you ever listen or watch NBA? Former all star players (Miller, Webber, Pippen, Smith) and even former MVP’s (Shqa, Chuck) not including NBA Analyst, NBA writers, NBA Media ( who votes in MVP ballots), and even current players, current no. 2 Kevin Durant, not Kobe. LOL SAID “LEBRON is the BEST today!” so who are we to argue? They’re more capable and that’s their field of expertise right? and about the Spurs choking on game 6, give credit to the HEAT for not quitting and fighting to win. You may be bias and not a fan of HEAT, but i guess, anyone who’s a fan of basketball would love that epic game 6. needless to say you’re NOT! SORRY! so REALITY BITES, LEBRON is the BEST! Go NBA! LOL

  10. awesa says:

    I don’t hate lebron, he is very funny guy, strong and fast player, but the only thing i dont like to him is he surrender to easily, they even got into the finals when he was in cavs. if kobe does and jordan does, i think he can make it. Heat have a lot of stars, not only bosh and wade. i think their last championship is just lucky. tnx to ray allen.

    • LearnTheGame says:

      Your A Clown. LBJ scored 14 points in the fourth to put them in reach and knocked down the 3 with 20secs to put them in reach. Not to mention to huge block on Duncan during the 14 point onslaught. You guys are serious clowns. LearnTheGame and stop being groupies

  11. LeBron is the best player of this era… he deserve a lots of credit, even if he don’t have Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on his side, he could’ve made it to the NBA final i guaranteed it….

  12. Jude says:

    OMG!!! Why is Rose even in this conversation.

  13. Jude says:

    I don’t know why some people think of the Spurs as this year’s rightful champion and makes the Game 6 choke as an excuse to deny the Heat the respect that they rightfully deserve.

  14. Stud says:

    Guys relax you all make interesting points, but MJ said it best “5 beats 1 (2 now obviously) everytime”, but when it comes to pure talent, IQ and domination of the game I think LJ is the best maybe even of all time. However we should all know heart, drive and motivation is what determines your greatness, along with talent and everything I stated before, but more so heart, drive, and motivation. In addition please stop hating on LJ he is the most dominant player in the game, but I still got 2 go with Kobe and MJ over Bron Bron especially since LJ is far from finished.

  15. onie says:

    mj is d greatest.kobe is great in his time. lebron’s time is now.in his the king today…the game evolves so fast.its hard to compare players..

  16. mecqa says:

    lebron compared to rose?? lols!

    ROSE- 0 RINGS, 1 MVP

    think before u compare!

  17. justafan says:

    As a laker fan living in LA I’ll admit that LBJ>KB on every level except maybe one. HEART. Unfortunately for us laker fans
    LBJ’s trumps kobe on everything else. Its going to be an interesting next off season… I think there’s going to be a huge chance that LBJ returns to his CAVS. However it’s all depending on two different things… if the heat 3peat… and how good the cavs are this year. I do believe the CAVS have a chance to be very exciting the year. so…. we’ll see.

  18. therealinfiniti says:

    Listen very closely… You guys dont realize what you are saying here… Mj or lbj??!?? Not even close!!! lets start with whose team is better… People make the argument about Pippen being top 50 but he hasnt won a ring without Michael.. Last time a recall Wade had a ring, Allen also.. You have three all stars in Miami to win.. You only had two in Chicago before Rodman which means, they did not need three all-stars to win.. But lets forget that for a bit to focus on the real reason why Lebron would never be as good as Jordan or why he has 4 more years to prove he can be… Jordan has won 6 straight championships!!! 3 straight.. Retire.. Then 3 straight again.. He won at will.. And he wasnt a physical beast.. He was strong but not like Lebron so his power came from his mentals.. JORDANS BETTER!!

    • LearnTheGame says:

      You are a clown that obviously never watched Jordan. Not physically gifted? LMAO That’s exactly what MJ was physically gifted. A 6’6 220 shooting guard with a 7ft wing span and a 40 plus inch vertical back when 2 guards were like 6’4 at best. He was the LBJ physically just more of a scoring and LBJ is more of a facilitator. And MJ had way more help than LBJ the second set of rings. And the first ring he had the same amount of help LBJ just had for the 2peat. Horrace Grant was exactly what CB was. Consistent midrange and even tougher on the boards. Jordan routinely had 3 7 footers and don’t forget Bill cartwright was damn near a 20-10 average before he got old with Paxson, Armstrong. And the second set they he had way more help. This is ignorance. Heck Phil Jackson and the triangle offense got 11 rings and 13 final appearances. Phil and Tex winters alone is way more help than LBJ has ever had including this year. And you given LBJ a hurt wade and old veterans. Stop getting high dude and start doing the research on the players on that Jordan played with and then you would change that tune quick.

  19. Anon says:

    Miami had the resources to build the team that Cleveland can’t give to LBJ that’s why he left. It’s not about who are their teammates, it’s about how they play as a team and LBJ got two rings because Miami played good basketball than the rest leading to their back-to-back Champs. Whether it is LBJ or KB24 or MJ, as long as your team doesn’t have good chemistry, there’s always failure. LBJ’s stint with Cleveland showed that and his first NBA Finals with Miami. NBA is team play not one-on-one play. Give credit to those who deserves it. And those players you compare, they are either in the Top 50 or will be in the Top 50 of Hall of Fame. 🙂

  20. jnt says:

    Lebron obviously left because the team can’t put championship caliber teammates around him, whereas Jordan’s Bulls and Kobe’s Lakers are always committed to bring the best talent to surround their stars (Shaq,Pippen,Horry,Rodman, so on). Can’t be hatin’ on Lebron doing the right thing and find a more committing team like Miami

  21. Me says:

    Time for people to stop talking about loyalty to a team. Only one thing matter in the nba, win or go home

  22. joe says:

    LB is the best player of the world today.
    Let’s go heat
    let’s go heat

  23. Bigmoobs says:

    am i the only one who noticed the clicking from hit tv show LOST? The big evil thing in the jungle made that noise. The black cloud that turned into locke and wanted out of the island? Btw great video and these comments are top funny. Not one non biased comment so far.

  24. I Know everything because I watch TV says:

    Summary of the comments: LBJ not better than Jordan. He still needs rings to be better than Kobe. He is only good because he has good Teammates. Kobe is a Ball Hog. Shaq . Dwight Howard went to Huston #bestcenterinleague. That one guy wh o catn splel aynthing. D-Rose coming back maybe. The guy who thought Dwight and Chris Paul should go to Miami. Brooklyn going to destroy Miami because the pulled a Laker. Metta World Peace through an Elbow.

  25. franz3073 says:

    did you all know that MJ did not won a playoff series without pippen???

  26. JMaine says:

    Eddie Sandoval my name is Jermaine Reese. I think your a complete moron just say you hate lebron cuz everything you type is pure hatered and any other person on here who dose not know basketball. kobe n jordan where never alone when they won chips. jordan couldn’t even win a playoff series until pippen got there in his rookie year. learn your basketball then talk ish. just make sure it’s fact. If the world was built on what if then i would rule the world. fact are fact you can try to put them together to make a point but if its not structured properly then it’s always going to be busted. Hate Lebron if you want cuz he didn’t do it your way and didn’t end up like KG with just one ring because a team couldn’t get the right pieces. you all are bumbs cuz you listen to half truth instead of finding it or know what the truth is. im going to enjoy being able to see the games best three players to ever do it right at this point and time of the NBA, Jordan Kobe and Lebron. I’m open to anyone proving what i said is wrong but you can’t.

  27. Orik says:

    Stop hatin’ on LeBron leaving Cleveland, stupid haters. If any one of you can give me a Championship team with only one superstar, then i’ll kick myself in the arse. Stupid haters!!!

  28. ILoveBasketball says:

    Basketball is a team sport..
    you dont know basketball if you dont know it..
    a team can’t win a championship or even a game if one player does all the scoring,defending…etc..

  29. Johnson says:

    Kobe is a scorer that’s right but he can do anything that LBJ can and I believe better!

  30. Johnson says:

    Just appreciate greatness and stop hatin’ or comparing. 90’s MJ, 00’s Kobe, 10’s LBJ.

  31. sanjay says:

    lebron will be stronger and better come this season as he is hungry to get 3rd one quick here! His team mates also need to be focussed as if they would need any further motivation than chance at a 3 peat!!!
    A healthy wade will clinch it period!!!

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