Paul Pierce Says Goodbye To Boston On Instagram

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERPaul Pierce may be playing for the Brooklyn Nets this fall, but after spending 15 seasons with the Boston Celtics, including winning a title in 2008, Pierce couldn’t just walk away. So today he signed up for Instagram and then started posting photos of some of his favorite memories in Celtic green, using the hashtag #THANKYOUBOSTON. He’s still posting as we post this, but here are some of the highlights Pierce chose…


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  1. pacoy titoy says:

    God bless you brother…..

    • IM Back bro says:

      why? pee pee 34 was a traitor just like ray allen and doc rivers. Big man in the middle KG was the only one who didnt betray boston. I hope boston never sees the light of day again and I hope paul peirce lil pee pee tears his acl,mcl, and achiles all in the same play.

      • boston says:

        haha wat do u mean kevin garnett was the only one who didn’t betray… first of all the nba is a business and its all about $$ and winning.. second, garnett had a no trade clause if he wanted to he could of denied that trade, stay in boston and retire a celtic. so yea buddy throw him in there with paul rivers and ray but tbh im a celtic fan and im jus gona say im glad they were traded to a good team that’s going to stop all this Miami heat winning! and besides the teams danny ainge would put together were not talented at all the best moves in MY OPINION was getting garnett and ray allen in 2008 and last seasons signing of Jason terry and leandro Barbosa (sad that Barbosa was traded due to season ending injury) point trying to be made they left for 2 reasons #1.. they want to win another championship and playing with deron Williams joe Johnson and brook lopez and all the solid bench players they have is putting them in a lot better of a position than playin with Bradley who yea good defender but cannot score big often like ray used to but joe Johnson sure can! and #2.. danny ainge couldn’t figure it out with them any more and garnett knew that. they knew he was gona put a crap roster around them again and it was gona be another losing season

      • Tyler says:

        Yea because giving damn near all of your career and golden years to an organization and enduring some of the most brutal seasons just to stick through it all and win a title that’s eluded that franchise since ’86 is being a traitor. Get a clue idiot.

      • kobe says:

        why is he a traitor? he didnt what to leave he got traded.

      • MikeT says:

        Jeez! Only a low life dispicable human being would wish physical injuries for someone.

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:


      • NotMuchOfACelticFan says:

        @IM Back bro, idiot, how is he a traitor for being traded? Maybe you should break your own ankle or knee instead of wishing that for others. Jeez.

      • malcom says:

        How is ray Allen a traitor answer me that

    • RD14 says:

      Paul Pierce perhaps the greatest celtic to ever play the game and my favorite thank you!

      • boston says:

        @tyler im the one saying they are not traiters… im sayin that paul garnett and terry did it for all the right reasons!! I would do the exact same thing and im a boston fan yea it suks there gone but if boston don’t make the playoffs (which im pretty sure they still will cuz rondo a monster) im goin for Brooklyn I grew up watchin all the veterains.. kobe…paul….ray…..garnett….carter…. Duncan….payton…. Malone…..Jordan….ect..I can keep that list going im happy for paul garnett and terry I hope there the team to eliminate those Miami heat crybaby floppin players

    • Cpro33 says:

      @IM Back bro how did paul pierce ever betray boston? he IS boston

  2. scott the magician says:

    Love this guy!!!!!

  3. Respect says:

    Respect to both Pierce and Garnett; In my opinion, they are in the top 5 all-time Celtic list.

  4. Erik Whitman says:

    Yea paul pierce “The Truth” was so good man I remember watching you when you first came into the league and now im 24. Time goes fast and you only got better, respected!

  5. manie says:

    thank you Pierce for being a Celtic for all this years even before the big three era when Celtics were terrible
    I don’t understand why garnet and pierce were so upset with ray Allen for leaving and one year later pierce and garnet are leaving as well

    • Bostonianfor Life says:

      Ray wanted a championship before he ends his career. Pierce and Garnett were traded. Another jewel in the memories of Celtic tradition. Thanks for the great times. Can’t wait to see that 34 in the rafters.

    • Loyalty says:

      It’s all about loyalty, man.
      PP and Garnett are leaving partly for the sake of the franchise, to let the C’s rebuild….whereas Ray Allen only left to the Celtics’ greatest enemy thinking for himself. The move is understandable, though not very respectable.

      • akeem says:

        Players don’t owe teams any loyalty. When A team trades a player, it’s not disloyalty, it’s just business, but when a player trades teams, he’s a “traitor” ?…no, not at all, it’s just business. Ray Allen owes Boston NOTHING. Good business move Ray.

      • Desmodeus says:

        Small point of order. The Celtics greatest enemy is the Lakers not the Heat. The Heat are recent rivals at most.

    • Mutually says:

      Probably because Ray Allen left on his own via free agency to the team that ousted the past two years. Paul Pierce was traded, and KG probably not wanting to be the in a rebuilding team chose to be traded as well by waiving his no trade clause.

    • Patrick Gorospe says:

      Pierce and KG didn’t leave. They were traded.

      • NewYorker says:

        Not true. KG had a not trade clause. He decided to leave. Anyway, fans hating on Ray Allen are foolish. He would have been coming off the bench. GM and owners trade players to win a championship. Whether it’s sooner or later. So you are going to hate on players who want the same thing? He wasn’t getting along with Rondo and if I was him I’d rather be coming off the bench to D-Wade too.

    • krtntija says:

      beacause allen choose miami over moston, pierce and garnett didnt have a choice, they wewe traded. Still, they had no reason to be mad at ray. he choose a better enviroment and a better team not just talent wise but also character wise

    • PhillyPhil26 says:

      The thing is ray Allen chose to leave Boston Paul Pierce and KG were pretty much forced out for the sake of the franchise that’s y they didn’t like the ray Allen deal bcuz if it was up to them they would still be in Boston

  6. JF says:

    Thanks PP and good luck. Wish an other great moment with Brooklyn Nets.

  7. Mike says:

    Thank you PP The Truth #34!

  8. jbworxdezigns24 says:

    I’m a Boston fan since Larry Bird and Kevin McHale days. I’m sad that The Truth got traded by Boston. I hope they retire his jersey there. Goodluck Paul Pierce! and Kevin Garnett too.that’s t!he business side of the NBA and it suck! Go Boston!

  9. Josh says:

    Pierce you are the best!!! Have fun in Brooklyn!!!

  10. Craig says:

    Sad to see a city icon go like this.

  11. truly one of boston’s greats…might even a ring or two on his new team..good luck truth

  12. Pops says:

    One of the best celtics all time. I thought he’d retire in Boston. Good luck Paul Pierce in Brooklyn!

  13. Omer says:

    It breaks my heart to see you leave. You will always be a Celtic for me, and one of the best of them all!

  14. Pidorashka says:

    Thank you for all the memories, Paul!

  15. Buddy says:

    knick killar

    go nyk 2014

  16. dj says:

    bye pierce

  17. NJ_Nets says:

    That shot of Pierce dumping the gatorade on Doc is priceless…

  18. bulbulito says:

    you may not retire in boston uniform,but you’re name was already in the history book of boston.

  19. keithmon says:

    He came back from his death bed – multiple stab wounds in the back- to be one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen. Many people would have called it quits at that point. Hope he has a successful run in Brooklyn except when playing the Cs.

  20. LBJ says:

    Amazing pic at the rafters.

  21. Boston Forever says:

    THANK YOU PAUL PIERCE!!!!!! You are a true champion and Hall of Fame legend. One of the greatest of all time.

  22. Ysmack says:

    Boston Celtics !
    # 34

  23. #LBJ3PEAT says:

    “I’m going to share some of my favorite Boston memories…” 4 real? it looks like he just googled his name and put the #stuff to the first 10 results

  24. JohnnyNosebleed says:

    Super tasteful way of handling things. Makes me a bit wistful.

  25. MICHAL says:

    Larry Bird
    Kevin Mchale
    Bill russell
    Paul Pierce
    Take your pick…..heinsohn, parish, cousy, havlicek, etc….

  26. Luis says:

    Even though I’m a Laker fan and the Celtics are our the biggest Rival, I have to give props to the Celtics organization for giving Pierce the respect he deserves. The man is a Celtic for life.

  27. O J chiun hau says:

    Thank you Mr Pierce !

  28. MrByant says:

    Good luck, Paul,

  29. dreadyjun says:

    Where is the photo of him in a wheel chair? Biggest flopper.

  30. Babacar says:

    Merci beaucoup Paul, on aurai aimé que tu restes jusqu’à la fin de ta carrière. You ‘re great

  31. Adrian buditya Indonesia says:

    thanks for the memories PP, the truth is a future hall of famer, respect #34

  32. Emeka says:

    He’ll be greatly missed by the Celts….Miss u Pierce

  33. Marco29 says:

    Coz Allen walked away from Boston as a free agent while Pierce and Garnett got traded by the Celtics (even though Garnett could have blocked it with the option in his contract). I bet they both would have wanted to stay in Boston and it would have seemed right but probably the front office persuaded them that is was in the team’s best interest to trade them now while they can get valuable pieces in return and make some cap space and get draft picks for the future. Probably as competitors, they also understood that they have better chances to win another title before they retire in Brooklyn than in Boston.
    For sure they are both important parts of Celtic’s history especially Pierce who stayed there during the difficult times and until he got help to form the Big 3.

  34. Good Luck Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett! God Bless you always!

    from one of the million fans here in the Philippines…

  35. Teid says:

    I am so sad by this. Paul Pierce was a great player in his prime but he never had the team needed to make it before the 2007/2008. He deserved to retire in Boston, and I have faith that will happen on a one day contract. I can also imagine KG will do so, and maybe he will do so in Minnesota. Both great players, both icons in Boston! Allen took the easy way out, you guys wanted to stay and die celtics, and agreed to get traded to renew the franschise you helped restore. I thank you Paul Pierce, for every second you’ve been on our court. And I will never boo you nor Garnett the next time I see you. And I have the feeling that the Garden wont boo you two either. Till you return, I wish you good luck, truly. Thank you, Truth, thank you.

  36. KnicksJz says:

    il always remember the time you faked an injury to come running back out 24 seconds later. Fans went crazy for the fake stunt and they all wanted to believe it was your will that kept you in the game when really you were fine. The gayness level reached the roof that night so thanks

    • Pradeep says:


      “EVEN IF” it was a fake.. Paul knew how to get the crowd going, cos he knows that it will only help is team and his team can play harder with the energy of the crowd.. Unlike you New yorkers who care about “only you” and that fit for nothing Melodiva.. Truth is NY will never win a championship when Paul is alive..First in Boston, you couldn’t even scratch.. Now in Brooklyn with DRon,Joe and Brook ( oh yeh and KG), good luck with that Newyorker.. Live with that..

      • KnicksJz says:

        Exactly, I agree it worked out. It was just funny lol, the corwd bought in so much, too much. Even realistic Celtics fans had to find it hilarious hahah. I couldn’;t believe how different of a player he was last year came playoff time. Do you think he has a few *good* years left in the tank? Its gonna be completely exciting and weird to see him plus Garnett in a Nets uniform. I honestly thought Pierce was gonna refuse to play elsewhere, pull a Camby and ask to be waived or something but I guess not

      • KnicksJz says:

        Lol last I checked, Paul pierce looked like crap against us and we won easily. Im sure from your biased Boston standpoint, you guys think you gave us a fight because you hardly won 2 games with your backs against the wall. That normally happens anyway when a team is 3-0. Obviously the 3-0 team gets comfortable but they never blow it, Knicks won 4 games easily because we were the better team. say it with me, Knicks WERE the better team, ARE the better team, WILL be the better team from here on out. You guys won 2 games just barely. #FLASHBACK; Iman Shumpert does the Jet impression after closing the lid on Boston.

  37. Daniel M 80 says:


  38. DR BBAL says:

    Don’t be stupid, yes he flopped one time, but he isn’t a real flopper.

  39. Daniel M 80 says:






  40. #Celtics FAN says:

    THANK YOU and KG for being Celics – all you guys represents everything what’s we should call BASKETBALL – THANK YOU for all those incerdible moments when I can watch how you are playing – I wish you BEST. P.S. That’s what distinguishes real player who is with his team regardless of it’s good or bad from the others – how he said goodbye at the end BRAVO.

  41. jesse thelusma says:

    This is sad to know a great will not retire in his right position

  42. Neil Benz says:

    I’m a Lakers fan….. and I hated it when you beat LA in 07/08 season…. but much respect to Paul and Garnett… I enjoyed watching you guys in the East, good luck in Brooklyn…

  43. Wesley says:

    Rondo for Deron

  44. Wesley says:

    Cant wait for the 2013-14 schedule to come out.
    Will look for the Brooklyn vs Boston schedule.
    For sure the pre-game will be a very emotional one.
    The return of “The Truth” and KG

  45. Celtic till die says:

    Damn good luck Garnett and pierce in Nets

    Ps. they both always gonna be a celtics player’s for me

  46. Marco Montoya says:

    Thankyou Paul for get back the pride and tradition to the Boston Celtics fans of all life. I’m so happy for the oportunity of seen a leyend of this team. Good luck and go for the championsship.

  47. asdasda says:

    Kevin garnett did not leave? He just got traded? He have the option not to waive his no-trade clause.

  48. Jordan says:

    You guys really are some of the toughest basketball players ever. I look up to your leadership guys. Best of luck in Brooklyn. I will be watching. You guys better get those rings; you deserve it
    Lets go BROOKLYN!!!

  49. Zeitgeist says:

    Paul Wheelchair Pierce !

  50. MTLCeltic says:

    Thank you for all the good memories Paul! The Nets will have a few Celtics fans for a year or 2. Hope you and KG get another ring and then come back to retire in Boston!

  51. Renato says:

    I hope the celtics decide to retire pierce and KG’s numbers when they both retire to become great celtic legends

  52. Lincoln the kiwi guy says:

    The NBA needs a franchise clause or something. If a player plays more than 10 years for a franchise and is still a decent player there should be some trade rules around him. Don’t get me wrong, not trying to say the player has to stay or should retire early, I just think it’s a shame a player of his status and a true loyal Boston legend would retire with another team. It’s a shame for the NBA that this has to happen. For instance, the Lakers will never let Kobe retire anywhere but the Lakers.

    • KnicksJz says:

      Not really anything they could do about it but I completely understand what you’re saying and it is a shame but if anything, it is the Celtics to blame for him having to retire elsewhere

  53. Andrew says:

    Ray Allen didnt want to come off the bench in boston, didn’t get along with Rondo and decided to go to a team that was best for him not bad and look it worked TEAMS do not show loyality to players why should players show some

  54. Jayargh says:

    You surely would be missed Paul! Hate to see you go man…

  55. Ballin' says:

    Pretty cool. Sad to see Pierce end in a different uni, but hopefully he still has some game left in the tank.

  56. ed ski says:

    Paul,KG and Ray Allen all done what any other players would have done mainly dealing with the childish attiude of Rondo .they wants to win another RING Danny trying to rebuild these guys not getting any younger BOSTON fans really needs to be thankful for them and wish them well in the 2014 season.

  57. MrBasketball says:

    PP and KG. two of the fiercest competitors in the game. Longevity – performing at a high level for a long, long time. But management thought it was time for a change. I don’t hate Ray Ray for leaving. He did what was in his best interest and has another ring to show for it. Ray Ray is clutch. No Ray Ray no 2013 championship for Miami. i thought this all started when Ainge and mgmt decided not to pay Perk. They underestimated the value of Perk to the team. Perk was the perfect partner for KG in the middle. that led to a number of other things.

    C fans. Remember that we were one game away from the Championship last year (was that last year or two years ago?).

    Finally MICHAL. Don’t you ever, ever in your Born Live do that again. the next time you list the top 5 Celtics. MAKE SURE THAT YOU PLACE MR BILL RUSSELL AT THE TOP OF THE LIST. Larry Bird is a distant second to Mr Russell. Now don’t get me wrong – Larry the Legend was a great player. But Mr. Russell’s status – 11 rings. More rings than fings. Player coach. Means that he is the GREATES BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER. Yes even greater than Micheal Jeffrey Jordan – who is the second greatest basketball player ever.

    Michal, don’t you ever – ever do that again.

  58. LemW says:

    Paul Pierce traded to Brooklyn Nets reminds of:
    1) Walt Frazier traded to Cleveland Cavaliers
    2) Patrick Ewing traded to Seattle SuperSonics
    On to a different topic,Ray Allen
    1) traitor – Ray Allen free agent sign with Miami Heat
    2) loyalty – The Boston Celtics acquired guard Ray Allen from the Seattle Supersonics on Thursday night for Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak and the rights to the 2007 NBA Draft’s No. 5 overall pick
    Lesson: Traitor equals free agent signing another team but loyalty equals follow the course. Conclusion: Ray Allen loyalty turn traitor. Ray Allen get more publicity being a traitor then loyal. Can you say sneaker endorsement?

  59. kingsley a says:

    Paul, Kevin and Allen is one of my favorite nba players, to see them leave is heart broken but i understand another team needs them and that make’s them more priceless, i will tell my children about them when they grow up. respect to your next teams and to boston, i love you

  60. Daniel M 80 says:


  61. Max Su says:

    That Paul Peirce & Nait Robinson epic fail celebration brought back some great memories 😀

  62. semih says:

    You will be always the big captain and The Truth for me !!! I love you man… And Ainge go to hell !

  63. HEATFAN96 says:

    All these great players deserve respect for making it this far in life and true fans can appreciate greatness even in bitter rivals such as Paul Pierce, always envisioned him wearing green but the nba is about money and winning so goodluck to both boston and brooklyn, hope theres some good exciting competition for the heat next season

  64. KnightRider says:

    Paul Pierce and KG should just move to Miami and shine Ray Allen’s shoes.

  65. bullsknicks warriors says:

    I am sorry for the boston fans but please dont burn down there jerseys and boo them but the nets are most likley to beat the heat and leflop i have great respect for boston and p.p and k.g

  66. lebron Elite says:

    Guys! Ray Allen was a year farsighted than the rest. He knew the end was coming – DOC and KG not happy with Rondo and the MGT was looking for youth. One thing I want to ask KG- you refused to shake hands with Ray Allen (Miami) in the middle of thousands- now where do you stand BRO! ALLEN is considered one of the finest gentlemen (Timmy and Paul Pierce) of the game. He was part of the first ring of KG. Boston fans, as always, stupid for not seeing the nuances of KG’s selfishness.. I salute Pierce for a man he is.

  67. kevin says:

    that must be tough for him

  68. BKNY says:


  69. anthony navarro says:

    hellow!! good luck Paul Pierce!!

  70. HEAT! says:

    yea … still lebron and d-wade can handle that !!!
    another championship for miami !! LET’s GO MIAMI~~~!!! HAHHA 😀

  71. John says:

    In the second to last picture, it looks like the gatorade jug is licking Doc Rivers’ head.

  72. DJ3 says:

    Coming from a Heat fan, PP and KG has some great years in Boston. Ousted my Heat alot, even LeBron and the Cavs alot, but all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, the Heat dynasty isn’t coming to an end anytime soon, so Brooklyn, good luck. You still don’t stand a chance against us, Indy, OKC, heck even Houston will probably win the season series between you guys. But good luck, and glad to see you go PP.

  73. Netsrule212 says:

    Paul pierce is not a traitor!!! Him and KG went 2 BKNY because they can finish of there career with a couple great seasons maybe even a championship!!! If they stayed with boston then they might make it in the playoffs but won’t make it far and maybe they want to beat the heat and stop them from winning another championship!!!

  74. i laugh out lud says:

    Newsflash to all you fools that say Ray is a traitor. Ainge made it know for two years that he would get rid of Ray in a trade, but they couldnt find the right deal because they wanted too much, plus he had a rift with Rondo. PLUS he WAS OFF CONTRACT !!!!!!!
    I think all you muppets out there forget that ray and kg PLAYED FOR OTHER TEAMS FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, they werent drafted by the C’s so stop acting like children saying rays a traitor etc.
    AINGE is the reason for ray leaving, this trade and the reason why you guys wont win a title in the next decade. worst GM around….. But hey, you might as well save your breathes because youre going to have a lot to complain about for a very long time to come.

  75. J says:

    lol paul pierce a traitor??? im from cleveland and hate all boston teams but cmon pierce is one of the most loyal players in the nba. you boston fans should be saying thanks for those 15 years its not like you got absolutely nothing like we got nothing for lebron or lakers got for howard not to mention he gave your city a ring. stop, he got traded, personally im happy for him good luck in brooklyn pierce

  76. Kim says:

    Be blessed

  77. BIG MIKE says:

    I cant belive that anyone would say that THE TRUTH was not loyal to the C’s. Even though he is not in Boston anymore he is a C for LIFE. KG is also a C for life. I agree with what another person said, Brooklyn now has the experience, the youth and the drive to beat the Heat. Somebody has to put out the flame and it would be great when Paul and KG do that. The TRUTH is my favorite player in the NBA and will always be. Even with another team. I will always be a life long C even tho I dont agree with Danny and his management choices.

  78. Thunderhead says:

    Paul & KG both provided great memories for the Celtics especially Paul since all he knew was Celtics. Hope they do well in Brooklyn! We’ll ALL be watching and NO INJURIES!

  79. Kamil says:

    The only guy in the NBA who isn’t a traitor would probably be Dirk Nowitzki or TIm Duncan. They never left the teams that drafted them. They went through better and worse, but they still stuck with their team. Kobe wanted to get traded. So did Pierce. Lebron just left. Howard wanted to leave. Melo wanted to leave. Amare just left.

    But I do agree, Ray Allen is a traitor. Then again, Lebron wouldn’t have ring number two if ray didn’t hit that clutch three to send the game to OT.

  80. Gabriel says:

    Thank you man!! you will always be a celtic for me, you’re my favorite player! But when you come back to the TD Garden playing for the nets you will feel the Celtics again. Like you never did. And you will realize what you already know: there’s no team like BOSTON CELTICS, THE BEST OF THE BEST. And you scored 24000 points for it. Your #34 will be my favorite forever. Good lucky, but not against Boston, please… (:

  81. A fan of the game says:

    If you people really knew what you was talking about pertaining to Ray Allen you could be scholars, but sadly you don’t if year after year you are a future hall of famer with your name constantly on the trading block get the memo they didn’t want him until they seen that he was going to Miami then they come running for Ray. Ray did the same thing the Boston Celtics tried to do to him by exercising his rights as a Nba player. Business is business.

  82. Ray says:

    for all saying pp34 is a traitor. he was traded, doc rivers wanted out, ray allen left because he wanted out, KG waived his “NO TRADE CLAUSE” meaning his team COULD NOT trade him. obviously he wanted to bleed green the rest of his career hahha. what does that look like? PP34 is the only 1 NOT a traitor.

  83. Ray says:

    much love for all those guys but just keeping it real

  84. hey would you paul peirce haters please stop no bs this man gave his all to the celtics who i was and always will be a fan and i am from newyork it truly was time to move on rondo will do the same when he gets the first chance kg was the bread and butter that held that 2008 season together then you call ray allen and dock rivers traitors why because they wanna win stop it they made dock an offer to coach a great team that can win now so its gonna be a great nba season so stay tuned

  85. Jerry Ries says:

    God Bless you both, KG and The Truth. I think Ainge betrayed the Celtic tradition by moving these guys like yesterday’s newspaper and my loyalty to the Celtics (a fan since the mid-60’s) has been shaken and challenged but I imagine I’ll be back on track by opening day. When the Nets visit Boston for the first time (and who ever heard of trading your studs to a division rival, by the way) I hope Pierce gets an arena-rattling, thunderous, standing O. And I believe he will, with KG nearly the same.

  86. lelo says:

    Paul Pierce has always been a Celtic, will always bleed green and green Will be pierce……

  87. hellfest416 says:

    Nets will be great in NBA 2k14. That’s all.

  88. hellfest416 says:

    Brooklyn Nets will be a great team on NBA 2K14. That’s All.

  89. Dandoy says:

    They are not traitor its been The GM Ainge give up on them.. Ainge think that Garnett and Pierce is old For celtics team… Now I Declared my support to Brookly Nets because KG is there….

  90. Boris says:

    One of the all-time greats. BTW, he is a flopper, but so are many of the best. All I know is that when I saw Pierce get the ball in the high post I always expected points to follow. A great competitor.